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  1. Why what sort of prices have people had to pay for services and eximainations?
  2. Just wondering how people found this - I thought after paying Anglo Pacific around £8000 to bring all the contents of our home that would be it. When the items arrived in Australia we had to pay the Kent Relocation Group another $841 for a Quarantine examination fee now I’ve just had a further email that they want a extra $150 for opening boxes for customs? I feel like they are just trying it on? The email initially said I had to pay customs when U challenged them and said can I pay direct they said it was for their staff to open the boxes for customs.
  3. I think it all depends on your circumstances. My wife's was issued at the same time as well. I think it may be more partner visa as in people not married and been together a couple of years or less(though please correct me if I am wrong), Then if you have been married, own a home together have children etc ...
  4. Thanks @ainzlondon79 so stoked! Lots to organise now! How are you guys getting on. You will be jetting off very soon! :)
  5. Hey guys just wanted to share our timelines, as my wife has just received both her 309 & 100 in just under 3 months. Application Received 19th May RFI for my 2 children's birth certificates and mine and my wife's - 24th May RFI for AFP certificate - July 1st uploaded certificate - August 3rd 309/100 visa granted today - August 13th We front-loaded the medical and UK police checks. I knew they were issuing them quickly but we never thought it would be before September. We are so happy, lots to organize now.
  6. Not yet - I had a RFI on July 1st for my AFP Certificate as sponsor for my wife. Just waiting for it to arrive I believe it’s the last thing we need. What stage are you at? @returningtooz
  7. Nicko

    AFP Certificate

    They are turning them around pretty quick now, that’s really good to know thank you for the heads up!!
  8. Nicko

    AFP Certificate

    Thank you - dam yes - I should have got it sent to my parents. I foolishly got it sent to my Uk address. I will order another one and get it sent to my parents. mmay Thanks
  9. Thanks Ainz, I will have to double-check about full disclosure, knowing my luck I probably did the wrong one I have just filled out the form and it was the one that cost $42. I used code 33 as instructed on the RFI - Out of interest how long did it take to receive yours in the post? Cheers
  10. Sorry,I started a new thread amd should have put it in here. I’m a dual citizen and Just been asked for a AFP Certificate even though I have lived in the Uk for 20years and still here. I uploaded the uk one now they are asking for this.
  11. Nicko

    AFP Certificate

    Hi there, just wondering if somebody could please help me. I’m an the sponsor and a dual citzen. I’ve been living in UK since 2001 - I uploaded a Police Certificate from the Uk for the two of us but we have had a RFI come back asking for a Australian Police Certificate even though I have not lived back there for nearly 20 years. This is the request - Your sponsor needs to obtain an AFP National Police Certificate by completing a National Police Check application form. The application form is available on the AFP website www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks Use Code 33 - 'Immigration/Citizenship - Australia' - for the supply to the Department Any Ifeas and will it be easy enough to obtain if I’m living in the Uk? Many Thanks
  12. Nicko


    Thank you both for your replies, Ali thats amazing how quickly you were approved, congrats and hope you are settling into your new home and life in Australia Yes Ken, they are valid points and might be better if we do sell, that’s my gut feeling with what might happen inbb B the market. The market is strong here at the moment as well. Only thing is I’m not sure how I will be considered employed in Australia with the nature of my employment. I will have work lined up though I need to take a deeper dive into how I will be considered employed.
  13. Nicko


    Hi there, Thank you in advance for your help. So we are just going through the process of applying for the 309/100 visa for my wife the medical was completed today and was the last thing to do. I am Australian though have my British passport. We hope to be back in Australia this time next year. So I am wondering how long does it take till the banks will consider you fit for a morgage? Would we need to be in employment for a couple of years before we could apply? Does the deposit size make a difference? Just trying to figure out, if we would be best selling the family home here and cashing out, or would be best to rent our home out until we can get back on the ladder. I have my reservations about renting and would prefer to come back with the cash though if we can’t get a morgage for a couple of years we may as well rent our property until we would be considered by the bank for a morgage then sell it to put into our new home in Australia. Hopefully the market will have calmed down by then as well!!
  14. Hey Iron Chef, Thank you for helping people out - just trying to work out if my car is worth bringing over looking to return home next year. If it’s not, is there any family cars in particular you feel are worth bring over? year of manufacture - 2016 - make, model & variant - BMW 420d Msport - body type - 5 door hatch  - engine size & fuel type - 2L diesel - transmission - Auto - drive type - XDrive all wheel drive - mileage 90,000m - 144,000ks   - any special features, options or modification - does it have aircon - yes  - realistic current UK market value £13,500 from we buy any car.com