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Approx flying times from Sydney to other Australian cities

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    (in hours)


    Adelaide 2

    Alice Springs 3

    Brisbane 1.5

    Canberra .45

    Darwin 5.5

    Hobart 1.5

    Melbourne 1.5

    Perth 4.5


    -Eastern Standard Time (EST), which includes New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory;


    - Central Standard Time (CST), which includes South Australia and the Northern Territory, this one is the most curious of all as many visitors to Australia have never heard of half hour time zones before and think you are trying to fool them.


    - Western Standard Time (WST) - Western Australia. CST is one half hour behind EST, while WST is two hours behind EST.

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    And of course day light savings, which we have in OZ...


    Australian Capital Territory

    New South Wales


    South Australia


    1 hour forward, starts for the above states, Sunday 30 October 2005 (2.00 am)


    1 hour back, ends Sunday 26 March 2006 (3.00 am)


    And for Tasmania...


    1 hour forward starts, Sunday 2 October 2005 (2.00 am)


    1 hour back, Sunday 26 March 2006 (3.00 am)


    NOTE: Queensland DOES NOT have day light savings.


    Just thought I'd post the above info, as i saw on that Airport show, a girl miss her flight back to England for her sisters wedding, from OZ because of the daylight savings time she was unaware had begun the day of her flight. :)

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    Guest jonathan

    Also it depends what type of aircraft you fly like qantaslink has the

    Dash-8-100/200 and Q400's which are all turboprop planes so it will take longer on them

    P.S get on a B767 its faster!

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