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Found 39 results

  1. Hi, I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick, UK, and I am conducting research into how people think about the relationship between Britain and Australia over time, and how this relates to attitudes to migration policy. As part of this, I would like to conduct interviews on this subject with people planning a permanent move from Britain to Australia, or who have very recently moved. Would you be interested in helping me by taking part in a short interview? This could be face to face, over Skype or phone, or by email or instant messages. If you might be interested, I can send you more information about the study and what it would involve. Just leave me a message on here, send me an email at the address below, or get in touch via private message on this site. Hope to hear from you, Hannah Dr Hannah Jones Associate Professor Department of Sociology University of Warwick h.jones.1@warwick.ac.uk http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/hannahjones/
  2. Chris_Morris

    UK Family Community - Melbourne

    Hi Me, my partner and little one will be moving to Melbourne in April 2018 which we are super excited about. However my partner is a little apprehensive as she is wondering whether there are mum and toddler meetings that she can get involved in to meet locals and possibly other Brits living out there already. She spends two days a week in the UK going to classes held at a local hall where she meets and socialise with other local parents and has developed a close network of friends from this; so is eager to know whether this is popular in Melbourne, if so any recommendations where we can find more information about would be so helpful. Thanks
  3. hello, I wonder how this demand of professionals specifically in the area of community psychology and sports psychology, already searched but not found much. I appreciate any help.
  4. Cam

    Perth V Sydney

    Hi, I know this is risky posting this in a WA area, but if I posted it in NSW, I know what the answer would be. We've been living in Sydney a year now & have to make the decision whether to go back to the UK or stay, long story short we have jobs in the UK and we need to be back in March for our daughter to get into our local schools that are really good. Sydney we are finally 'over' I think. We're looking for a work-life balance, with affordable housing, good community, good childcare, good schools and not a long commute. Currently Sydney is not winning on these (and we find it quite pretentious and unfriendly, but we do live close to the Eastern suburbs), hence why we are thinking of moving back to the UK as we have a big tick on all of the above. HOwever Oz was always our dream, partly because I have citizenship and have spent 18 months and 8 months in Sydney on other occasions. However, when we've decided on going back, there's still something nagging in the back of our minds, what if we'd done something different, everybody is always dreaming about going to Oz, when people talk about it I get jealous. I have a friend who loves Perth, but now lives further out, and she wouldn't live anywhere else. I know it's quite a bad time in our lives for moving which is why we need to get it right, we had our second child out here this year and oldest will start to school either Sep/ Jan, so that may well attribute to us not loving Sydney anymore. So, to the end of a long blurb. What is Perth like? How multicultural is it? Can you get homes that are within 30 mins public transport to CBD for 650,000 dollars? What is the market for IT jobs - my husband has had no problems getting work here. And friendliness, community, childcare, schools, childcare waiting lists, kids activities?.... I guess hearing pros and cons always help. Thanks loads :biggrin:
  5. Hi there. I am trying to find a place to live which is near a community (but not an estate), so I don't feel too cut off. We have two young children who will be going to school in the Palmwoods/Chevallum area and we have family in Nambour and Caloundra - so trying to find a happy medium! Please, does anyone know what any of the following are like: Mooloolah Valley Forest Glen Palmwoods Nambour Woombye Buderim We will be renting for a while until we find our feet. Thanks for any advice! :-) Vics
  6. Greeting to everybody. Nice to be back after some very busy weeks. Turned out that my ELTS test wasn't so bad after all (overall 8.0), but unfortunately not good enough to allow me to pass the new point test, which kind of despairs me :arghh: Right now, my situation is: Age : 25 English:10 Qualifications: 15 Total: 50 Provided that I can get my previous work experience recognized (casual teaching for 4 years, but on very occasional basis before being hired on a contractual basis in 2009) I would be able to claim 5 more points. And 5 more other points if I am able to gain ss. But I would still be short of 5 points. Also, with the looming system based on the principle of the "expression of interest", I feel like that if I am not able to apply before july 2012, I might never have another opportunity. So, I need to wisely weigh my chances before considering to go a step further (i.e contacting an agent for professional advice, with the cost and time therefrom involved). At the moment, I have to questions pending: 1) Do you think I could claim some extra points for qualifications with the new points test, provided that I was also positively assessed by Vetasses for my training occupation (life scientist) ? 2) What are the requirements to be able to claim points for credentialed community language ? I understood from the previous point test that one could obtain five extra points if one possessed "professional level language skills in a designated language" (in my case french), but I can't figure out what would it takes to obtain the same amount of points with the new point test. Any help or advice will be much, much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Cedric
  7. G'day, this is my first ever post. My husband has just been granted his spouse visa 2.12.11, and we are now seriously considering the Big move. Dilemma is we have a great life in Yorkshire, live in a very picturesque rural market town with 3 kids and really want to waste as little time as possible trudging round Oz waiting for somewhere to grab us. We have visited Gold coast a few times and love it but not sure that's where we want to be based long term, I'm thinking is anyone out there between Brisbane and Byron living the dream? Any advice is warmly welcomed....x
  8. hi everyone, wondering if you help me at all. I am a children's nurse with 12 months experience in a community nursing team.. Applying for our 175 visa but going out to Brisbane on a Working Holiday Visa in June It looks like there are lots more jobs in the hospital rather than the community like i am currently doing. Problem is i do not have any post-graduate experience in the hospital. would i be able to go back to working in the hospital in Australia? I am hoping to do a bit of nursing on the WHV so maybe this is something i should try and do then? Any advice or info would be great! Thank you in advance, Dani xx
  9. I have worked as a Community Service Supervisor in Scotland and I can honestly say that this job gave me the most satisfaction out of the jobs I have done. Where would I find info on the same or similar position in Oz?
  10. Guest

    PIO 2 The Community

    Ok I'm sure quite a lot of us could do with some much needed escapism right now. However from fantasy ideas sometimes the seeds for real ideas can start. So please join in & bring your imagination & skills to this fun thread. Mr Lemming proposed the idea for PIO 2 , Poms in Outback, & several of us signed up to the idea. Well this thread is to take that idea to the next level. I was talking to Bleeding Thorn my Australian Husband & he was telling me about how the Australian government sometimes sells off little outback ghost towns. This made me think of just how many PIOers have really useful skills that would be needed to build a community. We've had people mentioning a lot about their trades, about sustanable, living, house insulation, solar power, even things like running spar convenience shops etc etc. Now my idea is lets create an outback town, so what skill are you going to bring & how are we going to build PIO 2 the outback community :idea:
  11. Hi all flights are booked for this sunday were are a family of five very excited, we are staying in macarther parade main beach with relitives, Any welsh boys or tradies about for a meet up and where is the best place for the amber nectar lads :wideeyed:
  12. Hi all... hoping someone can help:smile: does anyone know if there are many job opportunities for community staff nurses? went to london expo yesterday and was told by the rep from the NMC australia that district nursing jobs are out in the rural areas and not in the more built up areas, was a bit confused by that?!!:confused: do they not have community nurses in the towns and cities? we dont mind too much where we settle as long as its coastal, near a beach. Thanks in advance for any replies xx
  13. My husband has just been offered an amazing opportunity in Oz so we are moving to Sydney at the beginning of Oct. I was last in Sydney 10 years ago, so have no idea of the best areas to live to ensure a good education for the kids (aged 3 and 5) - any advice is welcome. We need to be fairly close to the city centre within a 30 min commute if poss. Areas I know and like are Balmain, Paddington, Surry Hills, Glebe, Bronte, Bondi - does anyone have recommendations for primary schools within these areas? I'm also looking for an area with a community feel - do any of these tick the box? We have temporary accom on arrival but I'll need to be making enquiries before I head out to ensure the mnimum gap in my 5 year old's education so help is appreciated to whittle down a short list.
  14. BuntyStoops

    Community Work/Mechanic

    Hiya, Me and my b/f are looking at moving across in the next couple of years. I am a youth/community development worker and he is a mechanic. Can anyone point us in an area which requires both of these jobs? We are just starting our research now so any help is greatly received, Thanks in advance, Kirsty and Stu :biggrin:
  15. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and hope some of you will be able to give me advice. We are only considering applying for a visa to live in Australia, we have spoken to an agent and they are pushing for Perth, however I'm not convinced this is the place suitable for us. We live in Dublin and are very close to everything, good schools, social scene, amenities (parks, shopping centres) etc. so we ideally would want the same in Australia. My husband is a carpenter and builder and apparently Perth is booming at the moment and would have the most prospects for work etc. but surely there is work in other cities like Melbourne and Sydney! We have a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old so obviously I need the best choice of schools for them. My main reason for moving is so that I could give up work and spend time with the children and maybe have another baby! The reasons for not moving are that we have a really good quality of life here I only work 3 days, we have a great family who help us out all the time, my OH doesn't have to work long hours, we have a beautiful house. My OH is saying that the construction industry here in Ireland is getting really bad and it is going to be hard to keep getting work, so we may have to move! So what I'm trying to ask is can you recommend a suitable city (and area) for us, with a good Irish community and job prospects??? Many thanks, Jxx
  16. I thought I would post a useful website which lists jobs specifically for the community/not for profit sector, it has grown and become quite popular in the sector. Just click on your preferred State, and check out the jobs. Community Jobs | Not-For-Profit Jobs | Government Jobs - Jobseeker.org.au
  17. Hello. I am an occupational therapist working in mental health in the UK. I have been lucky enough to obtain a job working in the community in Launceston. We are in the process of tying up things here in the Uk in preparation for the big move. I know it is subjective, but can anyone give me a their view on any of the following: Living in or near Launceston (good/not so good areas to live). We currently live in a 200 year old property in a small village, 10 mins from a larger town and 45 mins from a city. Also does anyone have any views on working in mental health or working as an OT in Launceston or Tasmania? I have visited Tassie in 2010 for a week and loved it. We spent an afternoon in Launceston and stayed few days at Beauty Point. Thanks everyone :wink:
  18. HI everyone i am new to this forum and have some questions. I need a help for some Pr related questions as follows: 1. I have finished my study Dip Community welfare in May 2010 2. Applied Tr in may 2010 3. I want to know what the possibilities or option for me getting PR and how can i prepare to be eligilbe and the process. Thanks
  19. Hi, I would like to go for 175 visa for which I need 5 more point to match my requirement of 120 point. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and my mother tongue is Tamil which is listed as one of the community language. Can I claim 5 points, because I did my schooling, Diploma in Civil Engineering in the medium of Tamil, community language? The problem is I did my bachelor degree in the medium of English.
  20. Guest

    Asian Community

    Hi all, I just wanted to know about the Asian community, I know in london its all multi cultural, but wanted to know if there are any asian communitys is Australia, and which are they are located in. I am a 29 years old female Gujrati and am moving to Melbourne in a couple of weeks time, and wanted to know which area to stay in that would have asians around as well as Ozzie. if anyone could help me thanks
  21. Hello to Everybody!! Please, please, give me some help. I have already lodged an online application for a 175 GSM VISA however reaching the limit of 60 files per application!! Now I want to add a letter from my offshore University saying that I studied all the lessons in a Australian Community Language, claiming 5 crucial points. What do you suggest me to do: 1. Should I send it by post? 2. ...Or should I wait for the case officer asking me to do so? Please somebody give me a hand....
  22. connaust

    Anti Refugee Outrage

    Community outraged by anti asylum flyers. The Adelaide Hills council is considering legal action to stop a group drumming up community anger over asylum seekers. Mayor Bill Spragg says the Australia First Party is letterboxing homes with a flyer that vilifies asylum seekers and incites people to take action against them. He says it also urges residents near the new Inverbrackie detention centre to shun anyone who expresses support for asylum seekers. Cr Spragg says he has received numerous calls from people outraged by the material. "We have been talking to the locals about their concerns and I believe we were making reasonable progress with that and to have this group come in and try to undo all the good work that's been done is really a big concern," he said. He says it urges local people to shun anyone who embraces the asylum seekers. "Well we're looking at, we're going to seek legal advice to see whether they've breached any laws and if they have we'll take action against them to try to prevent them distributing any more of these flyers," he said.
  23. Hi all, Im just looking for some feedback on St Marks School. Fees seem reasonable and looks good online but wondering if anyone has any experience on the school. All help much appreciated. Sports facilities etc etc. Kind Regards:biggrin:
  24. Hi, I am writing to help me for Community Welfare Paid Work in Victoria. My field experience includes project work and a case management role. The aim of the project I worked on was to discern areas of need as identified by the community members through community engagement. I participated in Intake Assessments, establishing Case Plans and recording comprehensive case notes describing the client’s situation, needs and goals. Through my studies in Community Welfare Work I have gained a solid understanding of the skills and knowledge required to work with clients with complex needs, work with clients intensively and how to respond to client issues with a holistic approach. Coupled with my communication skills and ability to work confidently with culturally and linguistically diverse clients, this knowledge provides me with a solid foundation on which to build a successful career in the community sector. I am proficient with Microsoft Office applications and confident in using technology. I never shy away from gaining new skills by instruction or self tutoring. I am committed to learning new skills and refining and challenging existing abilities through structured professional development and self implemented personal development strategies. I look forward to hearing from you if there is any opportunity. Thank you.
  25. Guest

    Australian community language

    Hello pomsinoz members i have a question to run by you , and i hope to find the help needed here i am having my IELTS exam in 2 days , and i am planning to get band 7 , in order to have 125 points ... but i wanted to be sure that even if i don't get the band 7 needed , i can also reach 120 i know that there is 5 points that i can receive for " Australian community language " this is the evidence the IMMI want to give me the 5 points quote ******** If you are seeking bonus points for fluency in one of Australia's community languages, you must attach certified copies of your degree, academic transcript and a letter from your university stating the language in which your course was conducted, or evidence of your NAATI accreditation. ********* Unquote my situation is as follows i am Egyptian , so i speak arabic ; i received my bachelor degree from an egyptian university in which all tutors were egyptian I went to the univerisity and i was able to acquire my certification degree ( written in english and arabic ) , my transcript ( written in english and arabic ) ; BUT there is no official paper that tells the language with which a course is conducted They did help me with a backup thing ; they included a line in the certification degree ; stating that 25 % of my studies were done in arabic , and 75 % in english Do you think i can have my bonus 5 points with the above ? thanks for your time reading