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Which supermarkets are cheapest?


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We're moving to WA in September and to help us avoid spending a fortune, please can someone make a list of which supermarkets are cheapest?


From cheapest to most expensive in the UK, I'd say it goes:











So how about Australia?

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It's much easier in WA....


Your choice is Coles or Woolworths


Some weeks Coles is cheaper, some weeks Coles, depends what on offer and if you want to buy it




There is also IGA, they open longer hours but are more expensive, think of them as you emergency shop if you run out of things

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I was a Woolworths shopper cos it's closer but have been fully converted to Coles - further away but I combine the trip.


You can do a test online shop via their website to get an idea of costs.


PS I was a Tesco shopper back in Blighty and missing BOGOF in a big way - there just seems to be less of those over here....

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We're not out there yet but my family are. Farmer Jacks and the Spud Shed are cheaper but you might not be able to get everything you need from them. I suppose it's like here, I shop at Lidl and anything I can't get there I go to Tesco for, works out a lot cheaper.

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Take a deep breath before you go in for the first time - you'll want to cry when you see some of the prices! After a few months you won't notice it though, just one of the things about acclimatising.


Not sure about WA as we live in Melbourne, but find your local market and buy fresh stuff there. Loads cheaper and better quality. IGA is to be avoided unless desperate as it's really dear. Coles and Woollies about the same.


A lot of the Execs at Coles have been recruited recently from Tesco and it's beginning to show now in various things they are doing. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing given Tesco is responsible for decimating the UK high street and closing down all the interesting shops.


Rant warning!!!


Personally, I absolutely despise Tesco. Constantly telling everyone what great value they are and how they're on the side of the customer, but in reality offering a really limited choice of dull and standardised products. For example, they have a whole aisle of cheese, but 90% of it is mild cheddar. Our local cheese shop had over a hundred varieties, but Mr and Mrs Average don't want to interrupt their eight hours of daily television by getting off their backsides and supporting their local businesses.


It's totally immoral how the UK supermarkets are exploiting the hard working British farmers too. Squeezing every last penny from them through price fixing, then rejecting any fruit or vegetable that doesn't look like it's made from plastic. Most people would be shocked if they could be bothered to go to their local greengrocer as they'd see it's half the price and the produce looks like it was grown in a field not made in a factory.


BOGOF is another example of why I despise them. Tesco does not fund these themselves, rather what they do is say to their suppliers "we're having a BOGOF on X next month and YOU'RE funding it. Don't like it then we won't stock your products". That means all that's happening in reality is they squeeze everything from the suppliers who have to make the products cheaper and cheaper to be able to be competitive. In turn it's the little guy on the shop floor who's earning minimum wage, doesn't get his pay rise and forgoes his bonus that's really paying for the BOGOF. Meanwhile, Tesco records record profits year on year and tells us all how they're doing us a favour and how "Every Little Helps".


Time for my happy pill now!

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Petkula is spot on with the rant, well I agree with all of it until the last paragraph. However in the interest of balance there is another side to the story.


Coles and Woolies have had it good for years, and when a few companies have the main market share all to themselves they very rarely upset each other. In other words they act un competitively like a cartel


From the stories I have heard they were warned this cozy club could not carry on, and companies like Tesco's could only be kept away for so long unless things started changing fast. Hence the recruitment of a lot of UK supermarket managers and a ramping up of competition and promotions.


I disagree on the BOGOF very simplistic explanation and some of it rumor, very old news or mis-information by the anti Tesco brigade. Big multi nationals can afford it (Kellogg's, P & G, Unilever, Coca Cola and the list goes on) and these companies give their products away virtually for free, if they can get prime promotional location space in the supermarket where the offer is taking place. If not they will pay the supermarkets thousands for the privilege of having a prime store location when they want to run a promotion


And NO I have never worked at Tesco or any other supermarket

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