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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Elizabetty. I totally see your point with 3 young children flying to Oz just to activate a visa in the middle of a pandemic is the last thing you need in your life.It kinds of reassure me to know im not alone facing this and that the guideline given by the Department is the same to all of us who are in this situation. i may be pushing it a bit with my new request and i dont mean to upset the moderators. The last piece of info that would somehow give me piece of mind is if someone who has already missed their initial entry date on a subclass 100 visa managed to successfully get a waiver. if there is a person in this forum who could share their experience on this,i would be forever grateful Thank you marco
  2. Thank you for your answer 3 chip and to paulhand for connecting me to you. i guess my strategy based on your reply is to continue pushing the airline until a few days before my visa initial entry date is due to expire. Other than that i believe we may have a good case for extenuating circumstances. Randomly,i have just thought that should a waiver be granted to us in future by the Department , our medicals and police certificates may also be affected as they are valid for a set length of time. What im suggesting is that the Department may be looking for a new Medical and new police certificate. I hope i'm wrong on that one. Marco
  3. thanks for your reply. So based on your reply do you think if I suggested to the airline that I'd upgrade my ticket to first class or business (paying the difference) they let me fly over?
  4. Hi all, I have a strange dilemma about my visa subclass 100 myself and my son were granted from offshore. My wife is an OZ citizen. The initial entry date of our visa is due to expire at the beginning of December 2020. All our flights we had booked this year have been cancelled by the airline due to the ongoing covid situation. I can prove that with cancellation certs issues by the airline. Technically, we still have some time left but when I called the airline to rebook after the last cancellation , they explained to me that the OZ government would only allow people to fly to australia for "emergencies".The airlines are told to enforce that policy and they need to actually engage with the OZ goverment before allowing a passenger on a flight. As "emergency" they have 3 categories that fit into it: 1. OZ citizen going back for medical emergency 2. OZ citizen stuck abroad with no means to support himself/herself 3. Family member stuck abroad with a child to care for in OZ. Clearly, (and rightfully so) our partner visa activation doesn't fit into any of that so I have no hope to make it to OZ by the IED. On the same line, it's clear that this is totally out of my hands and it's the australian government that has set this priorities. The Department of Home Affairs have been pretty generic up to now when i enquired. According to them the message is that there is absolutely no leeway in postponing the initial entry date. is anyone in the same situation as myself and how did they handle it? I would be interested to know if anyone got an extension to their IED based on the current Covid situation and how they went about getting one. Thank you very much to all