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  1. jonnyah2006

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    Additionally, i think you'll need to get medicals done for the baby once he / she is born, so it might be worth waiting until this point for all of you. I believe immigration will put your application on hold until the baby is born if you inform them that you're pregnant.
  2. jonnyah2006

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    Thanks for the input all
  3. We submitted our 189 visa application on the 11th of August and received a request for medicals and police checks today. In other people's experiences, are we likely to receive any additional requests for information or documents after this initial contact? Or can we expect a visa grant after submitting the police checks and medicals, assuming they all check out?
  4. I believe all ACS occupations require a minimum of two years of work experience in order to be considered qualified. http://www.acs.org.au/msa/skills-assessment-guidelines-for-applicants.html
  5. jonnyah2006

    ACS and vendeor certficate

    Should be fine to do.
  6. ACS require work experience in addition to qualifications. This required work experience cannot be used to claim points.
  7. Two years work experience is the minimum deducted to satisfy the skills met date: http://www.acs.org.au/msa/skills-assessment-guidelines-for-applicants.html Anything beyond that can potentially be used for points depending on how relevant it is to your nominated occupation. So, if you finished your degree in 2004 with no prior work experience, your skills met date is likely to be 2006.
  8. jonnyah2006

    ACS and vendeor certficate

    It might also be worthwhile considering when you completed your degree and your MCSE. For example, if you completed your degree last year but you completed your MCSE ten years ago, you might get more points if you use your MCSE for the skills assessment. As this will provide more years of work experience.
  9. jonnyah2006

    189 or 190

    70 points should secure an invite in the not too distant future. Does Perth offer a 190 for metal fabricators? I think most of their 190 professions are medical related. You could probably secure a 190 for another state though.
  10. jonnyah2006

    Waiting for 189 invitation

    Iscah have published there most recent estimations here: 65 points might have a long wait ahead depending on invitations per round.
  11. jonnyah2006

    489 Invitation Round Explanation

    I think it means they don't include statistics for 190 visas, but I could be mistaken.
  12. jonnyah2006

    How does the ACS RPL assessment work for 190?

    If your work references and rpl support the duties laid out in for Software Engineers then I believe the title is less important. Certainly some of my job titles were quite generic but the work references reflected the skill I was applying for, this was accepted by ACS.
  13. jonnyah2006

    Can you recommend any books for PTE test?

    PTE offer training packages, I can't personally vouch for their effectiveness, but I did buy their scored practise tests. I think you can get three tests for $35. Well worth it in my opinion to get an idea of what's expected. The format is identical to the real thing. My biggest gripe with the PTE exam is that you can be in a room with a dozen other people all sitting the test at the same time, so all speaking away in the background. It can be quite distracting.
  14. jonnyah2006

    How does the ACS RPL assessment work for 190?

    I completed my RPL last year. Within the RPL form you'll see the following "Of the two reports, one must apply to a project undertaken within the last three years, and the other for a project within the last five years." You'll be unable to claim points for any of the work experience used for the RPL. I was in a similar situation, having worked in ICT for 13 years, I could only claim 5 years of relevant work experience, simply because I only completed by degree in 2017 and I had to use 8 years of work experience for the RPL. When you receive your ACS skills assessment back it'll tell you when you met the skills date. Any work experience after this date can be used to claim points.
  15. jonnyah2006

    Job Change Since Skills Assessment

    Thanks all, I'll pull together some payslips instead.