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Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

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Hi... I bought my phones...DVD and Video all nearly new back from OZ to UK but none of them work here....sorry.....anyone going out to Oz from Torbay area are very welcome to have them....


For your DVD player, what do you mean by not working? If it is just not playing UK DVDs, then you might be able to change the region code. Put the model number and 'region hack' into Google and see if anything comes up.

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Hi...the engineer said it depends on the model of your TV...if its one of the latest ones like ours is...they are not compatable....I could possible play a DVD...but not record anything...only going on what a TV engineer has assessed in our situation....but thanks for your info.

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I'd find a better TV engineer.


The chances of your Australian telly being able to receive signals in the UK are about 50/50. However, if you're in the unlucky 50%, the set will work fine with a UK Freeview box attached.


There should be nothing stopping your DVD player from working fine. Almost all DVD players sold in Aus are already region free when you buy them. If not, they'll still play any Aus DVDs you have and can likely have the sort of region hack Notts recommends (though I'd bet 5p that it won't be needed.


The one issue you might have with all this is that instead of SCART sockets (as used in the UK, your Aussie gear will have Phono plugs--and the high quality outputs will be YUV instead of RGB. Don't worry about what you mean--any electronics store--maybe a Maplins--will be able to sell you the necessary adaptors.

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On 3/16/2013 at 12:38, Ozinoz said:

Legalities aside, do Australian Phones work fully in the UK including Calling Number Display?

Ours do, regardless of legal issues, and the caller display too!

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On 16/03/2013 at 11:18, Chris N Lora said:


You are totally wrong, back in UK I used any phone I wished in the BT socket as even though the line was owned by BT I paid sky, the manual on my phone states that my Panasonic phone is legal to use in Australia, also Telstra came out to fix my phone as there was a crackle on the line the engineer looked at it and said oh this aint a normal one explained it is what I brought over from UK, he said that is cool just as good as over here as all made in same place and shipped around the world, so why was I not reported for this illegal phone??


SO in your opinion all my TV's I brought over my stereo lamps all my electricals are not legal??

I agree with Bobbsy.

I worked as a test engineer for fax products manufacturer for 15 years until 2002.  

The telecoms standards of Australia and the U.K are close but they are different.

The line components for Australia and the U.K were not the same on the products we sold.

So yes they will work in both countries.  


There is a theoretical possibility that a none U.K approved phone could damage the phone exchange!

You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality


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