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  1. @Ausgirl42 @SydneyBound Thanks for replying - the usual inconsistencies keeping us on our toes! At least things are moving again this week - fingers crossed no further RFI's for anyone haha
  2. Oh gosh this is so stressful! On my RFI in November I was asked for husband's AFP check. When it arrived I added to the relevant section on my immi account in early December and clicked the grey box to confirm I had provided the requested additional information. Have heard nothing so far so now second guessing whether I should have replied to the email? It does have a case officer's name and reference number but didn't tell me to reply to the email. Does anyone think I should reply to the email now just to cover myself?! I feel like my brain may implode...:-)
  3. If rumours are true and they process more at the start and end of each month, fingers crossed we see a surge of golden tickets next week I'm about to book tickets to go over for a visit at Easter for 2 weeks, hoping to activate my visa at the same time...
  4. Congrats to everyone who has received their golden emails - such exciting news for you all! I'm hoping to hear at the same time as @sugarhiccup based on the spread sheet!! Got everything crossed for swift news for all of us...
  5. Hi Samsamsam I believe it has to be within 12 months of your medical/your application. They should tell us when we get our visa confirmations the deadline to activate. After that, we can enter and exit the country and many times as we want.
  6. Hi everyone Loving this thread to help my sanity Our process so far has been as follows: - submitted our application on 11th July 2018 - had a request for an updated police check for my husband on 22nd November 2018 - uploaded it on 10th December 2018 My status shows ‘further assessment’ and his shows ‘submitted’. Do you think this is an issue? Good luck everyone and I love the Gantt chart! Lotty
  7. Hi All My husband is Aussie and we've been together for 7.5 years. We applied on 11th July 2018, uploaded all ID, 3 x 888s, Form 80, proof of co-habiting etc. I also had my medical on 1st August 2018, which is showing on the system. I have heard that the government can be stricter on those who try to 'cheat the system' by going into Aus on another visa and then trying to piggy back onto a new one. Apparently they favour applications from outside of the country, fast-tracking certain countries such as the UK. I have also heard that the average waiting time is 3 months, but we have not had any contact from a case officer as yet. Will continue to update if I hear anything back in the hope that it helps to give other people an indication of timelines. Good luck everyone! Lotty
  8. Hi Everyone I've recently submitted my application from the UK. Having read through this forum, I've clocked that someone has mentioned a "I confirm I have provided information as requested" button? When I have uploaded my documents, they are just sat there on my account so I assumed they are visible to a CO when they come to review it, I can't see the mentioned button. Am I missing something...? Thanks ? Lotty
  9. Thank you both, we are going to assess his circumstances and decide on what to do. It would be horrendous if for any reason I felt isolated/homesick and wanted to move back, but it was traumatic/impossible/extortionate for him to return with me. Such a stressful process considering all everyone in these circumstances wants is to be with the one they love in either country...
  10. Surprise surprise, I have another question...! I have submitted my application, my bank account hates me but I feel a sense of relief! Just waiting on the completed witness statements to upload tonight, my actual police certificates to arrive (have uploaded proof of application) and have booked in my medical for 3rd August (another punch to the gut that it is £310, but worth it I hope!!). If they ask me for further evidence of certain things then I will be able to search further and provide this without too many issues hopefully. Fingers crossed it isn't required... Looking at the document submission, it now appears to have changed from the example mentioned by The Way of The Pony. It allows me to upload 100 documents each for me and my husband and doesn't seem TOO overwhelming with the categories (although a couple are ambiguous). This is good as I have duplicated the upload of a number of files as they fit into more than one category, e.g. my passport is used for my travel document, proof of ID, a form of photo, proof of name and so on. I have ignored the categories that I don't think are required for my visa type. So under the documents I can upload for my husband, it mentions a Form 40SP for a sponsor whose partner plans to move to Australia. Can anyone confirm whether this is a requirement? Thank you ?
  11. Thanks for your help both - greatly appreciated
  12. Okay that's great. Last two questions for now (fingers crossed): 1) I've started the ball rolling for my police checks for Aus and UK. I've had acknowledgement that they've been applied for (and an email for the Aus one saying that it's been completed already) but I haven't got the certificate yet. Can I apply, attach confirmation of application and add those at a later date? Same with the health check, should I apply and wait for a case officer to request me to do this, or should I already have started the ball rolling? 2) I've completed the P80 as part of my application to upload. Two of the questions are confusing (attached): - Answering 'no' to Q21., why does it then ask me why I am travelling to Australia? - Should I be saying 'yes' or 'no' to Q.24? I am applying for a temporary visa but I obviously want the perm 100 visa...
  13. So on the immiaccount, which of the attached options should I be selecting: 1) Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia 2) Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa 3) Stage 2 - Permanent Partner Visa assessment In my head I didn't think I could select the first option, as I thought this was to try and waiver the fee. I thought I had to do it through stage 1 to pay the £4k charge? Sorry if I'm being extremely thick.
  14. So just to clarify, all I need to do is provide my 7 years' worth of evidence when I apply for the 309, and then I should automatically be granted the 100 a few days later without having to do anything else?
  15. I know but unfortunately it's another £3k which we just don't have...if it wasn't for the fact I am also flying our cat over with us, I could have used the money from that!! If I were a few years younger then we would have the time to wait to get this and save some more money, but I'm not and we want to start a family sooner rather than later. I just want to be over in Aus and get fully settled and nested before we do this. Even when we (hopefully) sell our house we want to use the money to try and put a deposit together for a house over there so every penny counts. If we manage to save and scrimp then we will definitely look into this option as well