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  1. Thank you for the information. I am applying aos and it requires to provide proof of identity in person. It won't a problem normally but now SA in lockdown and my local centrelink is one of the hotspots. I wonder if anyone experiences same and can provide a proof of identity over the phone or online. I appreciate if anyone can help me with their phone as well as I couldn't find the phone line for aos purpose.
  2. Lucy Adelaide

    AOS application form question

    Hi Michael, I am applying the aos online. Would you mind to share how you solved it? Many thanks
  3. Lucy Adelaide

    173. Extension of date of entry expiry date

    Susieroo, thanks for your suggestion. My parents are going to apply for 143. May I ask if you had to provide again evidence to support the sponsorship again in the 143 visa application? I see the check list only requires completed forms 47Pt and 40. Many thanks, Kind regards
  4. Hi everyone, I am going to apply a visa 143 for my parents who are holding visa 173. Can anyone share your experience whether I should send again all documents to support my sponsorship if I am still the sponsor for their visa (173 and now 143)? And if anyone was requested a health exam again for this visa after taking health exam for visa 173 ? Many thanks, Kind regards
  5. Lucy Adelaide

    173. Extension of date of entry expiry date

    Many thanks. My parents' first entry date is in Sep 2021 so I think I would contact around June (3 month before the expiry date) or so. I wish there is a magic which the travel restrictions and exemptions could be ease for visa 173 to enter Australia sometimes in 2021. Good luck to us
  6. Lucy Adelaide

    173. Extension of date of entry expiry date

    Thank you. May I ask how long is your extension allowed? I am worried if the travel restrictions would be long over 1 year more
  7. Lucy Adelaide

    173. Extension of date of entry expiry date

    I have same issue. What happens if they cannot travel to Aus because of restrictions and the entry date is about due
  8. Big congrats. Are you planning to apply to 143 as soon as your visa is granted (when you are still in UK)?
  9. Lucy Adelaide

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    It requires to have the 173 issued before applying visa 143, otherwise it will lose the place in the queue. Sadly it differs from switching from 103 to 143. Just a few 173 applicants, so I think they might forget those cases when considering 173 visa in the categories of travel ban exemptions.
  10. Lucy Adelaide

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Thank you. They sent the request via email. I hope you will hear from them soon
  11. Lucy Adelaide

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone with visa 173 has travel exemption grant or to be going to apply, could you please share your experience or any advices are welcome. Thank you in advance
  12. Are 173 visa holders allowed to enter to Australia (first entry) at this time as same as 143 visa holders to validate their visa before the initial entry date? Best regards
  13. I am wondering if anyone knows the time frame of the first entry date to validate visa 173? Is that 1 year since the date of visa granted? Thanks