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Health Insurance Pays off!!


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Well it's late and I'm runningg on adrenaline but wanted to post a positive health insurance experience!!


My Hubby's just had a big operation today on his spine, it's all happened very quickly and it was absolutely urgent, he saw his consultant the week before Christmas and in all the confusion we never got an estimated costs statement, as the 'holder of the purse stings' in the house (he earns it I look after it ha ha!!) I was thinking out of pocket afew grand (although also thinking you can't put a price on good health), I mentioned today to the consultants secretary, will we get a bill after the surgury as you've not sent anything through, she said NO, everything is 100%. Covered by HBF, we won't charge you a penny extra. I was just stunned as we didn't pick the surgeon because of the insurance, we were referred as he was apparently 'the best'.


I had a similar urgent health issue a few years ago resulting in a hysterectomy, at the time we had impatriate insurance as on a 457, but my out of pocket expenses would have been around $3000 (with HBF insurance!) so I budgeted the same this time for hubby.



As I said , you can't put a price on your health and good health care but I'm just still pinching myself that our health payments every month have made this so much easier and so much quicker and the covered literally all the costs ($140 excess and a few pathology bills!)



Am posting this to help others who are wondering about health insurance, it's a minefield but for us this time it's been a total godsend xxxxxxx

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