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  1. Adam Grey

    457 advice for others, help for me!

    My main advice would be that you can be eligible for any occupation as long as it appears on the CSOL and you meet the minimum skill level for it, no point limiting yourself unless you both have a very narrow skillsets/qualifications that only relate to those two specific occupations.
  2. Adam Grey

    457 visa, confusing earnings and contract negotiations

    The market rate is not $53,900, that's simply the threshold limit which the market rate cannot be below in the 457 program. The market rate is set by the terms and conditions that apply or would apply to an equivalent Australian worker and you must be paid equal to or greater than the market rate. This is to try and prevent foreign workers being used as cheap labour at the expense of Australian workers. In your case it sounds like employment arrangements come under an industry/company award rather than individual agreements so the award will set the market rate as that's what every comparable worker will be paid. Only guaranteed earnings are relevant when stating how much you get paid. Doesn't matter if you get a bonus, commission, site adjustment, travel allowance etc. All you state is your base salary and then how much you are guaranteed to earn per annum as per your contract. For example travel allowances can be included if the amount is guaranteed i.e. if the contract specifies something like "You are required to travel reasonable distances to remote sites as part of this job and you will receive a minimum travel allowance of $2,000 pa", that $2,000 can be included as a guaranteed earning. In contrast if the contract says something like "You will be paid a travel allowance of $0.25 per km" it's not acceptable as there's no way of guaranteeing the amount you'll receive. This is a matter for the nomination anyway which is the company's responsibility, and a company with 100's of employees really should engage the services of a Registered Migration Agent or failing that at least have a dedicated HR professional with experience of the system.
  3. Adam Grey

    Bricklayer Skills assessment

    Even though a statement of career history should be in your husband's own words the agent should be able to provide you an example of the type of information that is required. Essentially what you're trying to do in these statements is explain in technical detail that the work performed, training provided corresponds with the core knowledge areas that would be required for the respective Australian qualification. For example one knowledge area for bricklayers is "carry out cavity brick construction", so you'd look to show an example of when you've performed that particular work, what tools were used, go into technical detail about how you did it etc. The statement should cover everything from the time he began training to the present day. Just want to point out one important note though, I think you should go back to your agent and clarify eligibility for the 489 visa with QLD because the state government specify that applicants must hold a valid licence with the QLD Building and Construction Commission to be eligible to apply for nomination.
  4. Adam Grey

    DEAR EXPERTS ......advice needed

    That's pretty much the exact template wording that the COs always send when an application gets referred for security checks. You can email, call, write, complain etc and you'll just get the same email again and again. They won't give you a timeframe and nobody can predict it for you, best thing you can do is relax and make preparations while waiting.
  5. Adam Grey

    Global visa/ixp visa

    Yeah they've gone into administration, will no doubt reform again under some other guise. Companies like Global Visas/IXP work by spending huge amounts on google ads and unethical SEO practice, while employing sales people with no knowledge of immigration law to sign people up regardless of eligibility and then outsourcing the work to various agents. Nobody takes ownership, nobody gets held accountable, the service provided is shocking and applicants end up losing money. They're not the only company that act in this fashion and as they have less overheads and are not confined by registration or a code of practice, its difficult for genuine agents/companies to compete with them. I would suggest creating your own immiaccount and then importing your application. You should only require the TRN (found on the payment receipt) and your name & DOB. Then contacting the DIBP advising that you wish to receive all further correspondence personally which can be done by submitting form 956a withdrawing the appointment of the migration agent. Why not also contact the insolvency agents Herron Fisher and see if you can claim anything: www.herronfisher.co.uk Article on the liquidation: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dreams-left-ruins-visa-firm-4004263
  6. Yes that's correct you can claim closely related employment within the same unit group. The important factor is that the tasks and duties you performed relate to the ANZSCO description. Re: employment prospects, these industries are always up and down. WA was the real driving force a few years back and the state was booming. Then the demand fell out of the mining industry and it had a knock on effect....Less development, less need for Civil Engineers. NT seems to be picking up rapidly in all areas and like mentioned above it only takes a few large scale development projects and things start picking up. Overall employment in Australia ranks well against comparable countries, but never expect an easy ride.
  7. Go wherever you want to go, wherever you want to live. Availability of work is obviously an important factor but not the only one to be considered. Echoing VS, that particular industry is experiencing a low right now but these things happen in cycles and it will pick up again. Word from recruitment companies is that a lot of the temporary/permanent engineering migrants have simply hung about after their projects finished, so there's a lot of skilled workers currently in Aus and no need to look outside the country.
  8. Hi Riesta, 1) Yes it's not mandatory to have your experience assessed by Engineers Australia to claim it, however all experience must be full-time, paid, relevant to the nominated occupation and at the required skill level. 2) If you apply through the Washington Accord process Engineers Australia will define your occupation which is more often than not, whatever is listed on your degree (Civil Engineer). If you wanted to be assessed in a different occupation you would need to apply through the Competency Demonstration Report process instead. I would check the ANZSCO defined tasks and duties for each occupation, you have the potential scenario where EA give you the skills assessment as a Civil Engineer but you can't claim points for experience because it's not considered relevant to that occupation.
  9. Adam Grey

    Cafe Manager - Skills Assessment VETASSES

    Yep 'Café or Restaurant manager' is on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - If you read a lot of the information coming out of the hospitality industry as a whole, skill shortages are quite widespread and they'd welcome the ability to bring in more overseas workers especially in regional areas.
  10. This has been discussed recently in another thread. A new policy has been introduced that can take into account circumstances where a genuine mistake has been made as long as the applicant would have originally received an invitation at the lower score. So for example if you were invited on July 1st at 65 points and the invitation score for that or subsequent rounds was 60 points, then it's possible that they will ask permission to correct your invitation score and assess you at 60 points. This should not be relied on though as the regulations still quite clearly state that the assessed score must not be lower than the invited score, so it's a contradictory situation.
  11. Adam Grey

    Cafe Manager - Skills Assessment VETASSES

    They (and the DIBP) can get a little het up about what a café or restaurant actually is, so often it's a good idea to include some information on the establishment you've been managing. Also worth noting that ENS direct entry requires 3 years of relevant employment so you're still going to have to wait a while if going down that route.
  12. Adam Grey

    Cafe Manager - Skills Assessment VETASSES

    Vetassess specify work experience must be relevant, paid employment of at least 40 hours per fortnight at the required skill level. I would estimate that the majority of refusals you've seen in this occupation have something to do with the relevance of the experience against the ANZCO tasks and duties, this seems to be something that Vetassess overcomplicate on occasions.
  13. Adam Grey

    Delays in Granting (African) 189 Visas even after MEDS/PCC?

    You're "welcome". Seriously I was just trying to shed some light on the general way these are processed, I'm not arguing any point you made, there's no offence there to be taken.
  14. Adam Grey

    Delays in Granting (African) 189 Visas even after MEDS/PCC?

    Just shows that not everyone's case is the same. Nobody is saying that every single African will get a security check or delay, but yes there is a much higher chance that it will happen. It's not just nationality either, there's a number of triggers that will lead to extra checks being made, for example a South African doctor might sail through whereas a Nigerian Biochemist is likely to have extra scrutiny.