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Trade recognition and qualifications. ex army technician

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Hello all,

New to the website but seems very helpful thus far. I'm a REME technician in the army (class 1) and planning the great escape to Australia with my aussie girlfriend on a defacto visa after serving my 1 year termination period. Wanting to stay in trade I was hoping for some solid information and the immigration website doesn't clarify much.


I have a NVQ level 3 in electronic engineering amongst other trade related qualifications. Is there a course or exam i can do to get my qualifications and experience recognised by australian employers while in the U.K? perhaps a guild of some variety i can join in the U.K that is recognised internationally? I have read about a skilled worker exam to do during the visa application but I'm not sure if that is for skilled worker visa applicants only.


Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Especially any ex army who knows about the resettlement side of army termination and what courses etc would help.


Many Thanks

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