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  1. @Hawar19Jan Thanks for this, I had no idea about this service
  2. Hi All Fingers crossed for those of you still waiting for your golden tickets that they come through soon! Looking for some advice on the ‘change of details’ element of immiaccount. When I applied I had to use my maiden name as I hadn’t applied for a new passport. I now have a new one in my married name and therefore filled out a form. I had to select an option for why I had got a new passport and there wasn’t one for ‘change of name’ so the closest match was ‘expired’. Should I expect to receive an email confirming they acknowledge my change of passport and name? Or just take both passports and assume it’ll show up at passport control?
  3. LottyC

    Dog and Cat Foster Carers

    I'm also going through this predicament. I feel a bit sick only just realising that you can use rabies test results from up to 2 years before the pet flies. Had I have known this, I would have got everything sorted well in advance. We now fly out on 27th July as I've got a job to start and my cat won't even get her rabies results for another 3 weeks, meaning she can't fly until approximately 4.5 months after we leave (and that's if she passes the test). I now have the predicament that I don't know whether it is kinder to look for a new home for her, instead of putting her through the trauma of a 4.5 stay in a new house, then the flight, then 10 days' quarantine and finally a 3 hour car journey to Warrnambool from Melbourne (she hates being in the car)... I feel sick about the whole thing :-(
  4. LottyC

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Anyone heard anything good or bad about The Moving Partnership? They’ve given a decent quote for a shared container (we’re in no rush as have a furnished unit owned by friends to move into) but always good to hear feedback. Will share on the other group as well..
  5. LottyC

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Thanks @Katiebobbles, yes just as you overcome one type of stress another kicks in! We feel the move is pretty serendipitous now as we were about to put the house on the market and my cousin’s brother-in-law came for a look and wants to buy it as a private sale - don’t want to count our chickens just yet though... Hadn’t even thought about setting out the cube space. From the dimensions it feels like it doesn’t give much room but I’ll deinitely give it a try! We’re heading to Warrnambool, end of great ocean road. It is a lot different to Leeds but with Melbourne only 3 hours away, we’ll be able to get a big city fix when we want it. How about you?
  6. LottyC

    Taking cats

    Hi Everyone Not really looking for any particular advice but just thought I could pour my heart out to like-minded people! I have had an unexpected job offer that means I will be starting in 3 months. I know that the process for moving a pet requires 6 months for the rabies tests. I want to bring my 4 year old black cat called Mildred with us but I feel sick to my stomach thinking about her scared on a long flight before going into quarantine, thinking that we've given up on her. She is a pretty resilient cat, she was a rescue kicked out at 1 when she became pregnant and we took her and her kittens in. She is very needy and gets stressed, so it's bad enough thinking about 3 months of finding her somewhere to stay when we've gone, let alone the journey. Can anyone put my mind at ease about the cage size and also the accommodation she will need to stay in the other end? Will she have lots of space? Will she be nearby dogs? Do people interact with the animals during their 10 day stay? Any reassurance to put my stressed mind at ease would be gratefully received
  7. LottyC

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Hi Everyone! So nice we are all on this survivor group now haha! Having a whirlwind few weeks at present. Just back from activating my visa in Aus, had an interview whilst over there and thought nothing of it but have been offered the job to start on 5th August - eek! We were planning on moving over in January 2020 but decided there isn't really anything stopping us heading back. I feel I can have a bit of a outpouring in this group as we are all going through the same thing, such a great help. I've got to get our house on the market, sort shipping and also sort the cat out (the thought of her scared in the hold of the plane before being in quarantine makes me feel sick to my stomach right now!). We also applied for my husband's british citizenship so need to look at rules surrounding how long he can be out of the country for whilst this is being processed as takes up to 6 months. Can't even think about saying bye to family right now... Anyway vent over... This thread is really helpful. We have a 2 bed house that has fitted wardrobes, so just need to ship over 2 beds, 2 sofas, a coffee table, 2 big lamps and all standard belongings. Can anyone advise if this sounds like something Move Cube could accommodate or would I need a 20ft container? GUTTED to hear about the alcohol rule, we have some wedding wine and champagne plus a really special bottle of tawny port that we were saving for a special occasion!! Maybe I stick this in my checked in luggage?! Lovely to hear everyone is progressing nicely, fingers crossed those of you waiting for a house sale have some luck very soon
  8. LottyC

    Paddy Al

    @Paddy Al I’m so pleased you’ve asked this, I’m wondering exactly the same! Wondering whether to opt out of my pension now as it’s pityful anyway...
  9. Hi @Bensmithoz Have you got two references completed by people on the 888 form? We got these completed by Australians that fit the occupational criteria. Not saying it stops an RFI but every little helps...
  10. LottyC

    Skilled Regional Visa (489)

    Hi Amreena I didn’t pursue this route in the end due to Victoria not accepting expressions of interest, plus needing a perm job offer before applying. I successfully applied for a spouse visa which was granted last week after submitting in July 2018. Regards Lotty
  11. No it says that you need ILR in order to apply for spousal citizenship, which can only be obtained after 5 years. You'll be absolutely fine :-) Hoping to get this before we leave...
  12. Whilst we are all here keeping absolutely everything crossed for @CEP and everyone else, can I use this forum to ask another question? So we’ve parted with another £3k this week for my husband’s indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK. We plan on moving to Aus next Jan but his visa runs out next month here (so sick of having no money!!). We thought that after 6 years of being here (which would be March 2020) that is when he will be eligible for citizenship, so we would fall short by 2 months - very frustrating for me. Having looked on direct Gov, it says that if he has ILR and has been in the UK 3 years prior to applying, he can go for citizenship being the spouse of a UK citizen. Has anyone else gone through this? This would solve a lot of problems (and mean we part with ANOTHER £1300) but after this process I feel it could be too good to be true...
  13. I had my visa granted this week and didn't complete that and we had no interview. Certainly not encouraging you not to do it as it is always good to be thorough Again the interviews seem to be extremely rare but at least you know you're prepared - good luck with it.
  14. If it helps both me and my husband completed the Form 80 but I don't recall anything to do with a 1221 so certainly didn't complete one. Why do you think you will be interviewed? I don't think anyone has been?