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  1. Younghenry

    Electricians In Australia

    Thanks @Eltonb for that great post regarding licensing. I'm currently a maintenance spark in a UK car plant. I've done some installation work, but my trade/skills is fault finding and repairs on industrial equipment. I've done a HNC, NVQ3, 4 year apprenticeship (been out of my time for 7 years) and I work with PLCs and robots etc. Would this be considered General Electrician or Special Class? Do you know if there is much call for this kind of work in Aus? Is the licensing situation similar for the two trades? Sorry to bombard you with questions, but I keep finding conflicting answers online. I don't think i'd make it as an installation sparky, I'm not used to working for a living Thanks, Henry
  2. Younghenry

    Industrial maintenance electrician.

    Thanks Verystormy, I had heard about the downturn from a few sources, but I've also seen a fair few jobs in Perth advertised on various sites (probably not that many in relative terms given the size of the city). We were initially attracted to Melbourne, but were swayed by the potential of mining jobs. I'll keep reading and have a good traipse through the posts on here. Still struggling to find definitive answers on my trade, but I hope the migration agent will be able to advise. Thanks again, Henry
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post and my first time on a forum, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered. My girlfriend and I are hoping to move to Oz (most likely Perth), we've just contacted a migration agent and are ready to slowly start the process. I work as an industrial maintenance electrician in a car manufacturing plant, working with PLCs, robots and carrying out electrical fault finding on quite high tech machinery. Would this be electrician general or special class? Is the job market as good as people say? Are the wages really that good? What are the chances of me landing a FIFO job in the mining industry? Any advice or answers to any or all of those questions from someone who's in a similar role or knows someone who is would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Henry