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Points for Work Experiance & None English Degree


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Busy doing lots of research at the moment to see if this move will be possible for me (age 34 and my wife age 32).


Due to our current situation it is likely we would try to move to Aus via the Skilled 190 visa, this would be via my wife's skills, not mine.


My wife is an accountant with over 8 years experience, five years of which is working for companies in England. For the three we have returned to Europe so she could complete what I think is a fast track degree (two years).


This appears to be the first big stumbling block regarding points, we are currently trying to find out if this is in fact a degree. To attend the course she had to prove previous education and have a number of years experience. To complete the course she had to produce a final thesis.


So in short


Is work experience in an English speaking country worth more than 'overseas work experience'


Is there a simple way if this foreign qualification will be recognised in Australia?

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This is not correct.


Why is it not correct? For accountants, they can claim as many years as they want for employment but to be considered skilled employment, it must be post qualification or if the qualification is not obtained yet, all the criterias should be met.

In this particular case, she did not have any degree while working and the accounting bodies require at least equivalent to Bachelor's degree. Even if she had all the courses before graduating, she must complete the degree to satisfy this requirement.

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