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  1. Embarrassed about moving to Oz? No, the embarrassment would have been in telling everyone for years that I was going to do it then to never have done it! 8 months in and enjoying myself, No plans to go back but even if I did at least I would have tried.
  2. I think the UK open to all border policy is digging a great big hole that no amount of cost cutting is going to fill. That's a bubble in the making right there along with house prices blowing the average wage out of the water. For me ( and I'm just Mr average don't know jack ) I think I will be more trusting of the Australian bubble bouncing along a lot longer than the UK one. End of the day, would rather sleep on the beach than under a bridge! Don't think the wife and kids would be too happy but I'm easy to please.
  3. kevin jc

    Things you love about Australia!

    Thanks Andre I grew up in Battersea then moved out to Carshalton. your 8 weeks in Melbourne!!! great stuff, hope it is going well for you, As for your kind offer of advise or questions!! Where do I start mate, I would only be taking what is a well needed thread off track so im not going to spoil it. Hope you don't mind but I will pm you, would be great to have a chat. Thanks loads Kev
  4. kevin jc

    Things you love about Australia!

    Thank you Perthbound2013 Got to be my favourite thread ever, Just positive after positive so thanks to all of you really! I arrive in Melbourne for good on July 19th, family will arrive August 6th, Very nervous but excited at the same time. I have never lived outside of the UK before so is an adventure but what I would add to sum up what I love about Oz!! ITS NOT LONDON!!!! And that will do for me, the rest is what you put into it and what you make of it. Fingers crossed. Good luck all Kev
  5. kevin jc

    Slain Soldier Killers Sentenced

    Totally agree, It's good to see a sentence that reflects the cowardly crime ( and that's a gross understatement ) I would have liked to see them hang, but after the 45 years, more so I would like to see them in a real prison, doing hard labour, getting battered by other inmates, hating every waking minute of there twisted scummy life's. unfortunately the UK does not have a real prison to it's name. taking away someone's liberty after they have taken an innocent mans life is not enough for me. I would burn them at the stake if I had my way.
  6. kevin jc

    Spider bite!

    Hummm, I've heard Canada's nice this time of year,,,Wifey,,,WIFEY,,,come here, I want a quick chat,,,now,, you know you said you want to live in Australia.......
  7. I never looked into the opening times, thankfully you did, I am about a month away from transferring funds so in that time I will also look at opening an account at one of the banks you mentioned. Thanks mate.
  8. From what I have found there are plenty of banks that offer the service but I would not transfer money from a uk account direct to Oz bank, NAB even told me you get a better rate going through an exchange firm like moneycorp or global finance, There are plenty out there but as I am doing keep your options open and keep in touch with a few to see who offers the best rate on the day of transfer. NAB said they could not tell me the rate I would get from them on a transfer until I had done it, any other opinions welcome on the subject! Kev
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    i dont like you .....?

    Now,,,did you click above the profile pic or below it? some silly Muppets don't know what one it is! Would you believe it!!! They must wear slip on shoes to avoid having to learn how to tie them. Now, where did I put my Velcro trainers??? :wacko: :hug:
  10. kevin jc

    i dont like you .....?

    Yes she could have!!! Thank you, that proved she did love me after all. Im all warm and fluffy inside now, Oh no,,correction,,I just spilled me coffee. :chatterbox:
  11. kevin jc

    i dont like you .....?

    Im off to bed,,tears don't show on my pillow :cry:
  12. kevin jc

    i dont like you .....?

    Ahh thanks Tas & abz, Ps, I lied about the shoes, But I did break a nail today so don't feel bad! :wubclub: Ok Ok that's a lie too, I just want to be loved! Mummys last words to me was she loved me,,,,,,,, as she dropped me off at the orphanage, and even that was closed! But im sure she ment well,,,just wish she had let the car come to a complete stand still first.
  13. kevin jc

    i dont like you .....?

    Damn,,there it goes again, Im a compulsive like button user,,,even when im being mocked!!!!!! somebody stop me!!!! :biglaugh:
  14. kevin jc

    i dont like you .....?

    Damn this is terrible!!!! Im a failure, Why is life so hard, Why always me, Why did it rain today, I had new shoes on. I want my mummy.:cry: Will feel much better if I get a sympathy like or two :rolleyes: