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  1. GB537

    489 (new 491) Time to enter Australia

    I don't know about any changes. It was a direct grant, and that was on the paperwork. My agent was also expecting it to be the date of the police check.
  2. GB537

    489 (new 491) Time to enter Australia

    Hi, my 489 was granted last week. The 'enter by' date on the grant letter was 1 year from the visa grant date, not the police or medical dates which were in September and October this year.
  3. GB537


    I used Katherine Van Greuning at Get Me 2 Oz. I found her to be the most helpful agent at the preliminary stages (eg. discussed my case and options more when others were asking for hundreds of pounds for an initial consultation), and appeared to be the most knowledgeable in discussions so I got a much better feeling with her than any of the others. She answered all the questions I had, kept me updated and was a pleasure to work with in a time when frustrations over wait times were running high! The whole process, costs and breakdowns were made clear from the start, before signing up, and there were no unexpected shocks. I first made contact with Katherine on (I think) 3rd/4th Jan and received my 489 visa last week, 28th Nov. Would definitely recommend. https://www.getme2oz.com/ https://www.facebook.com/katvangreuning/
  4. GB537

    Financial services - is it worth it?

    Thank you for the advice. Will definitely look into those. And thanks for the tip about keeping my UK bank account open - I hadn't thought about the problems reopening!
  5. Hi all. I'm due to move to Australia in April and am trying to get everything arranged well in advance. I'm finding the financial side of things a bit confusing though, in regards to the companies that handle money transfers. What are the fees charged? Is it worth it? I don't have property to sell so I will just be transferring a little bit of savings - really not very much - before I go, then probably a second transfer after my last paycheck gets paid into my UK bank account after I have left. Would there really be any benefit for me using a company to handle the transfer, or should I just do online banking to transfer the funds between UK and Aus myself? How much do people typically lose in any bank fees? Thanks.
  6. GB537

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Not sure if anybody else is still waiting for their 489 visas but I got a direct grant on 28th November. I submitted the visa application on 9th September, completed my police check on 11th September and medicals on 3rd October. So that's 11 weeks all in all. Good luck to anybody else still waiting!
  7. GB537

    South Australia 489 state nomination

    Yes, I submitted that. I've been working with an agent so luckily she completed that for me with information I filled in when I first started working with her. Police checks complete, I'm just waiting for my agent to get back to me with the HAP ID referral for the medicals. Then, as you said, settling in for a long wait! I feel so impatient!
  8. GB537

    How long do police checks take to come?

    I just got my certificate back this week. It took 8 days to process (I received an email confirming when the check was completed saying they'd post the certificate out the next day). I received the certificate in the post on the 10th business day.
  9. GB537

    South Australia 489 state nomination

    Congratulations on your invite! Glad it came through in such good time for you. Yes, I applied for my visa last week. I completed my application for the police check and am just waiting for my agent to send over my referral letter for me to book in my medical, then back to just waiting again! Have you put in your application?
  10. GB537

    How early?

    Hi everybody. I am just on the verge of putting my visa application in, so still have a little bit of a wait before any outcome. I was just wondering when most people started making contact with removal companies for quotes? And were there any long waits from first contact to getting a date for removal? My plan is, once I (hopefully) receive a visa, to hand in notice at work (5 weeks) and make contact with removals to move in my last couple of days - would 5 weeks be enough time for visits/quotes, and to make arrangements for packing up and shipping out? I won't be taking much, if any, furniture with me, just a whole lot of clothes, books, a couple of electronics and some sentimental things.
  11. GB537

    South Australia 489 state nomination

    Thank you! I will have my fingers crossed for your invite. I have read on https://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/skilled-visa-options that South Australia stopped accepting 489 state nomination applications on 14th August, so I'm sure that they will be trying to process all of the applications already received before the cut off. Seems unfair that people already in the system would need to wait 2 months and possibly pay again to apply for the new visa?
  12. GB537

    South Australia 489 state nomination

    I sent in my application on 20th June and received my nomination today. There was a slight delay because the office closes for a week before July and there was some mistake with the form declaring my estimated savings at the time of moving, so they came back querying that, so the average time might be slightly quicker than my 8 weeks.
  13. GB537

    Medical - mental health

    Congratulations, that's fantastic news! Good luck with all the preparations for the move, now - you must be so excited!
  14. GB537

    Medical - mental health

    I had similar concerns, I have also had anxiety due to work related stress and some particular life stressors at the time. I was offered medication, but didn't get on with it so am not taking any, and am on the waiting list for CBT. I spoke to my agent about this, as I was convinced it was game over. She seems to think that it should not have an impact on the application, and it would be more problematic if you'd been hospitalised or was under the care of a psychiatrist etc. Good luck, and let us know how you get on. I'm still at the skills assessment stage at the moment, so hope I get through to medicals!
  15. GB537

    Skills assessment - Community Worker

    Hopefully somebody will correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you need to have a positive skills assessment before you apply for a visa. The skills assessment is done by a different regulating body, not immigration who deal with processing the visas.