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Switching Visa


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Hey guys, hope you all had a good christmas/new year.


i just signed up to this site was reading through some of the posts and alot of the advice given by you guys seem great, very helpful.


hopefully someone can offer advice for my current situation.


i am currently into my second year here in Australia, i arrived on a working holiday visa and for the second year i was sponsored on a 457, i am currently 6 months through my sponsorship.


i have been doing my current job for a while now and iv been feeling it is time for a change, i am in a relationship with an Australian citizen and have been for a year and a half, the job is causing me a lot of stress. And would like to switch my visa to a de facto visa.


the problem however is the costs, i would like to make the switch as soon as possible but have no way of getting the money together straight away, is it possible to get a loan through the bank? Or pay for it in installments? I was thinking about going into the bank and saying the loan is for an engagement ring or something along those lines...


any help would be extremely appreciated.


thanks in advance

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Considering that partner visas can take over a year to process, applying for a partner visa will not solve your immediate issue. Once you apply for the partner visa you will be granted a Bridging Visa A, however this does not come into effect until your 457 expires. If you leave your job, your 457 and bridging visa A will be cancelled and you will go onto a Bridging visa E with no work rights.

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