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Question about moving to WA with 18 year old


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We had our visa's granted on 22 August last year, and had to enter Australia by 26 May 2012, which we did in February this year. The date that the visa ceases is 22 August 2016, and my question is two fold so I'm hoping someone knows the answers!


I am presuming we can move permanently any time as long as its before 22 August 2016?


More importantly though, our son will be 18 in July 2014, so do we have to make sure we have moved over there before then, or are we ok with the visa's that we have?


The reason for the delay is we need to finish doing our house up and sell it before moving over..

Many thanks,:twitcy:

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With the 176 PR, as far as I know, you have 12 months to land and validate, each person must land to validate their part, not just the main applicant. You do have 5 years to move perm so if you validate within the 12 mths, you then have 4 years left to move perm. If you don't land within 12 months (they would have given you the entry date on your visa) then the visa expires and your buggered. Again, once your son has landed he has activated his visa so age is not a prob.


I would try and finish the house and land within the 12 mths to save flying back and forth. Take a week off work if poss and just bash out as much as poss, ask everyone you know to donate some time to help.


Good luck.

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