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  1. Life on easy street

    Free school meals

    Do not know but I suspect that the job agency could see an opportunity to use the furlough money to cover their cash flow problems. Where is the Financial Conduct Authority when it is needed?
  2. Life on easy street

    Free school meals

    I support free meals for children at least until the virus problem is solved. The derby newspaper alleged that Agency workers at bombardier did not receive their furlough money. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/agency-workers-bombardier-site-still-4145424 these bombardier workers were in NO-MANS LAND they received no furlough pay for several weeks but were not unemployed so could not claim unemployment benefit. In my opinion the above is tip of an iceberg of people being placed in a position of NO MANS LAND not unemployed so cannot claim any benefits could not work because of government lock downs. Not receiving furlough money for questionable reasons.
  3. Life on easy street

    Corona Virus

    There are a few reasons that I can think of. If the china figures for the virus are replicated in the U.K then The kill rate with no medical intervention will be close to 10%! The very high percentage of people with severe symptoms e.g. needing medical assistance to survive 15-20%! One quarter of those will be critical needing treatment on the Intensive care unit. If 2000 are infected then the hospital will need 5% of 2000 = 100 Intensive care beds with doctors and nurses to treat them. The hospital will need 10-15% of 2000 = 200 - 300 will need to be treated on the high dependency ward. How many U.K hospitals have the equipment beds nurses and doctors to treat this many at any one time. A significant percentage of those with severe symptoms will suffer long term permanent damage to their health. It is a very close relative of SARS, MERS viruses that have CFR of 10% and 35%. It is an RNA single strand virus it can and will mutate the million-dollar question is will it mutate to a less deadly or more deadly strain with a CFR of 10%,35%! History has proven that viruses can mutate to more deadly versions 1918-1919 Spanish flu proved this.
  4. Life on easy street

    Corona Virus

    China CDC Weekly Vital Surveillances: The Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) — China, 2020 http://weekly.chinacdc.cn/en/article/id/e53946e2-c6c4-41e9-9a9b-fea8db1a8f51
  5. Life on easy street

    Corona Virus

    The good news from the data is if you are under the age of fifty the case fatality rate (CFR) is not much to worry about @0.2% The bad news is the case fatality rate rises rapidly above the age of sixty @3.6% The exact figures for CFR will not be known until the end of the epidemic Because of the lag effect of up to 28 days from infection to recovery or death. Dr John Campbell COVID-19 Wednesday 19 February Update
  6. Life on easy street

    Corona Virus

    It is my understanding that the young fit and healthy 20-35-year olds died with Spanish flu because of a cytokine storm. They drowned when their lungs filled up with liquid. There were no drugs available to suppress the immune system in 1918-1919. The 40-55-year-old survived because their own bodies immune system was less aggressive and only killed the virus. Those over the age 55 died because their immune system was not good enough to fight off the flu virus. https://www.breakthroughs.com/foundations-science/inside-cytokine-storm-when-your-immune-system-too-strong I doubt the use of antibiotics would have saved the 20-35-year olds. Antibiotics may have saved those over the age of 35 with secondary infections. I am not an medical expert this is just my opinion.
  7. Life on easy street

    Corona Virus

    Dr John Campbell update Thursday 13 February https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aWQzJlabrM If you have time it is worth watching the rest of his videos on the nov corona virus
  8. Life on easy street

    Corona Virus

    What makes this virus worse than the flu is the high percentage of people who will get secondary complications. 20% compared to 1% for the seasonal flu. E.g. need to be given oxygen The best we can hope for is china can contain this outbreak log enough for a vaccine to be made. Dr John Campbell gives a good explanation of the new Coronavirus virus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1naDPFio04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z05ZrMfKUDc “If there’s large numbers, we’re not going to be able to treat them all Let’s hope there’s not.”
  9. Life on easy street

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    I have to agree the world today certainly different to a couple of decades ago Most of my working life if you were a good worker after 3 months the majority of employers would give you a full-time permanent contract. In the U.K those day are long gone employers now seem to go out of their way to find ever more creative ways to avoid giving workers any job security. I work for a logistics company and a significant percentage of workers are trapped In a never-ending loop zero-hour contract – short term contract – zero-hour contract. With ever decreasing number obtaining full time permanent jobs.
  10. Life on easy street

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    I am sorry to be blunt this is how it is in the U.K today. The UNVERSAL BENEFIT system is corrupt and not fit for purpose. If you have the misfortune to need to claim universal credit At some point you can and will be forced under the threat of sanctions into accepting a zero hour Contract that can fail to deliver a single paid hour of work for weeks at a time. Also, if your claim for universal credit is successful there is a minimum of five weeks delay before You receive any payment.
  11. Life on easy street

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    My experience I could find work short temp work or farm labouring but could not get a permanent skilled job with long term prospects. Unfortunately, I was approaching 50 the last thing I wanted was zero job security. I loved Melbourne and Australia but I could see that it made no economic sense for me to stay in Australia. When I returned to the UK. I had to rely on my savings and job agency until I found a permanent job. It took me over one year to get a permanent job back in the U.K. Up to the age of 47 I could pick and choose where I worked now I am past 50 I have no choice but accept whatever I can get
  12. Life on easy street

    A one party country

    Australia and just about every western economy have had one party in control the party’s name is the neoliberal party for the last 30+ years. Make no difference what colour jacket they wear red, blue, yellow. Australia have had a very good run of luck a free ride due to china’s boom. There are a number of reasons a recession is may be on the way China’s growth is slowing down The world economy is slowing down. There is too much private debt in just about every western world economy.
  13. Life on easy street

    Need to go back to the uk to help with mum

    If you have not worked in the U.K in the last two financial years then you cannot claim carers allowance.
  14. Life on easy street

    1000 questions.

    6.You can make voluntary class 3 National Insurance payments to make up for some of the missing years of contributions for years working outside the U.K. State pension age in the U.K has changed recently depending on date of birth.
  15. Life on easy street

    Things to do in the UK

    National Space Centre near Leicester about 1.5 – 2hr drive from Rotherham https://spacecentre.co.uk/ never been so not sure how good it is.