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i think one has to stay

beach pig

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OK we are going back sometime soon,but I have a problem I don't think we are able to take our loving dog with us.the problem is she is a American



I have looked on various websites and if I have been reading it right she is on the dangerous dogs list.:wacko:lol.she is the best dog I have ever had she plays with the kids and snuggles up with the youngest and has not one ounce of aggression in her.she runs away from my mates cat lol:biglaugh:.but all this does not matter I hear you say.according to defra she is a pitbull type,if it walks like a duck sounds like a duck its a duck.just really sad that we are gonna have to leave her behind.the kids are heartbroken,just wandered if anyone has had any succesfull experience in taking this breed to the uk.thanks

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Maybe if you have a behavioural test done by a professional that might help with the dogs chances, its because of the bad breeding these where banned. They are here in Aus too but one guy on the news had to have a blood test sent to america to prove his dog wasn't a pitbull as the authorities took it off him and tried to tell him it was a banned breed. He did get his dog back in the end and it was very much like yours from the sound of it (gentle and playful). I'd investigate some more before giving in if your dog means the world to you! :)

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I did some more reading.


The UK KC does not recognise the American staffy. It falls under a pitbull type for importing and is most likely not going to be allowed to be imported unless you can get an exemption certificate.


Do you have an official pedigree and KC registration for your dog? Ie, proper paperwork to prove her breeding?


I'd also talk to a reputable pet shipper and discuss options with them if you do have the paperwork and can apply for an exemption.

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I think you will struggle as the more I read, the more it becomes clear that an American staffy is a breed that falls under the 'pitbull' tag




This page pretty much confirms the above, and is a Gov website




Whether your dog is a banned type depends

on what your dog actually looks like, rather

than the breed or name by which it is called

(whether a crossbreed or not).



The law refers to four kinds of dog which

are banned:



• Pit Bull Terrier

• Japanese Tosa

• Dogo Argentino

• Fila Braziliero



While it is the characteristics of a dog which

are most important in judging whether it is

banned, such dogs may be called by a

number of names.



Pit Bull type dogs can be called:

• American Staffordshire Terriers

(Am Staffs)

• Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier (ISBT)

• Irish Blue or Red Nose



I'd start looking for a reputable rescue with a no kill policy or a decent breed rescue where she can be rehomed direct home to home while you are still here or go in to foster and rehomed from a foster home. Please please please don't do a private rehome or advertise her anywhere. Go via a reputable rescue of some sort where she will always have the fallback of the rescue as the chip will be linked to them and hopefully if a new owner is unable to keep her she will be expected to be handed back to the rescue rather than just passed on to any old person.


Failing that, go back to the breeder. Any decent breeder will take back one of their pups and if they don't keep them, will ensure they find a good home.

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A staffordshire terrier is not a pitbull, as per my earlier post I saw another news story where a guy got a blood test to provide his dog wasn't a pitbull, just because they though it "looked" like one.


An American staffy falls under the 'pitbull' grouping as I understand it reading the UK Gov links I posted above.


The OP says their dog is an American staffy, so technically in the UK, a banned breed. Trying to bring one into the UK may not be possible.

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