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I was just wondering if anyone on here has worked in Australia on a 457 visa, then returned back to the uk and cancelled the 457 visa only to be offered another job in Australia, and had to apply for another 457 visa?


My hubby returned home from Australia in October 2013 and we cancelled our own 457 visa so we could process our tax return and apply for our superannuation, our visa was cancelled last week on the 6th jan, but now my hubby has been contacted about another job in Australia which would mean another 457 visa but I'm not sure if this is possible to do or if we have to leave it a certain amount of time before applying again?


Any info would be greatly appreciated

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Thanks for your reply, I don't want to leave Maidstone, as much as I loved living in Australia the pull back home was just to strong, and since I've returned I have been so much happier, me and my children returned in July last year, my hubby decided to finish the project he was on, so he returned later (October) but since being back, he has struggled to find work with a descent wage, and has better job opportunities in Australia, the thing I'm not sure about is, we have just done our early tax return which is being processed and we have just applied for our superannuation, I'm not sure if I need to try and stop this or even if I can, if not what will the consequences be when he returns to Australia, and as our visas are now cancelled, will he need to apply for a new TFN?


Again any advice much appreciated



*I may have just made that up.

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I moved to Maidstone from London 6 years ago and never looked back. It has its own (admittedly unique) charm!


In terms of the actual visas there's no issues. I'm not entirely sure of the tax/superannuation implications but I can recommend a company that deals with these matters and would be able to advise: http://www.batescosgrave.com.au/contact_bates_cosgrave


Hope this helps,

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