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  1. summer

    Bridging or temporary (and school fees!)

    Do I really need to book a return just so I don’t get questioned? Is it not legal to do it that way (tourist then application on shore?!)
  2. summer

    Bridging or temporary (and school fees!)

    But just to clarify, I can only make the application after my 3 month tourist visa runs out? And then they go “ok application is in, you’re now awaiting so you’re on a temporary partner?” Or do they keep you on a bridging visa whilst I’m waiting for it to be approved? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense!
  3. So I know that my agent will answer this but it’s a Sunday and I get excited planning things so my intentions- go over (husband back in Oz now!) on a 3m tourist visa. Apply for bridging so we can go on to apply for a spouse or partner visa (are they different!) ok so my question, when I’m on bridging I have working rights but will have to pay for my child (8) to go into education. Now, I just thought “well 3 months off school go chill, surf etc, apply for bridging then once visa is put in we will be on that visa (not bridging) so won’t pay for school”. HOWEVER, it’s just occurred to me, say the spouse visa is 20-29 month approval time- am I actually on a bridging visa for that entire time!? Thus paying for school for that whole time? And how do I get away with only booking a one way ticket, will I get questioned?! I’ve been there plenty of times but obviously with a return date... thank you again for any help x
  4. summer

    Dog shipping and container ships!

    Thank you Bob, why can puggles only fly on certain airlines?! It doesn’t bother me just wondered! Also, is that guesstimate £4K per dog with quarantine fees on top? Thank you.
  5. summer

    Tourist - bridging - spouse

    Also how do you know if your tourist visa has a “no further stay” condition on it?? Where do I find that information? And is it the same for my child? (8)
  6. summer

    Tourist - bridging - spouse

    Ok thank you Paul. Any clarifications on the info I can take with me which would be for the bridging (work) and spouse (relationship paperwork) visas!?
  7. summer

    Dog shipping and container ships!

    We are going to the sunny coast. I’ve just been told that the dogs may be able to share a container. Does this affect price do you know Or is it merely for comfort??!
  8. Hi guys, ive tried finding the answer to this but I have scrolled and scrolled and I can’t find anything definitive. so basically I was always going to apply offshore but I finally have the 1229 signed and it feels silly just waiting it out here. So my question is... I was always under the assumption that if you apply on shore the process is - arrive on tourist visa - apply for bridging visa for after 3 months tourist visa ends- assuming its approved you then send off application for spouse visa?? please correct me if I’m wrong. I guess my main question is, is that actually legal!?! Upon arrival do I tell customs (if I was asked) that I’m just here on vacay to visit my husband?! Also I’m really lost that if that’s how it works then I can’t bring my work qualifications proof for working on bridging visa because then they would say that they would believe I was there to work not on holiday?! Same goes for all the documents I was planning on using for my spouse visa application!? please help! Thank you
  9. summer

    Dog shipping and container ships!

    Thank you everyone... the dogs are you biggest concern, not even sure how they’re going to cope in the heat. Very stressful
  10. Anybody recently moved and gave up to date quotes?! i have 2 dogs, approx 8kg, 5 years old, they are puggles (so bigger than a pug but smaller than a beagle)... I know they need dog passports but any recent costs etc would be so helpful. also, deciphering what to take and what to leave. And I have NO idea what to start re shipping containers. Any help on sizes/house sizes for comparison/amounts and prices to help? i can fill out all the quotes but there’s so many and I don’t know the best ones etc. thank you so much.
  11. summer

    Married but not living together...

    Thank you for your help Marisa. That was exactly why we couldn’t live together, my child in the uk and his in Australia. The only bills we have is that the house tenancy in Australia was in both of our names.
  12. Hi! i have been married to my husband since April 19, and we have been together for 2.5 years before that. He lives in oz as a permanent full time resident and I am perusing a visa to join him there. I have known him for 20+ years before we entered into a relationship but with us both having children prior to our relationship we have never lived together. we have spent 2+ years going between aus/uk, with the maximum time only ever being 3 months (visa length). I have spoken to my migration agent and they’ve said that us never living together may mean visa will be denied. I’m perplexed- we can’t possibly live together until our visa is approved and he doesn’t want to move back to the UK.... do you think this could cause it to be denied? I’m concerned now! Thanks
  13. My partner lives in Oz as a citizen- originally from the UK. My 8 year old daughter and I are planning to move to Australia to reside there. We are in discussions about the best way to do our visa (on/off shore) I was wondering if anyone can answer my question: - if we do the visa on or off shore does anyone know when and which stage we need to get the permission from her other parent with PR? Will it change if we do it on shore or is it the same? - is the permission part of the early stages of the visa or the latter? thanks.
  14. summer

    Any nursery workers applying?

    Any updates on this? Very interested! Tried inboxing you but don’t know how to on this site!
  15. summer

    Going alone or partner visa?

    Ali i haven't actually checked the points, i am seeing an agent to discuss it next week. With regards to registering your relationship, does it make a difference to your application for a partner visa? We do have permission for my daughter to move to Oz, do you know if I would have ongoing contact with him throughout the process or will it be done at the end/beginning and we will be done with it? Sorry for all the q's and appreciate your help!