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  1. leighmarsh151084

    Advice from other uk sparks

    Hi. Just to add on to what curly has wrote. The gap training has all changed now. Infact I'm doing it as we speak and our class are the guinea pigs. I can provide you with all info but it may take a while lol. Inbox me if interested in knowing the new course info. Cheers.
  2. leighmarsh151084

    Old 489 and 190 visa.

    Hi Can anyone confirm this for me. I've come over on a 190 visa as a general electrician and a friend of ours on a 489 as a carpenter. He seems to think that he has to work as a carpenter here or is visa will be provoked. Is this right as I can't see it being the case due to people struggling to find work and then have to take any job to get by etc. Look forward to your replies. Thanks
  3. leighmarsh151084

    Immigration Health Examination (Medicals)

    Basic all over body check, ie weight, height, blood pressure (I think) eye test etc Urine example Chest x-rays And me and my wife just to have blood tests. If I can remember anything else I will let you know. It was only in January but it's been like a whirlwind lol. Cheers
  4. leighmarsh151084

    Skilled 190 to SA

    Hi mate. I go in 4 weeks time and heading to Adelaide. Nerves kicking in now but imagine that's normal lol. Where are you heading to? It's a nice feeling when all your documents are sent and finally get a invite. It's just the long wait for the grant then though.
  5. leighmarsh151084

    Skilled 190 to SA

    Hi mate. I was accepted with 65 points last December. Have since had my visa granted on 2nd July 2019. My application was for a 190 with a wife and 3 children also. Like laver has said, when it comes to the 190 visa I don't think it's necessarily down to points total it's a combination of everything else attached to the application like profession, who else is going over, character etc. Good luck and hope it all works out for you.
  6. leighmarsh151084

    Electrician moving to Oz

    I used the down under centre and agree they were very good with helping. One thing though Wes was a plumber in Oz and loves to banter with sparks about which trade is better. Good luck
  7. leighmarsh151084

    Immigration Health Examination (Medicals)

    Hi. We had a weekend appointment in Sutton Coldfield. A family of 5, we arrived at 9am and out by 11:30am. Cheers
  8. leighmarsh151084

    Visa grant for 189

    You still have to make initial entry before the date of which you took your medical or received police check back. It states this on visa grant letter.
  9. Hi all. 190 South Australia EOI on 15/11/18 Invite 11/12/18 Visa lodged 17/12/18 Direct grant 02/7/19 General Electrician. Move cube booked 29/08/19 Flights booked 03/11/19 Family of 5
  10. leighmarsh151084

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Thank you everyone. Still in shock lol.
  11. leighmarsh151084

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Thanks mate. Now have to try and do a day's work lol.
  12. leighmarsh151084

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    We finally got our grant today. Lodged December 17th. Direct grant 2nd July Family of 5, 190 visa. So happy, final month felt like a year knowing they were going to slow up due to end of financial year. Good luck to everyone else waiting. Fingers crossed for you all.
  13. leighmarsh151084

    Two weeks in...

    Hi Jessica. Could you please tell me what the demand is like for electricians over in Adelaide. I'm aware I will need to cover the gap training etc. Many thanks
  14. leighmarsh151084

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Any news from the guys who lodged in December?
  15. leighmarsh151084

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Yes, December 17th. Still no contact [emoji3525]