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  1. nic1171

    Cash, money card or internet?

    Thats great thanks John, think k do have internet account so at least i can just transfer when and how much i need Cheers
  2. @John from Moneycorp Hi John im going back to UK fir a holiday in December. Whilst I have funds in UK im not sure there will be enough so wondering the best way to transfer. Because I dont know how much I will need and would rather wait till funds run low whilst in UK, am I best 1. Getting a travel card from Moneycorp that I can top up when in UK from my Aus bank account 2. Taking Aus cash and buying Pounds when in UK 3. Transferring via internet using Moneycorp? 4. Maybe another way?? I have a moneycorp account as previously transferred from UK to Aus Cheers Nicola
  3. nic1171

    how to open bank account

    Hi Tina I used NAB initially. I set it up from UK and transferred money with money corp prior to going over, prior to arriving I arranged an appt so about day 2 of getting here I went to my nominated NAB and they had Eftpos cards waiting for us!
  4. nic1171

    Where Did You Stay When You First Arrived

    I too like Beddy stayed at Ashmore Palms holiday village. I pre booked 4 weeks and so although once here I secured a rental within about 10 days I stayed the full time at Ashmore whilst I waited for furniture to be delivered. It was a lovely 2 bed portacabin style home, big enough for me and my 16 year old. It also allowed us to to use this address for medicare, driving licences, my nursing reg and a reference for renting!
  5. nic1171

    UK Passport Renewal Update

    Im well impressed, from posting sons passport for renewal, from Oz, was 3 weeks!
  6. nic1171


    When my son had earache I had to pay full amount, nearly died at price! For repeats I think there may be a cap on what you pay, there is for the elderly so maybe something similar? Each drug is priced differently unless you have a medicare assistance card for earning under a certain threshold
  7. nic1171

    Dominos Pizza

    I think pizza hut n domino pizzas here taste like burnt cardboard, no idea why, just like the birds eye fish fingers, they are rank too. We used to have a gorgeous gourmet pizza place near me and though pricey I was willing to pay but it closed down
  8. nic1171

    Can I take my whitegoods?

    Brought my fridge n washer and gad no problems. As others have said make sure dry and secure the drum. I also covered the back of my fridge with bubble wrap to protect the elements or whatever those pipes are! I also stored stuff inside the fridge and washer as I too had a move cube so used every bit of available space!
  9. nic1171

    .......would you dare to go hairy.....?

    I wax, thread, shave or trim depending on the mood! But must admit if I could guarantee getting rid if it all other than on my head n eyebrows I would!
  10. nic1171

    .......would you dare to go hairy.....?

    Just nearly choked on my wine reading that but I have to agree for once with you PC (and Im female!)
  11. I changed my UK license to my brothers address
  12. nic1171

    ID for AHPRA

  13. nic1171

    Childhood Immunisation Register

    Ask your local practice nurse to ring Immunisations and they can be added that way
  14. nic1171

    cost of living OZ vs UK?

    To OP, I work as a clinical nurse in QLD so on about $82000, sole earner, have a 17yr old and I manage just fine, huge house n pool in lovely area, eat out once a month, take out weekly, weekends away every 3-4 month and still have disposable income. Go for it!
  15. nic1171

    Is there anyone at Centrelink??

    Yep I drove their a few times only to be frog marched to one of their computers or phones! Make sure your ipad is charged so you can play candy crush while you wait!!