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Driving on a UK License


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Im in Aus on a 457 and happily driving on my UK license, my 457 is up in a few months so havent bothered getting a NSW license.


However, Ive been asked as part of work to drive a minubus, it requires an LR license and I was wondering how this compares to the UK licensing system and if I can legally drive LR (light rigid)


In the UK I drove minibus with 15-16 people legally, and it says B1 but I dont think this translates to the Aus/NSW LR.


Can anyone confirm / clarify or point me to the right needle in the haystack that is the government websites.




Robert Burns.

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The rules on LR and higher are quite strict here, partly because buses and trucks are now lumped all in the same category. I'd be looking into transferring to an Aussie licence asap, if for no other reason that you don't want to find your insurance is invalid if you have an accident.

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