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    decided to stay in England

    Hi !!! We moved back after 8 yrs I think you have said what we were missing in just one post...good luck in your desision.

    Car Insurance - No claims drama

    Hi...We were with Allianz in Oz .had no claims .....understood they would honour our no claims in the UK...but no they did not want to know...you will find if you have been out of UK as we had for 8 yrs it is very difficult to find cover ...most companies don't want to know and if they do it is going to cost you thats from our experience but good luck trying....

    Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

    Hi...the engineer said it depends on the model of your TV...if its one of the latest ones like ours is...they are not compatable....I could possible play a DVD...but not record anything...only going on what a TV engineer has assessed in our situation....but thanks for your info.

    Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

    Hi... I bought my phones...DVD and Video all nearly new back from OZ to UK but none of them work here....sorry.....anyone going out to Oz from Torbay area are very welcome to have them....
  5. Well !!! What a small world......we have not been back here for 20 years as we lived in Spain before moving to OZ... we stayed in OZ for over 7 years.......I lived here for many years before Spain ...... I have a lot of my friends here and the family are much nearer than OZ...so I am very happy too be back..although my husband misses his 3 times a week golf as the weather has not been too good for golf since we came back.......Torquay is still good although the town needs improvement as lots of shops have closed ...like many towns everywhere....there is a big choice in property so you should have no problems in picking up a decent buy....we have bought an apartment overlooking Torquay harbour with views around the bay ..... and I can see Roundham from all my windows......It is still " The English Riviera " ...
  6. Hi there, We moved from Twin Waters back to Torquay a few months ago ...we used " CHESS " the packing was excellent ....the container was bought to the UK and then Brittania removals to our place of abode....no problems....everything was professionally carried out.....time of arrival was spot on ....we had one 20ft container.....would certainly give them a call...they are near Brisbane....good luck with your move !!!!
  7. I have a Phillips DVD player/recorder...LG video/Recorder and a set of 3 phones all in excellent condition and under 3 years old.....bought back from Oz but will not work in UK....interested please PM me :arghh:

    Removals back to the UK

    We have been back in Devon for the past 9 months now after 8 yrs on Sunshine Coast...have no regrets...we used Chess..very professional...and everything arrived on the time and date they gave us of 7weeks cost was $7.500 and I highly recommend them....good luck with your move !!!
  9. Forget the showers they are so few .... long queues for showers and loos ....take some wipes and make for a loo...good airport shopping though...good luck !!

    Back in the UK !!!

    Good luck with your rental...keep your property in case you want to come back... Australia is not for everyone!!!!!! it is more expensive than the UK....make sure you have a good job before you go out there...

    Back in the UK !!!

    Have been back in Devon for 10weeks now after nearly 8yrs on The Sunshine Coast...I must say it is nice to be back....biggest problems cannot get any credit cards when you have been out of the country for a while...have to build up utility bills ...and it will take about 6 months.....if renting you have to pay 6monhs rent in advance......just two of the main problems for anyone coming home after years away.....but otherwise no big problems.....:wink:

    What do/will you miss about Australia?

    I will miss drying the washing in an hour or so.......but looking forward to returning to the Uk in March after.nearly 8yrs here on the Sunshine Coast.:wink:

    Moving Back to the UK

    Glad to help..returning after 7 yrs in Australia to Budleigh Salterton Devon on 23rd March...only one car to sell now....

    Australia To Spain

    You ask Why !!!! after 7 years Australia is not for us...miss UK and Spain...easy to get from one country to the other...miss family and friends in both places...it's a long way over here from people we miss..and we lived in Marbella for many years.....so we know.what to expect...but have to agree things are different now ...we keep up to date with all the news over there from our friends...and relatives...but we have no doubts on going back....and as you say if retired you can maintain a good life.

    Australia To Spain

    Hi, we moved here from Spain 7 yrs ago...we are returning to UK end of March for 6months then moving back to Spain...miss all my friends in both places....really looking forward to lots of things I have missed especially family....good Luck !!!Annie ..