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  1. Hi All, I am interested to know whether anyone has had any luck with having their what was a 457 visa now called Temporary Skills Shortage approved in this side of March. The company that will be sponsoring me submitted the application on March 1st 2018 when the changes came in to play, I am wondering whether this is going to be a 6 month ordeal or whether people are having or seeing applications approved. Any insight or any number that i can call to chase would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi Group, Me, my partner and son (3yrs) are moving to Victoria in June. We are looking for a suburb that is located within a 35-40 minute commute of Melbourne's CBD, it will only be myself that will be working from the start whilst we find our feet so needs to be reasonably priced and we would like a house, any suggestions would be so helpful. The area needs to have plenty to do for my partner and little one during the day. What would the cost of living be roughly (i.e. Electricity, Gas, Internet, phone line...) Thank you to any one that can help. C
  3. Chris_Morris

    UK Family Community - Melbourne

    Hi Me, my partner and little one will be moving to Melbourne in April 2018 which we are super excited about. However my partner is a little apprehensive as she is wondering whether there are mum and toddler meetings that she can get involved in to meet locals and possibly other Brits living out there already. She spends two days a week in the UK going to classes held at a local hall where she meets and socialise with other local parents and has developed a close network of friends from this; so is eager to know whether this is popular in Melbourne, if so any recommendations where we can find more information about would be so helpful. Thanks