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subclass 190 Registered Nurse


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Finally, I have lodged my application for subclass 190 today in addition to subclass 489 - whichever comes first.. Hoping to get a response within the next 12 weeks. I just want to know, even though I've submitted all the said requirements such as IELTS, AHPRA registration, employment references, skills assessment etc, my score is exactly 60 pts (5 pts included for SS). Is there a possibility that my application would get disapproved by NSW?


I went to a migration agent last week and advised me that I should only pick 1 state in my EOI. Unsure about how true this is? I lodged my EOI first as NSW SS require an EOI number, then posted my visa application. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hi Nic,


That's what I thought as well and just had my EOI updated to pick only NSW. I was just wondering, before I lodged my visa application for subclass 190, I picked 'all states'. Will this affect the possibility of having my visa rejected?


Thanks heaps.

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