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Found 47 results

  1. Sorry for a daft question but we bought here a very nice and rather expensive set of landline phones, so shame to give them away when we depart to the UK. I read somewhere that OZ and UK home phones are incompatible? Or if we just change the leads to the UK ones they might work back home? Anybody knows?
  2. ghost

    Mobile Phones

    Ive read before that get mobile phones are one of the hardest thigns to get approved for. If you take your own phone I would like to recommend amaysim. They seem to have the best rates and works with the iphone. Doenst seem compatible with the blackberry though. Post paid is much better value that pre paid. Not sure if they are Australia wide, but work well in WA
  3. Jackboots

    Mobile phones , advice

    Hello , just wondering if any thoughts on this dillema i have . I need a phone i am on a contract and i have a new Samsung Google phone i got it two months ago , i hate it ! So i am going to buy an unlocked mobile and wondered if we have any reccomendations ... i don't use the internet much mainlt text and talk ( quite a lot ):smile: and i don't really need an I phone ... ( please don't say don't bother lol ) and pref not a touch screen either :nah: i know they are nearly all like that ... its like a blooming technical minefield :unsure: ..
  4. Guest

    UK Cordless Phones

    Hey Folks, I've tried searching the interwebs for info on whether UK cordless (dect) phones work in the Australia? Ive packed ours, due to arrive in a couple of weeks and we.'ve just had our telephone lines connected so I'm whether to buy new ones or wait.... Any info appreciated. ps we got iiNet phone and internet bundle which was connected promptly and works a treat and doesnt cost a fortune. Jamie
  5. cartertucker

    Mobile phones ~ What did you do?

    My eldest Son & Hubby have pretty decent phones & are wondering, do they take those & get new sims? :unsure: What did you do? Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks :cute:
  6. Clarkes

    Will my house phones work?

    Will my cordless phones work in Australia?
  7. Hi All, We leave for WA in a few weeks time (!) so busy sorting out all those mad last minute things. One thing I'm trying to find out about still, is UK mobile phones working in Australia. My husband and I have both have phone contracts here in the UK which we are cancelling/paying out this week. I have a Samsung and he has a Sony (I think) We've been told by Orange that it will be about £50 to unlock both phones for them to work abroad. But will they?? That's what I really want to know? Will we be able to buy a new sim card and put them straight into the phones? Or are we wasting our time and money? Has anyone actually had a phone unlocked and taken it over with them? Any advice welcomed....thanks!! :biggrin: C&J
  8. Just doing a bit of research on who's best to go with We're coming over in a couple of months and will be getting our UK phones unlocked so we can sign up on a SIM only deal in Australia when we arrive I can see from the carriers' websites what their deals are like - but of course what they don't tell you is who has the best coverage? We'll be spending most of our time in and around Sydney, so I can't imagine it will be an issue. But are there any standout service providers, or ones I should avoid? Thanks in advance P
  9. Guest

    phones in australia

    does anyone know if i buy a phone in the uk it would work in ausralia or whether it would be better to buy one when i get out there, because i am looking to get a blackberryy so i can keep in contact with people but not sure whether it would be locked in australia xx :cute:
  10. Mizzmp

    UK phones in Oz

    We have a blackberry curve 8520 and are due to renew. Hoping that we wil get a CO soon but does anybody know if blackberries work over in Perth? Thinking of buying a handset but gonna be a waste of money if they wont work. Any ideas on which phones from the UK deffo work would be real helpful. Thanks.
  11. redrobbersdog

    Mobile phones in OZ

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me if you can take your iPhone with you and then take up a contract or pay as you go with any of the providers out there and keep your own phone? Thanks all. Dawn
  12. terry & Melanie

    Mobile phones?????

    Hi guys! Can anyone tell me if our mobile phones will work in Oz. I am with Tmobile and Terry is with O2 (pay as you go). I would have thought that we will be able to use them (at a cost) but is there anything we can do or a sim we can use to transfer them over to an Aussie network, Or will we have to buy new when we get there???? OR will it work if we buy a mobile thats been 'unlocked'. I am a true blonde when it comes to mobile phones!!!!!!:laugh: ......and Terry is not much better!!!!:biglaugh: Melanie x
  13. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Hi Guys Hope someone can help. Moving to Adelaide on the 4th May heard on here that I need to get my mobile phone unlocked. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing this and how much does it cost, in total I will have to get 4 phones unlocked. Thanks Susan
  14. Guest

    Mobile phones - internet usage

    Hi all, Ive had a search through the forums and I cant see this question asked specifically. Ive got a HTC Hero mobile (like an Iphone) and Id like to take it with me. To get the best functionality out of it you need internet access at all times as it does small updates for checking mail, facebook and twitter. Whats the coverage for data 3G/HSDPA like in Perth? We'll be living NOR in Ocean Reef hopefully. Are contracts readily available from the mobile phone carriers that allow you to bring your own handset? Do they come with reasonable monthly allowances for data? Any help would be appreciated as it will help me decide whether bring it or ditch it here in the UK and buy new when I arrive Cheers Ad
  15. The Pom Queen

    satellite phones

    Is there anyone out there who has a satellite phone or who knows anything about them? We are looking at travelling from Darwin to Cairns, maybe even Brisbane but after breaking down last year and being stranded in the outback I would like to get a satellite phone. Are they cheap to buy or would I be better renting one and if so do you know anywhere that you could recommend?
  16. abz123

    Understanding mobile phones

    Maybe it's my age... Can someone explain to me in British speak what the various different mobile tariffs are e.g. Cap, Post Pay etc. I'm presuming Cap is PAYG and Post Pay is a "normal" contract? What sort of thing would equate to my 300 minutes and 200 text messages per month in the UK? Can I go SIM only and bring my old but reliable quad band phone with me? Which providers have best coverage (Perth) and are calls to other networks still charged for in Oz or part of free minutes? Really trying to work out what the best thing to do is when we arrive at the start of March.
  17. I've been looking at what it might cost to get a mobile in Australia and I'm confused by the whole "cap" thing. Is that a cap on money or calls or both? We don't have any friends in Oz (yet) and so the majority of calls will be between my partner and me. He'll probably use his more than me as he'll need to call about for work. I'll be given a work mobile so not such an issue for me. We've got Skype so will primarily use that for calling the UK, but it would be good to be able to send cheap-ish texts from Oz. Do I need a landline in order to get the internet at home? What mobile/phone/internet tariff are you on? How much do you pay? What free minutes/texts do you get? Thanks!
  18. Guest

    UK mobile phones in Oz.

    Can a Uk mobile be used easily in Oz? (Mine has not been unlocked) And what would the usage charges be calling a another phone in Oz when in Oz? Would it factor in anything extra?
  19. Haven't had a landline here in Aus yet. Does anyone know if we can use our UK cordless phones here in Aus? Is it the same phone plug or can we get an adaptor of some kind and if so where? Cheers, Sammeebee (Essex girl in Oz - the lesser common version!!!)
  20. Guest

    Mobile Phones and Sat Navs

    I have a Nokia mobile pay as you go phone, does anyone know if I can take it to Australia and just change the sim card? Also, we have a Garmin Sat Nav that has UK and European maps on, does anyone know where we can get new maps for Western Australia? or should we just sell it and buy a new one out there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue
  21. I've looked through the various threads and can't find much about mobiles so thought I would ask this. I'm currently on the THREE network (in the UK) and very disappointed with the general service/reliability of the network. I wouldn't buy again in the UK. I'm moving to SA in September and I'd like mobile internet and would love to know what people in Oz currently prefer and what we need to know about mobiles. I guess this is likely to be one of my first purchases when we land and don't want to end up with a duffer. I also fancy the idea of mobile GPS/mapping as it would be really handy in the early days. I know the iPhone has full Google maps and mates over here that have them, think they are superb. I'd rather not pay out $69pm if I can help it so are there many alternatives worth considering? A quick look at the various networks/providers I note that they offer "Capped-plans", are these simply contract phones or something else? Many thanks
  22. Guest

    mobile phones

    Hi all, has anyone got any advice on mobile phones, can you take the ones from the uk and get another sim card............not sure what to do. Thanks. Beckyx
  23. Phoenix

    UK phones in Oz

    do UK phones work in OZ, we have a pair of DECT cordless phones which Im wondering if its worth taking
  24. Guest

    Mobile phones (again)

    I did a search and most of the threads are quite old so I thought I'd try and get an up to date reply. My wife will be coming out first in March and we have a handset which will work so I'm looking at a SIM-only deal. She's not too savvy on this so I'm looking for a simple option for the short term, preferably that we can set up before we go out. Obviously she will be doing a lot of calling back to me in the UK. Moving Planet have a link Talk Down Under which will give you a number before you go and a number of tariffs: Talk Down Under - Mobile, Handsets, Cell, Phones, Nokia, Motorola, Service, Australia, International, Travel, Discount I'm considering the $45 / month deal which charges 30c / min to mobiles, fixed and international and 48c per international text. Is this a reasonable deal?
  25. Guest

    Mobile phones in oz/sydney

    can anyone tell me where i can get my mobile phone unlocked and how much this should cost in sydney. thanks