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    Switching NBN Provider

    How easy is it to change nbn provider? Is it like the UK where you choose a new provider and they deal with the switching or do you need to cancel one, choose a new provider, and hope that it all aligns?
  2. Thanks Andy. The fees for the super were disclosed upfront. It’s just the income protection insurance I’m struggling with but I think I’d rather just add what I would be paying in premiums to my rainy day fund.
  3. Kelpie

    Cost of moving to Oz

    @Corrina If you're thinking about Perth, or Western Australia in general, then as well as a visa to enter Australia you also need a G2G pass to enter the state. I think Tasmania is the same. I'm here on a 482 visa so my employer has picked up the tab for most things but I still managed to underestimate the costs of moving to Australia especially when it came to my pension/super. As I might not be here long term I have managed to do some good Wombling to pick items up free or cheaply off Gumtree. There are "Buy Nothing" Facebook pages in WA (don't know if you get these across Australia) where you join your local group and people give away stuff they no longer need for free to someone in the local area. We also have verge collections throughout the year where people just dump what they no longer want on the verge and a couple of days later the city then comes to take it away. A lot of it is crap but occasionally you find a gem especially if you wonder round the posher suburbs.
  4. Based on my experience of financial advisers in the UK I'm very wary of financial advisers full stop. I'm sure there are some good ones out there but their cards have been marked ever since I got my first mortgage and the financial adviser then tried to load every type of insurance under the sun on to me because I had a budget of £X a month and my mortgages repayments were only going to be £Y so I could "afford it" even if I didn't need it. Grrrr. Sorry I digress. It's not a self managed super and it is one that was chosen with a view to possibly moving back to the UK in 2-4 years time. I'm also the first employee of my employer's Australian entity so neither of us really know what we're doing and are playing it by ear. I hadn't really considered the impact of moving to Australia on my retirement planning when I agreed to come over. In fact I hadn't really considered the financial impact full stop and then along came covid but I still have a job, I'm healthy and I'm possibly in the best part of the world for this pandemic so it's not all doom and gloom. The quote for the income protection insurance is $375 a month which sounds very high to me. I could put that money into account along with the rest of my rainy day fund to see me through any periods of illness plus I have income from another source so I'm leaning towards saying, "thanks but no thanks."
  5. I'm in Australia on a 482 visa for 4 years although I do have a visa agent looking at alternative visa route for my to get my PR. I saw a financial adviser about getting my super set up and the FA put forward the idea of getting some income protection insurance outside of my super and it was mentioned the premium would be tax deductible. Personally I don't see why I would need it as a) I have no dependents and b) if I lose my job then I wouldn't be able to stay in Australia anyway with my 482...would I? I get that there is a benefit to having private health insurance because I'd be charged the MLS if I didn't but is there any benefit to someone in my situation having income protection insurance? I've always said no to FA in the UK who tried to sell me income protection insurance in the past and unless there's a compelling reason not to I'm going to do the same down under.
  6. I am undecided about taking my car to Australia. It is currently on a PCP deal so I would have to pay off the remaining finance (£19650) in order to sell the car in the UK or take it with me. Alternatively I could voluntarily terminate the contract and hand the car back which I think will cost me circa £2,000. What I need from you: - year of manufacture 2017 - make, model & variant Range Rover Evoque SE Tech TD - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) Small SUV - engine size & fuel type 2.0 litres and diesel - transmission automatic - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) 4WD - mileage circa 24,000 miles on the clock - any special features, options or modification tow bar and reversing camera - does it have aircon Yes - realistic current UK market value £21,770 - Australian RedBook value I can only find SE is the closest version on there and it is slightly lower spec than mine and cars the same age are advertised for $67,551 - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) Again SE is the closest match but slightly lower spec and private sellers are asking $51,000 to $51,990 - which Australian state/city Perth, Western Australia
  7. Ha ha. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm going to be working in the CBD and I think my employer envisages me living in East Perth or somewhere else very close to the CBD. That's something that needs to be ironed out because in my mind it is up to me where I choose to live and in what type of property.
  8. I am not 100% sure what kind of visa I will be on yet. I think it will be an employer sponsored skilled worker type of visa but that's something my employer is looking into. No children so I don't have to worry about schools but that's good to know in case any colleagues follow me out eventually.
  9. Thanks for the information. I wasn't quite sure how the fuel side of things work so that's good to know. I also didn't realise that money could be refunded at the end of the lease. Since I might only be out in Australia for 2 years I think a novated lease would be the simplest option instead of messing around trying not to buy a total turkey and then losing money trying to sell quickly when I leave. A novated lease also means I won't have to worry about services etc.
  10. Actually, scratch the above. Transporting my car out to Australia is probably a daft idea and was more in response to being told I wouldn't need a car. I'll be the judge of that! What I really need to work out is what would be a sensible packing to ask for if I am moving from Aberdeen, Scotland to Perth, Australia so that I'm not out of pocket and also not taking the piss.
  11. Hello. I have the opportunity to move from the UK to Australia with work. I've been asked to come up with what package I want for going and I'm not sure what to do about a car. I could transport my current car over to Australia, I've looked into it and prices are circa £1500 door to door. Alternatively I could lease one when I get there and I have been looking at novated leases which seem appealing because of the tax benefits. Does anyone have any experience of using a novated lease or shipping a car from the UK to Australia? My employer doesn't seem to think I will need I will need a car in Perth but I need a car there for the same reason I need one where I live now....to transport my bikes around. My car in the UK is on a PCP finance deal (what a mistake that was) so I don't really own it. I'm almost at the stage of being able to voluntarily terminate the contract and just hand the car back and get nothing for it. If I want to ship it to Australia then I will need to pay off the finance which means taking out a personal loan here to pay off the car finance so I'm allowed to take it out the country. Looking at car prices online, to get the same make/model and age of car would be about 30% more expensive in Australia and I think the insurance is comparable to what I pay now. I'm really rubbish with money so I don't have any savings to buy a used car when I get out to Australia and I wouldn't know where to start about buying a car privately out there without getting ripped off so if I can get my employer to somehow help with the car costs it would be a real help.