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Found 35 results

  1. Hi I have served in the British army for 8 years with 3 tours of Afghanistan.I will be out of the army next month and I really need to transfer over to the Australian para troopers l,then build up to do the special forces. Any help on how to get the ball rolling would be much appreciated thank you.
  2. Hi all...I moved to Victoria with my work last year on a 457 visa and so far so good and very happy. I am from the UK and still an active Army Reservist (on an approved leave of absence) but I am very interested in working with and getting attached to an Australian Reserve Unit...I know there is a mechanism for those on a PR visa...I don't know if it is possible on a 457. I have a lot of practical and operational experience and just want to learn more and keep up to date whilst I am over here. I think it would be a great opportunity, just don't want to cock up my visa by doing it without permission....
  3. Hello all, New to the website but seems very helpful thus far. I'm a REME technician in the army (class 1) and planning the great escape to Australia with my aussie girlfriend on a defacto visa after serving my 1 year termination period. Wanting to stay in trade I was hoping for some solid information and the immigration website doesn't clarify much. I have a NVQ level 3 in electronic engineering amongst other trade related qualifications. Is there a course or exam i can do to get my qualifications and experience recognised by australian employers while in the U.K? perhaps a guild of some variety i can join in the U.K that is recognised internationally? I have read about a skilled worker exam to do during the visa application but I'm not sure if that is for skilled worker visa applicants only. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Especially any ex army who knows about the resettlement side of army termination and what courses etc would help. Many Thanks
  4. Aussie and Pommie KR

    De Facto visa for British partner advice - evidence

    Hi all, Looking for some general advice. I am an Australian by birth but have lived in UK for most of my life (31 years). My boyfriend and I have been together almost 2 years now and plan to move to Aus in about 1 year from now (hopefully!). The issue I am having is when looking at the immi.gov.au website and advice for de facto visas is that the evidence they want appears to be very specific. My boyfriend and I will not be able to provide evidence of co-habiting or sharing utility bills because we haven't/won't be living together fully before we move over as he is in the Army (and of course due to the nature of his job he is away a huge amount of time and stays during the week mostly on the base he works at). He plans to leave the army and so transferring to Aus army is not really a viable option, he plans to work in his trade in electronics. Does anyone have experience of a partner who has been in the services when they have applied for a de facto visa and if so, are there any alternatives to the kind of things that we could provide for evidence in lieu of those things we probably won't be able to provide? Any advice appreciated - many thanks
  5. Anyone out there willing to share their experiences about them going over by joining the Army. Our process has been pretty quick and now just waiting for the labour agreement to start the ball rolling again. Seems to have come to a stop after initialling getting an email two weeks before selection interviews. What happens when you get the labour agreements, costs involve. If we have submitted bloods, CRB etc already to the OSLTB we will need to re-submit them for DIMA? Lump Sum will it be taxed? Would appreciate a good ole chin wag with anyone, we are going to Wagga Wagga. I'll stop waffling now Thanks Marie and Paul
  6. Hi! Random question - does anyone know whether there's an agreement in place for Auspost to deliver mail for free to the British armed forces posted abroad? I've found it on their site that they deliver for free to their own personnel but wondering if they do for the British also. Thanks
  7. katiecake073

    newbie (OLT army)

    Hi all Just thought id say hi as I'm a newbie on here . We as a family have just put in our CV to transfer from the British army to the Australian army. Anyone else out there going through this process or gone through it ?
  8. Hello,I am going to Australia this year on a prospective marriage visa. I am ex Bristish army and I was wondering will I be able to join the Australian army in the 1st 9 months I am there? I have my heart set on rejoing the army as its a way of life I really enjoy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hi every one, I am after some advice regarding transferring from the British Army to the Australian Army. I have been on the official web page and Emailed several times the supplied address. I have not heard any thing back from them therefore would appreciate hearing from any one who has any ideas on how to get in contact with the recruiting personnel. Thanks for your help. Cheers Julie
  10. Martin Ness

    Army transferees

    Hi all, Anyone transferring to the Aus Army and wants to chat ref procedures etc feel free to post a note/email. We depart to NSW in Dec. Martin Ness
  11. Hi, I'm currently in the british army with just over two years left to serv and i'm thinking of transferring to the Australian army. Does anyone know if this is possible and how i go about making the first moves? Also if there is anyone who has does this already any experiences would be grateful to give me an idea. Many Thanks.
  12. Guest

    Army going into schools

    On a TV documentary tonight, the Uk is following the US's lead and trialling the idea of putting redundant military staff in schools. All part of David Cameron's bigger society taking control. Have to say, the results were startlingly impressive. I don't know where it leaves teachers or if it assists teachers but a lot of parents were relieved that discipline was returning and all the children, even those hard to teach, were benefiting from someone laying down the law in class. A brilliant documentary, well worth watching! I can't remember the documentary, it might have been Panorama but here's a link off the internet that provides some information. Ex-military to be inspiring role models for young people - The Department for Education
  13. Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to help me. My partner is currently serving in the British Army and thinking of transferring to the Australian army in the next few years. We have only recently started thinking about this so are really starting from scratch in terms of having any information about emigrating. Is there anyone else who has moved to Australia by transferring regiment? I was wondering if you could answer the following questions:- 1. Is there a minimum rank my partner would need to be to transfer? 2. He is in the royal artillary - Do the australian army have similar regiments? 3. Would we need to be married before I could emigrate with him? 4. Do the army pay for all emigration fees, medicals etc? 5. Would he have to do any conversion courses? 6. I am currently completing a law degree and intend to qualify as a secondary school teacher. Could I complete the necessary teaching qualifications in Australia, or would I have to qualify in England and then do a conversion course? I would also be grateful if you could let me know your experience of moving and whether you have found it was the right thing to do? Thanks for any help. Amy
  14. Hi everyone, My OH, myself and our two children 13 + 8 are currently going through the transfer process from British army to Australian and wondered if anyone else is going through it too. Our interview is 30th July, so i have everything crossed :smile: Georgina
  15. Hi my husband and i and our 2 children 1yr and 2 yr, are considering a move to austrailia he is currently a serving member of the british army and he would like to transfer to the adf. He reaches his 12 year point in may 2012. We were just wondering if anyone can give us as much info as possible and whats the best way to get the ball rolling? I have a few questions i have as well 1. To transfer is there a minimum rank you have to be in the britsh army? 2. What are the costs involved and who pays them? i.e removals and flights medicals and paperwork? 3. when on deployment how long is it? 4. whats the accomadation like? 5. my husband currently serves in the household cavalry regiment what kind of job offer could he recieve if all was to go well? 6. does your uk debt follow you and hows does credit work in australia? would like to buy once there does your uk credit score apply there or do you get a clean slate? 7. would my husband have to do any training? if so is it basic or like a top up? i know i have a lot to ask so many thanks all info is appreciated] laura x:biggrin:
  16. I currently live in England and I am an ex serving soldier of the British Army. I am now looking to Emigrate to Australia but I am only in the Innitial stages, I have passed my online application for a skilled migration visa and got 140 points but the problem is I am wanting to join the Australian Army but all my efforts so far have came up with the same answer (Cannot complete the online application form because I am not an Australian citizen). I was Wondering if anyone knows if there is anyway to get around this and submit an application?
  17. Hi, I'm about to leave the British Army where I have served for 12 years as a Royal Engineer. I am looking to move to Cairns as this is where my Partner is from. I am looking for any advice but particularly anything to do with employment. Many thanks!!!!
  18. Heyaaa, Im 14 yrs old and my family might be moving over to Brisbane and im really excited but was wondering if they have a CCF Army cadets Force over there and also if they do DoE (Duke of Edinburgh)? If anyone does know any schools with one , could you please tell me. And also if anyone would recomend any high schools. thx xx:cute:
  19. It's BOOKED .... THE VICTORY BUS WILL BE LEAVING FROM WOOLOOMOOLOO BAY HOTEL, We are meeting between 12 till 12.30 Then its over the BRIDGE for that fantastic picture of everyone in front of TOWER BRIDGE and BUCKINGHAM PALACE ! A slow drive past the SCG .. Where hopefully as like last time they where all playing cricket .. BARMY ARMY ! On down to Coogee Bay hotel for a well deserved PINT ! A nice drive past Ricky Pontings house, Back on board to Bondi beach .. Where we will then SLOWLY head back to WOOLOOMOOLOO for those that need picking up ! BYO Cricket whites .. Blow up kangaroos ! St George and union FLAGS ! Cardboard CUT OUT of the URN ! CONVICT OUTFITS ! Will be filmed by BBC for a PROGRAMME called WE TOOK THE PISS ! Seats are very limited so REMEMBER BOOK EARLY ! Call Gilly to book 0418559235.
  20. Hi All, am brand new to the site, joined as i have just started the process of transferring from the British Army to the ADF. Would welcome any advice or top tips from anyone who has been through the process and any general info from any Expat. Thanks.
  21. Hi Everyone, After reading post after post i thought i'd write something myself. At the moment we ( my husband, me, daughter 13yrs and son 9yrs) are going through the transfer process from british army to australian army. I'd really like to hear from anyone who has been through the process as i have no idea what to expect, my husband is given support from an army point of view but so far i've had nothing (apart from things i've read here or from friends already over there) Don't get me wrong, i'm not expecting anyone to hold my hand during it all but a bit of information would be great especially as we have children to worry about. At the moment we're living in germany so finding pet export companies is easier said than done! i'm now left wondering whether i will have to take my cat back to the uk before he then flies to australia. :frown: There seems to be soooo much to think about and i'm utterly convinced i'll miss something important. Sorry if this seems like a rant but i'm beginning to lose the plot a bit lol. :wacko:
  22. Hello all, We have just joined this site as like the many other Brits, we have decided to move south!!! I am Tony a military man (HR and Finance) who will have completed his 22 years prior to leaving, my wife Mandy is a nurse who specialises in sexual health. We have a wanna be Oz in our 5 year old son Alfie. As Mandy is a nurse, she applied to the ANMC on 16 Jan and her qualifications where ratified and back in our mitts on 21 Mar 09. We then found out that in order to get the 120 points required, Mandy had to do the IETLS. We booked this for 2 weeks later and Mandy managed to achieve level 9 (it was very easy and spelling ability for even the less confident should enable you to achieve level 7!). Mandy is happy to let people know should you have any questions. Once we had proof of the test, we then applied on line for the Skilled Independant Migration Visa sub Class 175 on 4 May 09. We then completed all our medicals on 12 May 09 and are now awaiting confirmation that we are all fine and healthy POMME specimens. We are very interested in other peoples experiences on the "migration trail" especially how long these things take! We will keep this thread alive so other people can appreciate the process and how long things actually take. Once we have our Visa's we will rent our UK home out and use my Military gratuity to fund us in the short term until we both find work! We are kind of hoping that a job offer will come before we leave (for Mandy) as this will help us decide where to live. Our current order of preference is Adelaide, Brisbane or anywhere!!! Look forward to sharing others experiences. Tony, Mandy & Alfie
  23. When you apply to join the Army you will be required to pass a number of tests. These tests are known as the BARB TESTS and the higher your score the more options that are open to you. We will not only show you how to score highly on the BARB TESTS but also how to pass the entire selection process at the first attempt.Visit jointhearmy.org.uk
  24. Guest

    British Army to Oz Army

    I am fairly convinced I've made the wrong decision to move over to the Oz army. I am of the opinion it's suffocated by micro-management, corporate governance and is complicated by a mountain of un-necessary bull**** paperwork. The little things take priority or major things. I am not having a go at the soldering qualities of the men and women of the ADF, nor their professionalism. However, I think the ADF are way behind the British Army in many aspects, which I won't go into. The Corp I'm part of seems to have no real direction or clear directive. All this competency based training is just Americanised bull****. I regret making the move and we will return to the UK when my contract is up. I now realise it's not always greener on the other. We all miss England, we had a good lifestyle, close to the sea, a nice house, great friends and a job that I was truly happy in. I guess we had to try, else we would of never known. I am not knocking Australia as it's a great country, but it'll never be home for us. My heart is in England, our future is in England. :arghh:
  25. Hi all, this is my first visit here but it sure looks a good place for finding info and help. Has anyone tranferring to Oz Army done it from outside of UK. I was out of Army in April last year, 08, after 22 and now living in Chile with my Chilean partner. So far I have only sent the application which has been received in Queenscliff and now waiting to hear something. Obviously living in Chile it was near impossible to find a British Army Officer to certify my document copies. The British Embassy wanted approx 27quid per signature, I had 25 bits of paper to sign ! Fortunately I managed to get some sense out of the Defence Attache, a serving Colonel, ex RGJ, very nice man. Now I'm wondering what dramas are going to unfold with the rest of the process, especially the medical and police checks given that everything has to be in english or certified translations. Any info would be useful, thanks