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  1. Mel.b

    Movecube customs clearence time

    I was coming from Ireland. Movecube collected on the 31st Aug, delivered on the 3rd Dec
  2. Mel.b

    Movecube customs clearence time

    Just following this up. Movecube arrived in Mel on the 21st. Got a phone call on the 25th to arrange delivery which is now scheduled for the 3rd Dec.
  3. My movecube is due to arrive in Melbourne at the end of the week. Based on others experiences, how long do they take to clear customs?
  4. Mel.b

    Alternatives to kennels when going abroad

    I always used www.trustedhousesitters.com when i was going on holidays. Never had a bad experience.
  5. Mel.b

    Quarantine experiences

    Thanks. Wonder why my cat smells like this He didn’t before he flew out. He was clean, just smelly when we picked him up. Guess i’ll have to try & give him a wash
  6. Mel.b

    Quarantine experiences

    I collected my cat from quarantine almost two weeks ago. Strange question, but has any elses cat come out of there smelling like they have been in a cow shed? He was clean but by gosh did he pong (and he still does have a lingering cowshed odour )
  7. Mel.b

    Dog shipping and container ships!

    I am using Tim Finlay in Manchester to fly my dog home. He’s much bigger than yours though so the price won’t be much help! As mentined above the rabies vaccine needs to be done 7mths before you fly...people say 6months, but its 180 from when the blood is drawn and you need the vaccine done at least 3weeks prior to this. I’d add in extra buffer too just in case...my boy needed 4 rabies vaccinations which put a significant spanner in the works
  8. Mel.b

    Move Cube

    I have just got my quote for my movecube (to australia) and they have told me what the fees will be when it arrives in Oz, so they should do the same for you with it arriving in thr UK
  9. Mel.b

    Taking our dogs to Australia

    Be aware that dogs can also fail to reach their rabies titre levels after the first vaccination. My boy required 4 vaccinations which put a huge delay in the process. I have been dealing with Tim Finlay in Manchester for my boy’s transport to Australia and he has been absolutely brilliant.
  10. Mel.b

    Dog failing rabies test

    Best. News. Ever Cooper finally passed!!! We switched from Nobivac to the Rabisin vaccine and he reported a level of 2.62 after failing to reach 0.50 with 3 nobivac vaccines. I’m not saying the choice of vaccine is to blame, but if your dog has other risk factors that may lead to low titre levels (over 5yrs of age for first rabies vaccination, large dog, pure breed), then i would have a serious discussion with your vet about the brand of vaccine they use as there is evidence that Rabisin has a higher initial success rate and also higher titre levels. If only i’d know that back in Dec when this all started...
  11. Later this year i will need to transfer a large sum of money from my house sale to my Australian account. I’m familiar with money corp/transferwise etc so that isn’t an issue. My issue is that my bank (which is in the Republic of Ireland, not the UK, but hoping others may have come up against a similair issue) only lets you transfer a max of €10,000 a day (and thats €5000 done online and another €5000 if you call them). I’ll have multiples of that to transfer. Has anyone come up against this before and how did you manage it? Obviosuly i’d prefer to transfer it all in one go both for convienence and to avail of a hopefully better exchange rate for transfer a large amount at once.
  12. Mel.b

    Dog failing rabies test

    Cooper goes in for his blood test today after his 4th rabies vaccinations. Fingers crossed in 2-3weeks i’ll finally have good news that we have reached the magic 0.5 number
  13. I’ve been dealing with Tim Finlayson pet service who is based in Manchester and he has been incredibly helpful and understanding. I don’t know if he’d also organise to fly your dog from LHR which is what you’d have to do do avoid flying through Dubai but it would certainly be worth asking.
  14. Mel.b

    Dog failing rabies test

    More devastating news...Cooper has failed his 3rd rabies test with a level of 0.49. I am absolutly gutted to say the least. For anyone considering moving to Australia with your dog, please start the process of vaccination at least 12months before in case your dog needs more than 1 vaccination. Two vaccinations normally gets them over the line, apparently failing three is incredibly rare (so much so that the vaccination company has offered to pay for the next vaccination and testing)
  15. Mel.b

    MoveCube Preparation

    How much was the customs? Is it just 10% gst?