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  1. I am 64 years old and have lived in Australia on a PR visas for about ten years. My sole income if from a company pension paid in the UK but transferred monthly to my Australian bank account. The amounr varies with exchange rates but is currently around $50,000 per year. I was told some time ago that over 60s on an private pension under $70,000 you do not have to pay tax. However, lately, things I've read imply that this only apples to pensions paid in Australia and my UK pension might be taxable. Anybody know the details of this? FYI, transferring the pension fund to Australia is not an option--as I say, it's a company pension and the total sum is shared by all elliible employees on a "final salary" basis. Bob
  2. With respect, if you read my post and follow my links, my post was saying that violence on public transport is a universal problem, not something to evoke the normal tiresome debate about Aus vs. UK (which I assume was Simmo's point when titling this topic. I give up.
  3. Violence on public transport is a world wide issue. It's pretty hard to argue that things are worse in Australia or the UK. By all means discuss the issue but trying to use it for Aus-bashing or UK-bashing is a bit of a pointless exercise. If you want to see it really bad, try the Los Angeles public transport system--but it's no fun to discuss that because it doesn't start a PIO Aus vs. UK fight.
  4. Hope you have fun at your party then! Last trains from Euston (my old commuter route) were slightly less "fun". ...but to each their own. Ah, Simmo. Sometimes you make my day!
  5. Exactly. It took me maybe a minute's Googling to find transport-related violence from all over the world. Oh, and a police man hunt for a person in Paignton who's wanted for eating a bus seat! http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/jul/26/police-hunt-man-chewed-bus-seat
  6. Oh, it's a bit like public transport in London: http://www.itv.com/news/london/update/2013-09-23/cctv-appeal-after-violent-rail-attack-on-grandfather/ ...or Manchester http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/revealed-shocking-level-violence-buses-4706178 ...or Los Angeles http://ktla.com/2013/05/14/reward-offered-in-attack-on-metro-bus-driver/#axzz2jHVBwATF It happens everywhere. So, what's your point about Australia?
  7. Bobbsy

    Bloody flies

    Can't help with outside but we bought one of those electric-spray-every-couple-of-minutes things and it really seems to work. No flies for days despite the screen door being open for the dog to get in and out. ...spent the school run pick up waving more than the queen though.
  8. It's Americans I have the most trouble explaining the size of Australia to. A couple of days ago one tried to tell me I couldn't understand the USA because it was so much bigger than Aus. I sent him this: Funnily enough, I haven't heard back since posting that.
  9. Bobbsy

    Foxtel or Free to Air?

    Out of curiosity, how did you get a Netflix account without having a UK address or bank account? Or is it something you carried over from the UK and just didn't tell them?
  10. Bobbsy

    Foxtel or Free to Air?

    Hmmmm... Since I notice from your topic in "News, Chat and Dilemmas" that you haven't even applied for a visa yet (and may not qualify once you apply), I'd say that the TV in Australia is the least of your issues right now.
  11. Bobbsy

    Taking Super out

    Yes, but you get a tax break while paying in so it all balances out in the end.
  12. Bobbsy

    Buying a New iPhone

    Actually, you have to be a little bit careful. Different US carriers use different frequency bands and some are fully compatible with Australia, some partially compatible and some are "no go". It used to be if you found an iPhone advertised as being for use on Verizon it would be fine in Australia but I haven't checked things lately--might be worth a word with Apple.
  13. Please show me where I said that incident was the only reason I moved. I said it "cemented my choice". We'd been discussing and considering Australia for some time before that and could well have moved anyway. Oh, and it wasn't "one racist thug". It was a semi-organised gang of thirty+ men. However, while that corner shop incident brought it all into sharp focus, I already severely disliked the violence and racism that had gradually developed in the UK over my 31 years living there. Perhaps I was unlucky but put together the skin heads, the racism, the school bullying, the greedy "loadsa money" society and a whole lot of other things and they negatively coloured my view of the UK. Don't forget that, as a Canadian originally, I'd actually made a conscious choice to live in the UK (in 1976) so was quite sad at the changes I'd seen gradually happening. Also, I'd been to Australia before (on business) and my wife had lived most of her life in Australia so we knew what we were getting into. I'm certainly not proud of some aspects of Aussie racism (the asylum seekers policy is disgusting and some of the uniformed propaganda about, for example, the Halal approval sticker on Vegemite is simply ridiculous). However, the problems, at least where we're living are much less overt than in the UK. Our nine year old son and six year old grandson go to a school along with Somali, Kenyan, Ghanaian children and many other nationalities...and the school embraces the multiculturalism rather than hiding it.
  14. Just to put a slightly different perspective here... At the time of the 7/7 bombings in London I lived in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. About 2 minutes walk from my house was a very useful corner shop run by a lovely Asian woman, her British boyfriend and her grown son--Asian but brought up entirely in the UK. The evening of the attacks, the lovely skin head youth of Leighton Buzzard surround the shop, smashed windows, chanted disgusting racist chants and painted racist graffiti all over the walls. The police dispersed the crowd but, for many months the same mob of idiots did lovely tricks like painting more graffiti, , depositing bags of human faeces on the door step and simply yelling things like "Go home Paki" as they walked by the shop. In the end, it became intolerable and the family did, indeed, "go home" even though they'd been in the UK for 30 years +. You want the irony? They weren't even Muslims. They were from the Hindi side of Sri Lanka. Anyway, I decided at that point that if that was the kind of place the UK was turning into I wanted nothing more to do with it and it cemented my desire to move to Aus. Now Aus has its own share of racist bigots--just two days ago I argued with an idiot who was convinced that the Halal certification on Vegemite was supporting terrorism--but it's not quite as bad as the England I left. However, be warned that prejudice and racist comments disgust me.
  15. Received today: If you think mythology is boring... Just remember that Cerberus, the hell-hound and guard dog of the underworld, comes from the root Indo-European word kerberos which was absorbed into the Greek language. When it changed from Greek to Latin, the spelling was changed to cerberus However, right back at the Indo-European root, the word kerberos (there should be an accent over the k) meant "spotted". So, basically, Hades, Lord of the Dead, named his pet dog "Spot". I'll get my coat.