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  1. Spring onion

    Lodge 2 visas at the same time?

    Raul, If I withdraw my student visa does it mean I can work full-time since I am only waiting for 190 to be granted?
  2. Spring onion

    Lodge 2 visas at the same time?

    I am. They have reminded me regarding this too and I have cancelled my trip to nz in march.
  3. Spring onion

    Lodge 2 visas at the same time?

    I had a discussion with migration agent and they tell me to just lodge that 190 and I will be granted a bridging visa C in which I did this morning. Once I get a bridging visa C I can withdraw my student visa and bridging visa C will still be under effect. The next question is why didn't I get a bridging visa C as soon as I lodged my 190? Will it take a few days?
  4. Spring onion

    Lodge 2 visas at the same time?

    Thank you guys! Unfortunately they are closed until january but I will contact them. But isn't safe to say my student visa will come first? It usually takes a month whereas 190 visa might take more than 6 months
  5. Spring onion

    Lodge 2 visas at the same time?

    Hi everyone! I am really happy that finally I got an invitation to apply for 190 visa! However I have a problem; three weeks ago I lodged a student visa just to buy time as my 485 visa had expired. I have done medical check up and now am waiting for my student visa to be granted (I am on Bridging Visa A at the moment). 1. My question is that should I just lodge 190 visa now? I heard that it's not a good idea to withdraw that student visa and just leave it as it is. 2. Assuming that I lodge 190 visa and my student visa comes first does it mean I can only work 20 hours a week until I get my residency? Your reply would be much appreciated! I am happy to answer any questions too!
  6. Spring onion

    Waiting 190 invitation for ages

    Do you have to lodge an application to SA website too? It has been 20 weeks for me since I lodge an EOI but I only knew that I needed to notify victoria via liveinmelbourne.com 2 weeks ago
  7. Spring onion

    Victoria 190 visa INVITATION

    Congratulations! When you submitted an EOI did you also lodge an application to liveinmelbourne.com.au straight away? Or you waited for an invitation first?
  8. Spring onion

    Waiting 190 invitation for ages

    But I think I should have lodged my application to liveinmelbourne.com earlier rather than just submitting an EoI
  9. Spring onion

    Waiting 190 invitation for ages

    I meant 74 hours fortnightly
  10. Spring onion

    Waiting 190 invitation for ages

    Hi there, I am really frustated at the moment. I have lodged an EOI for 190 (VIC) in June 2018 with 70 points but haven't got an invitation yet. I am a registered nurse currently working 74 hours a week. My 485 visa will expire next week therefore I am going to lodge a student visa just to buy time. Two weeks ago I submitted an application through liveinmelbourne.com without getting an invitation first. I called them and they told me it might take 12 weeks. I am just wondering if there is a major delay in Victoria regarding 190 invitation due to the new rule on 10 September 2018. Anybody in Victoria got an invitation between September and November?
  11. Spring onion

    Vic 190

    It has been almost 20 weeks with 70 points (65+5) for me under registered nurse but still haven't heard anything. Anybody on the same boat?