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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am just wondering if anyone would mind sharing the approx shipping they have paid or been quoted. (inc. insurance) The removal companies I have looked at won't come out to give quotations untill we are closer to our move date so just hoping to get a bit of an idea off those who have experience in this. We have considered not sending anything over at all and starting afresh over there but now thinking there are a few bits that we would like to keep. I expect we will only need a shared container. I have heard people mention on here 'half container' quotes. Has anybody had an even smaller share of a container? Hope to hear from you... XXX
  2. Hi can anyone help me. I have a family of 5 and we are moving into a 3 bed unit on the goldcoast. We have only been here 2 weeks so any advice would be great. What will approximate water rates be quarterly? Thanks ginger:goofy:
  3. Hello Guys I got a nominatioan 07/2011. and then i lodged and paid 856visa 15/08/2011 with decision ready At Melbourne office. and also my country is in low risk. is there any one know that how long it will take to grant or get a CO??
  4. Hi All, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for finding a short term rental/holiday let in perth SOR ive tried all the usual sites like stayz, aussie move, lets-perth etc and i cant find any suitable properties that are available, im frantically searching as i am waiting to book my flights and i gave my notice in at work today. Any information would be greatly appreciated Donna xx
  5. Hi Everyone My hubby has been offered a job in Brisbane (He is a spark) and the company has offered sponsorship - what does this mean and what would the approx cost be to move out, we have 2 children. Thanks for any replies as im totally lost:arghh:
  6. Hi there, I am thinking of emigrating to Aus and have been told that my gross salary would be around $70k p/a for my kind of work (BMS Controls Engineer), please does anyone have a rough idea of what my net salary might be as we are doing our cost of living sums / can we afford the move/ will we be better off ? etc. I have a wife and 2 kids age 6 and 8 and are seriously thinking of Melbourne. I did try the aus tax office website but found it abit confusing and don't want to mess up this important stage Thanks Dominic Thompson
  7. cutiemcprettybobbi

    non csl ss 176 - approx timeline for visa?

    Hi all, any ideas on timelines? I know it perhaps a daft question, but really need some sort of a boost! App 175 family sponsored oct 08, off CSL in March09 (or whenever it was, all a blur now), app ACT ss Sept 09 (after changes), received ss ACT acceptance March 12 2010. Does anyone have an idea on likelihood of getting a CO soon? Meds and PC's not yet done, agent told us to wait until requested from DIAC. I am hoping, perhaps deluded, that as things seem to have started moving for Cat 5's and as our main app was done in 0ct08 that we might be looked at soonish. Also, does anyone know how long it takes to book an appointment for medicals in manchester? Is it booked up way in advance? thanks:unsure:
  8. Hi there.. just a quickie about mortgage offers. Out of interest, what is the average that the banks will lend in Oz in relation to your salary? Is it 2 or 3 times your salary for instance? Thanks for your advice ....
  9. natasha2106

    Approx cost of Agent

    We went to an emigration expo and found a really nice family run agency to complete our visas. We are going to apply for the permanent residency visa as my husband hits the criteria on the skills shortage. We have been quoted £2700 but have to pay for the medicals separately, and i think there was one other fee we had to pay can't remember what. Does this sound familiar costings?? Spoke to a couple of other agents at the expo but couldn't get a quote and didnt feel very enthusiastic with them. Can anyone give us an idea of overall cost for agent and cost of medicals and any extras there may be to consider. Thanks Tasha
  10. Hiya, Does anyone know approximately how long between lodging the application and getting medicals requested? Do you get the medicals requested after you have a case officer? Just checking, as I need to cardiologist report for my medical, and my appointment isnt until end of Nov, and lodging early Sept hopefully. Do you think I should bring my cardiologist appointment forward in case? Thanks for your help in advance, xxxxxxxxx
  11. Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone can tell me roughly how long they had to wait for their 175 visa. My OH is a brickie - we are about to send our 175 visa application in May via the on-line process. The Dept of Immigration at the Leeds Expo, and our agent reckons they are currently taking around 7 - 9 months to process(for on-line applications & 12 - 15 months for paper applications) ...would anyone agree..or disagree with these timescales? Thanks in advance Jenny :cute:
  12. Hi just a quickie, wondering how long it might take from receiving an offer on house to actual exchange of contracts. I know all cases are different but an approx would be grateful. My scenerio: buy to let buying flat off bottom of rung:spinny: she then buying house off our purchases:skeptical: our buyers having our house with cash:skeptical: Not a long chain, i know things can go dits up but hoping all goes well. Thanks for replying!
  13. Hi please can anyone tell us how much we can expect to pay to take our family dog 'Angel' to oz - should our visa be approved. We are juggling figures at the moment and have no idea how much it will cost. There is no question of not taking her with us - kids would never forgive us. Our only concern is being able to rent a nice house with a dog everytime I look I am met with the words NO PETS !!!!!!!! Has anyone found this a problem. We may leave her with parents until we are settled and can purchase our own house before shipping her over but this would be a huge wrench as she is one of the family, better behaved than our kids lol.
  14. Hey guys, just wondered if anyone could tell me roughly what we'd be paying a month on mortgage payments if we borrowed $100,000AUD? Just had our house valued in the UK, and trying to work out our budget and funds what we have to take with us and what we could afford to borrow once we get out to Australia. We're looking at relocating to the Sunshine Coast area. Thanks in advance guys :spinny:
  15. Can anyone give me an approx cost monthly that they are paying for a morgage, ie how many $ per month to borrow $100,000 etc??? I seem to notice that the interest rate there is higher than here. I am no financial wizard so just looking for a approx figure so that we can discuss if we should look to long term let (as on a temp visa) or if it would be best to plough that money in to buy and keep everything crossed they let us stay :wacko: Thank in advance Em x
  16. hi im wondering how quickly can you get a employer sponsored visa and be out there.....and should i use an agent for this or do it on my own.....if i am to use an agent can someone recommend a very quick efficient agent as the ones i have used in past are not good at all.... cheers in advance
  17. (in hours) Adelaide 2 Alice Springs 3 Brisbane 1.5 Canberra .45 Darwin 5.5 Hobart 1.5 Melbourne 1.5 Perth 4.5 -Eastern Standard Time (EST), which includes New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory; - Central Standard Time (CST), which includes South Australia and the Northern Territory, this one is the most curious of all as many visitors to Australia have never heard of half hour time zones before and think you are trying to fool them. - Western Standard Time (WST) - Western Australia. CST is one half hour behind EST, while WST is two hours behind EST.