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  1. Thanks Ken for your comments.
  2. Thanks Ken for the useful comment. While I am not sure which daily exchange rate my employer uses, the RBA daily rate is how the ATO does it - since 1st January 2020 according to the ATO website. You are right that it may be best I simply leave it to the employer to decide how they calculate. Adjusting for time zone difference seems a bit over the top as, depending on the exact time of the day, it may be the 12th in Sydney and Melbourne (AEST) - but still the 11th in Perth, Christmas Island & Cocos Islands. Thanks again and if there is anything further to add please feel free.
  3. Thanks Ken for your comment....but the flights were paid using a UK debit card rather than credit card; the employer will reimburse in AUD. Thanks for any advice!
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question which is probably a simple one and I might just be overthinking... My employer allows reimbursement of relocation expenses and I am wondering how we convert UK expenses to AUD. My relocation flights from the UK to Australia were purchased in the UK using a UK debit card. I understand as a general rule we use the offical daily conversion rate from the Reserve Bank of Australia, at the time when the expenses were incurred. Example: Flights booked and paid in the UK on 11th August 2020 at 4pm UK time. Which falls on the next day (12th August 2020) in Australia due to time zone differences. My question is whether we should be using the exchange rate on 11th August 2020 or 12th August 2020? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. lee2

    Travel Exemptions for 482 Visa Holders

    Hi Alex, thanks very much for sharing your experience. May I ask how long it takes to get a response for travel exemption (for medical specialists) and do we need to apply more than once before getting approved? Many thanks
  6. lee2

    AHPRA certificate?

    The whole AHPRA registration process (to the point of approval in principle) takes around 3 months although this may vary depending on health profession. After approval in principle, you are given a deadline to present in person in Aus in order to complete the registration process.
  7. lee2

    Travel Exemptions for 482 Visa Holders

    https://www.interstaff.com.au/exemptions-australia-covid19/ This is what I came across and it just says 'critical skill - medical'. Also it is unclear if those given exemptions had pre-existing visas.
  8. lee2

    482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa - medical

    Yeah I also read something along those lines but now even onshore folks are having massive delays.... Would appreciate any comments from others who may have any news!
  9. lee2

    AHPRA certificate?

  10. lee2

    482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa - medical

    Here are the statistics from 2nd Feb 2020 to 6th May 2020: https://www.interstaff.com.au/exemptions-australia-covid19/ 221 out of 230 under 'medical' were approved for travel exemptions. However it doesn't say if these are people with pre-existing visas. Visas seem to be excruciatingly slow at this juncture although surely it would make sense to prioritise visas for medical professionals in the middle of the pandemic. I am not sure the best way to approach this. Perhaps apply for a travel exemption whilst the visa is sitting in the queue - would this expedite the visa processing? Any comments from others?
  11. lee2

    AHPRA certificate?

    Hi everyone, Quick question regarding the AHPRA registration certificate....do we need to add this to our visa application? Or would giving the AHPRA registration number have sufficed as this is verifiable online? There has been no request for AHPRA certificate/letter so far and no CO contact yet; I am just hoping to avoid delays by making the application decision-ready but on the other hand not sure if updating the application with additional documents would send me to the back of the queue.... Thank you!!
  12. lee2

    482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa - medical

    I am wondering about the processing times too. It does say on the official website that the figures 48 days and 64 days are updated 26th June 2020 for the month ending 1st May 2020. From previous applicants, the processing times were accurate and in fact much faster if your sponsor is accredited, with some doctors getting visas within days or a couple of weeks. More recently some folks are waiting well over 3 months!
  13. Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well during this unabating pandemic. I am just wondering if there is any information regarding processing of offshore visas for health professionals at present? Any recent grants / approximate processing time?
  14. lee2

    Travel Exemptions for 482 Visa Holders

    The vast majority of medical professionals were successful in obtaining a travel exemption according to statistics I saw. However, the main problem appears to be the delay in visa processing. Has anyone come across any recent 482 visa grants for healthcare professionals (offshore)?