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  1. Bonnie Durmic

    Whats the rough price for a visa for a family of 4?

    Hi It will depend on the visa - you dont say if its PR or 457 or other TR. The DIBP Pricing Table (complicated to say the least) is here: https://www.immi.gov.au/fees-charges/visa-pricing-table.htm Then you have skill assessments, english tests, medicals, police checks, translations (if and as applicable) If you hire an Agent our fees are extra to the above but considering the costs and that the government and other agency fees are non-refundable, its an expenditure worth considering. We charge: - 457 Nomination & Visa Combo $AUD1500 (whether single or family) or $AUD1000 just for the visa - 186/187 Nomination & Visa Combo $3500 (again single or family) or $AUD2250 just for the visa - 189/190 is $AUD500 for the EOI only and $AUD2500 for the visa & EOI - Family sponsored is $AUD3000 and we have current 10% discount special. Other agents I'm sure can advise their fees but I post here to give you an idea of the costs. Hope that helps Bonnie
  2. Bonnie Durmic

    Medical Assessment - Does it expire?

    Hi Its valid for 12 months and in limited cases can apply to have the validity extended. Good luck!!
  3. Bonnie Durmic

    I just don't get it

    WA Police are currently recruiting - http://www.stepforward.wa.gov.au
  4. Bonnie Durmic

    Visa Subclass 476 Confusion :(

    Hi This is a special visa designed to address a shortage of graduates in Australia so those qualifications at specified Universities are the only eligible qualifications. If your qualification is not in the field specified, you are not eligible for the 476. Kind regards Bonnie
  5. Bonnie Durmic

    Marital status on application

    Oh and the medical is for non-migrating family members but if you are separated you will not even name her until the visa application where your form 80 will ask the names of all previous partners.
  6. Bonnie Durmic

    Marital status on application

    Hi You put the status as separated. You will not need a separation certificate, but may need to provide a Statutory Declaration or other evidence (an agent can assist in directing you on this). Best wishes
  7. Bonnie Durmic

    Possible move to Darwin

    Hi Claire Im WA based - in Perth! But I have lots of Darwin clients as one of my corporate clients runs a major project up there. Re the dogs, check out our quarantine laws and make sure the dogs are up for it and be prepared for a long kenneling in the quarantie service possibly as far away as Sydney! Once they arrive be cautious of them mixing with the wildlife - no swimming in the ocean or rivers as the crocs and sharks will eat them and you! Be careful of snakes too. If the dogs havent seen them they can be inquisitive and none of our snakes that are regulars are safe. So keep them leashed out of the yard, and inspect your yard regularly. I used to live in Queensland and we would get KingBrowns and Taipans in the yard. Sorry - dont mean to scare you, Bonnie
  8. Hi mccusken There are a lot of competing criteria here. To lodge a valid EOI you must meet the threshold criteria for the visas you select to be considered for: - 187 | RSMS Direct Entry needs a relevant qualification and threshold English, and occupationon the CSOL - 186 | ENS Direct Entry needs a Skill Assessment, 3 years post qual work experience, threshold English and occupation on CSOL - 190 | Skilled Sponsored needs Skill Assessment, Threshold English, Threshold Points and Occupation on CSOL and a State Occupation List - 189 | Skilled Independent needs a Skill Assessment, Threshold English, Threshold points and an occupation on the SOL. And then the different assessing bodies each have their own criteria. Some require higher levels of English, some require a number of hours or years of post qualification work experience, some have different modules which need to be completed, or tests, or have different criteria depending on which country and which University you obtained your qualifications form. You say you are a qualified social worker but dont state the qualification, and I think that is too personal or specific to post for the general forum. However, the Social Worker assessing body: http://www.aasw.asn.au/careers-study/migration-skills-assessment/migration-skills-assessment has a guideline of a Bachelor of Social Work and either 1 year relevant post qual Australian work experience or three years overseas work experience. So it doesnt sound like you'd meet the criteria. I hope that answers your questions.
  9. Bonnie Durmic

    Applying For Tourist Visa While waiting For 190 PR Visa.

    Ahah, and that is the gem of using an Agent. The Department advised agents when implementing the 189 and 190 visas that applicants who had lodged applications we eligible for a Bridging Visa. If you want to test the theory, email your case officer directly now and propose this. Our visas have all come through so quickly we haven't had to, to date. RE which type of visa, either through your travel agent or online through the DIBP website will do. Good luck!
  10. Bonnie Durmic

    189 depedent mom

    Hi Some CO's can be very tough and difficult to deal with on this application criteria. First question - does she live with you or are you paying for all her requirements? Even though she is widowed, if she has her own accommodation independently and a pension and for instance you are in the UK, it will be difficult to prove she is dependent. However, if she's living with you or in an annex, then this is a better starting point. You need to carefully and realistically look at whether she is in fact dependent on you, and then provide evidence to support that to the case officer. Generally they will want to see dependency evidence going back 12 - 24 months minimum, although it can be less if an event, such as your father's passing occurred more recently. Just because she isn't accepted as dependent shouldn't mean the whole application is refused. The one fails, all fails rule applies to people considered part of the family who fail health and character. Its a different criterion. Hope that helps, Bonnie
  11. Bonnie Durmic

    How long for parent contributory visa - when to sell up.

    Just for clarification, I'm not disagreeing with you, just saying wait until you have a case officer and they've looked at the application and more importantly medicals and character', and if you have a tricky family composition, then balance of family too. You are particularly exposed if you don't use an agent because Alan and I and other MARA agents check the legislation each and every time, and understand how the Immigration looks at the various criteria. Just be careful unless you have a back up plan if the visa doesn't come through straight after you settle on the sale and pay your 2nd VAC. That's all... Our parents migrated using this visa and had to sell their home to pay the VAC, so its a huge decision and one I personally understand. If thats the only way to pay the 2nd VAC you won't get the visa without paying it. But just walk through the steps carefully. Maybe talk to local agents now explaining your circumstances. They can keep an eye out for potential buyers and local values and sales, so you have the most information at the time when it comes you have to sell. If you don't need to sell for the VAC then that is obviously the ideal as you'll be in a stronger negotiating position when you do sell. Best of luck, Bonnie
  12. Bonnie Durmic

    How long for parent contributory visa - when to sell up.

    Decisions are always to made by the individuals, but my advice mirrors that of DIBP to applicants who have applied.
  13. Bonnie Durmic

    do you have to pay for visas with a credit card?

    Well Allen, yeees. But since thats a MARA requirement, they'll be good if they just use a MARA agent of good standing such as myself or yourself!
  14. Bonnie Durmic

    Is Hours worked required for 189 visa

    Hi Yes - for the employment to be accepted, the hours will need to be full time. If your contract or offer letter don't state then ask the business to state and cover those aspects when they provide the references which need to be extremely detailed. If you were self employed / subcontracted then you need to show your client contracts, accounts, letters from clients and maybe references from them too showing the same. Even photo examples of your work if you're a tradie. Most skill assessing bodies now have an add-on service option of having your employment assessed. I recommend my clients pay for this as it makes it less disputable for a case officer, and easier too! Read easier as faster, if they can tick a box they can move on. Its all about ticking off the criterion boxes! Hope that helps Bonnie
  15. Bonnie Durmic

    Advice on ANMAC professional reference please.

    Hi The key will be the level of detail. If its detailed but short, that might be acceptable, long but all waffle might be unacceptable. Send through other evidence of the employment, such as Job description, contract, Payslips etc, event your own Stat Dec if she didn't include information you think is crucial. Hope that helps Bonnie