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189 depedent mom


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If I add my widow mom when I lodge the application, and for some reason is CO feels that she is not dependent. Will he ask us to drop her from application? Will that have any adverse effects?


Her Medicals and PCC would not be a problem for her.

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Some CO's can be very tough and difficult to deal with on this application criteria. First question - does she live with you or are you paying for all her requirements? Even though she is widowed, if she has her own accommodation independently and a pension and for instance you are in the UK, it will be difficult to prove she is dependent.


However, if she's living with you or in an annex, then this is a better starting point. You need to carefully and realistically look at whether she is in fact dependent on you, and then provide evidence to support that to the case officer. Generally they will want to see dependency evidence going back 12 - 24 months minimum, although it can be less if an event, such as your father's passing occurred more recently.


Just because she isn't accepted as dependent shouldn't mean the whole application is refused. The one fails, all fails rule applies to people considered part of the family who fail health and character. Its a different criterion.


Hope that helps,



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