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  1. https://www.australiavisa.com/immigration-news/skilled-employment-points-deeming-date/ https://www.iscah.com/important-change-work-experience-points/ https://www.mymigration.com.au/2020/01/07/update-claiming-points-for-work-experience/ It seems like DHA does not deduct experience for skill assessment if an applicant obtained a degree that relevant and meet the requirement of certain ANZSCO definition. I just wondering is there any formal legislation or act? When does it in effect? And can I update my EOI in order to obtain extra skilled point right now? I have 261312 (Developer Programmer), got a positive outcome from ACS which deducted my 4 years overseas experience to 2 years + 1 year Australian experience. Thanks very much.
  2. Hi there, I'm currently working (IT Professional) with the 485 Temporary Visa. At first, my boss told me that they are not able to help me sponsor any kind of visa. However, I'm negotiating about the possibility to negotiate them for sponsoring me 186 ENS Direct Entry. As the number of 189/190 invitation will be less next year. As well, I think I might not able to make more English to obtain points but will try it for sure. I don't think about taking CCL or Professional Year too. Let's see I am able to secure a job here without PY. I'm just wondering about requirement and fees for both applicants and nomination (Briefly, will ask for immigration lawyer soon if they agree to sponsor). Applicant Age under 45 (I'm 30) Has 3 years relevant experiences (4 years overseas which ACS will deduct 2 years = 2 years + 1 year Aus experience soon on Nov 19 = 3 years) Eligible Occupation (My occupation in MLTSSL) Competent English (IELTS Overall 6.5 - L7.5 R7 W,S 6) Employee Position relates to business (Local software company, mainly run by IT stuff) Ongoing position for 2 years (My contract is permanent) Salary equal to or more than AMSR Fees (for nomination) 540 AUD for DHA 3000 AUD for Skill Australia funds levy (Annual turnover less than 10 million AUD) Am I understand correctly (in briefly) about sponsoring ?? And how about Market Labour Testing? Actually, I don't need to do as I'm from countries where Australia has trade agreement but just wondering do we need to demonstrate anything about this? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm wondering about obtaining the points for 189/190 visa. I've worked from overseas 4 years before going to Aus. Right now, I'm working in Aus with 485 Visa. However, as ACS guideline, the sustainability criteria need to deduct 2 years of overseas working experience which in my case, only 2 years can count as working experience and no point obtained. I think I'll work full-time with 485 Visa until it expired (2 years), right now I've been working for 6 months. I'm wondering can I combine Aus experience with Overseas experience (in order to obtain points) Like this, 2 years (Overseas) + 1 year (Aus) = 3 years(Overseas experience) obtain 5 points 1 years (Aus) = 1 year (Aus experience) obtain another 5 points Thanks, everyone.
  4. Yes, I've Australian Master with ICT Major (Master of IT)
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, wander around to research for a few days then decide to register and post questions regarding my 485 application. I'm on Student Visa 500, will expire on 21 March 2019, studied in Sydney for 2 years and currently waiting for 485 (Post-Study) visa application outcome. My timeline is below. 14 September 2018 - Received AFP NPC Complete Disclosure (I applied before because at that time I don't know whether I'll continue staying in Australia or not, just want to make sure that I'll have everything ready. As well, I'm not purposing for PR, just want to obtain experience with 485 then going back home) 1 November 2018 - Got my job offer 2 November 2018 - File "My Health Declaration" to obtain HAP ID in advance for medical assessment 16 November 2018 - Finish my final exam 21 November 2018 - Have a medical assessment at Bupa, Wynyard 26 November 2018 - Start working full-time in the company (My course out of session so I am able to work full-time with my Student Visa) 12 December 2018 - Final result is out and the university release completion letter which stated that I've completed all requirement and award a degree at the same date (12 December 2018) 16 December 2018 - Took a General IELTS as my current one is expired 20 December 2018 Morning - IELTS Result is out (Overall 6.5 - L7.5, R7.0, W6.0, S6.0), go to get my TRF at IDP Sydney Central 20 December 2018 Afternoon - File a 485 visa application by myself without an agent. Attached following documents on 20 Dec Passport info page My Photo IELTS TRF Form (Scanned) AFP NPC Certificate (Scanned) Transcript from University Online System (realise later that I need an official copy, then made it later) Completion Letter from University Online System (no CRICOS code detail, request university to have another one later) Student Card Temporary OSHC certificate from Allianz 21 December 2018 - attached more document Previous entry stamp to Australia stamped on 27 September 2016 (I study English foundation course before my Master) CoE for my graduated Master Driver License (From my country to show birthday evidence - no translate as it accommodates both my native language and English language) 22 December 2018 - attached more document Form 80 (realise later that they need it) ID Card (From my country to show birthday evidence - no translate as it accommodates both my native language and English language) 28 December 2018 - attached more document Completion letter with CRICOS code in the letter 3 January 2019 - attached more document Official OSHC certificate from Allianz (Just found an option in iPhone app to generate an official one while in website provide only temporary one) 8 January 2019 - attached more document Official transcript (Need to wait for the university to operate as normal after long shutdown period) According to the timeline, will my application consider as a valid one and any chance to get refusal because of some minor mistake? As I search around all other forums, look like many ones make a minor mistake and got refusal. I'm wondering why as well for some mistake such as file an application before completion date because in my instance, the system not able to accept the future date. Also, wondering about OVHC, as my OSHC still valid and my student visa still valid till 21 March 2019. And DHA website said that At the time of lodgement, I attached my OSHC certificate with the application as DHA website said it acceptable. However, I am wondering whether do I need OVHC at that time of lodgement as I didn't have mine one yet? I plan to purchase it when CO request me or by next month before my student visa expire as DHA website mentioned. In conclusion, my questions are 1.Is my application consider as a valid one? Any chance of refusal? 2.Do I need OVHC at that time of lodgement as DHA website said OSHC still acceptable if my student visa still valid? Thanks very much.
  6. ohmoomtang

    Worry about 485 application and question about OVHC

    Hi all, visa granted on 12 Feb 19. Thanks everyone !!