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  1. Carter Parker-Burton

    Costs of living initially

    Hi amber, yeah staying with family is making it so much cheaper for us! Thanks for the tips on bank statements and DL's, very helpful! Monthly payments will definitely be a learning curve! that's budgeting on a whole new level! Thank you!
  2. Carter Parker-Burton

    Costs of living initially

    Hi verystormy, I moved out to Aus when i was only 5 (22 now), so i would need to obtain a national insurance number! We wont be shipping furniture as we don't hold great value over our current personal belongings. Thank you for the help and guidelines!
  3. Carter Parker-Burton

    Costs of living initially

    Hi all, Moving back to the UK (Midlands), what is the recommended amount of money to take back? (2 adults, 1 child) I've seen figures from $7500-$25,000 being thrown around. We will have free accommodation whilst back, staying with family. How and what are the prerequisites for acquiring a tax number? Do we have to have a residential address? Is this also the same for creating bank accounts? My partner and I have now had consistent work since leaving school (5 years), As it stands I should be back in the country 2 weeks before starting work and my partner will be actively applying closer to the date we move. Do real estate agents accept past work history and bank statements as a show of solid income? also if we are employed in the UK prior to applying for a rental property is there a certain amount of time they like you to have been working before they'll accept your application? Hope that is clear enough and not to muddled, apologies if so, any help would be great thanks :)
  4. Carter Parker-Burton

    Moving back to UK after living in Aus, (NEED HELP)

    Thank you for responding so promptly, I will look further into the link, thank you both!
  5. Carter Parker-Burton

    Moving back to UK after living in Aus, (NEED HELP)

    Hi all, new to the forum. So i feel as if i have a relatively unique situation. I was born in Nottingham, England, 5/8/1997. My parents moved to Australia in 2002. We have lived here since. However my partner and I with our young daughter 1 year 8 months have made the decision to move back to England. I am now an Australian citizen, my partner is a New Zealand citizen and our daughter an Australian citizen. My partners mum was born in Birmingham as well just for a little historical context so she has ties to the country also. The questions I then have are as follows: Am I eligible to obtain a British passport and move back home or do i need to obtain a visa? What visa will my partner need to obtain? (we arent married) Who is the best person/company/government office to contact in order to start the process of making the right moves to get home. Maybe a stab in the dark also but is there any predicted change to this if Brexit passes? Thank you to anyone who responds, my head is spinning trying to get around all this and i could really do with some pointers!!!!