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  1. LottyC

    Paddy Al

    @Paddy Al I’m so pleased you’ve asked this, I’m wondering exactly the same! Wondering whether to opt out of my pension now as it’s pityful anyway...
  2. Hi @Bensmithoz Have you got two references completed by people on the 888 form? We got these completed by Australians that fit the occupational criteria. Not saying it stops an RFI but every little helps...
  3. LottyC

    Skilled Regional Visa (489)

    Hi Amreena I didn’t pursue this route in the end due to Victoria not accepting expressions of interest, plus needing a perm job offer before applying. I successfully applied for a spouse visa which was granted last week after submitting in July 2018. Regards Lotty
  4. No it says that you need ILR in order to apply for spousal citizenship, which can only be obtained after 5 years. You'll be absolutely fine :-) Hoping to get this before we leave...
  5. Whilst we are all here keeping absolutely everything crossed for @CEP and everyone else, can I use this forum to ask another question? So we’ve parted with another £3k this week for my husband’s indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK. We plan on moving to Aus next Jan but his visa runs out next month here (so sick of having no money!!). We thought that after 6 years of being here (which would be March 2020) that is when he will be eligible for citizenship, so we would fall short by 2 months - very frustrating for me. Having looked on direct Gov, it says that if he has ILR and has been in the UK 3 years prior to applying, he can go for citizenship being the spouse of a UK citizen. Has anyone else gone through this? This would solve a lot of problems (and mean we part with ANOTHER £1300) but after this process I feel it could be too good to be true...
  6. I had my visa granted this week and didn't complete that and we had no interview. Certainly not encouraging you not to do it as it is always good to be thorough Again the interviews seem to be extremely rare but at least you know you're prepared - good luck with it.
  7. If it helps both me and my husband completed the Form 80 but I don't recall anything to do with a 1221 so certainly didn't complete one. Why do you think you will be interviewed? I don't think anyone has been?
  8. Is anyone else moving Port Fairy way in Victoria...?
  9. I read somewhere on this forum before that if they only grant the 309 and you challenge this based on the 3 year rule, they should correct this and send through a 100. Just tedious to have to chase but congrats on the initial grant...
  10. @Ingers I'm sure it will be fine. I can see you have already had a RFI so they've obviously already assessed your documents and seen what you have supplied. As @Ausgirl42 said, if you have space and the documents are there to be uploaded again, maybe do it and include the form with an explanation. Alternatively given the timeframes, they could be reviewing your case at this moment in time and therefore the documents aren't showing whilst they are processing...? Try not to worry (I know it's easier said than done)
  11. I can't believe it - just logged into my emails and have the golden ticket for my 100 visa! Hopefully this means that they are starting to process more and I hope everyone else's follows soon! Wanted to update you all immediately to give everyone a bit of hope.
  12. @Ausgirl42 @SydneyBound Thanks for replying - the usual inconsistencies keeping us on our toes! At least things are moving again this week - fingers crossed no further RFI's for anyone haha
  13. Oh gosh this is so stressful! On my RFI in November I was asked for husband's AFP check. When it arrived I added to the relevant section on my immi account in early December and clicked the grey box to confirm I had provided the requested additional information. Have heard nothing so far so now second guessing whether I should have replied to the email? It does have a case officer's name and reference number but didn't tell me to reply to the email. Does anyone think I should reply to the email now just to cover myself?! I feel like my brain may implode...:-)