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Found 32 results

  1. PedroEmanuel78

    FIFO airport transfer from Jindalee

    Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable FIFO airport transfer shuttle service from Jindalee/Alkimos area? Thanks Scott
  2. Hi there, Next year we will (hopefully) be receiving our 489 visa for SA. I came to Aus on a 457 visa a few years ago and worked Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) in Queensland. Made redundant we've returned to the UK and have just receives the invitation to apply for the 489 skilled state nominated visa. My wife is the lead applicant for this. I have read the limitations for the 489 and they indicate that we will be expected/limited to working in the rural area (in this case anywhere in SA) with this visa. So here is the question. If I work for a company whose Head Quarters are based in SA, but I work in both SA and say WA and or QLD in the field, would this be acceptable do you think? My wife would not be 'bending' the visa location rules and would likely be fulfilling the intended economic invitation to work and settle in SA. Thanks for your time and input on this subject.
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post and my first time on a forum, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered. My girlfriend and I are hoping to move to Oz (most likely Perth), we've just contacted a migration agent and are ready to slowly start the process. I work as an industrial maintenance electrician in a car manufacturing plant, working with PLCs, robots and carrying out electrical fault finding on quite high tech machinery. Would this be electrician general or special class? Is the job market as good as people say? Are the wages really that good? What are the chances of me landing a FIFO job in the mining industry? Any advice or answers to any or all of those questions from someone who's in a similar role or knows someone who is would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Henry
  4. hiya, just joined this site and saw that a few people seem to have questions/misconceptions about FIFO work, so thought i might put my two penneth in ;-) FIFO is great, for me it's all about the swing/roster not being a long one. i've been here since '89 and have done them all. 6 and 3 (weeks), 3 and 1 (too long), 2 and 1 (quite good) etc. the best one is of course any 'even time' swing (normally 2 weeks on 2 weeks off) but these are mainly offshore and/or offered to those with rarer skill sets (because they demand it), but failing that, 9 days on 5 off is not bad at all. More and more mining co's are offering this, and, increasingly, 8 and 6 (days). simply because they want to avoid the very high costs of a 'high churn' workforce. with 9 and 5, by the time you've had enough you're flying home! to answer an earlier question about money: if you don't get over 80K something is wrong. as others have said, however, if you're working outdoors up in NW of WA you'll earn every penny, it's so hot from nov to march. having said that, precautions are taken, no one wants anyone to die. re: what tickets to get? i can only offer this tip: start reading the ads on Seek.com, what skills/tickets are they asking for? how many companies are asking for the same skill/ticket? how many ads per day/week? collect these ads as they have valuable contact names/numbers on them. also, i've found it useful to call any agency that you keep seeing (as you look through the seek.com ads) and chat to them. ASK for advice/help, you might be surprised how helpful these people can be. they love to tell you what they know about an industry. and, by calling around a few you will build up a picture of what's what and which of your current skills you can build on to get yourself in with a chance. also, the old 'right time right place 'factor is not one to be sniffed at. who knows what might have just come across their desk? one small tip along those lines: when the person answers the phone they will ALWAYS say their name, listen closely for it and ALWAYS use it. "oh hi Melissa, i was just wondering if you..." it works. the best thing to remember is this: if you have to do a long swing on your first job up there, don't fret, you will very soon find out which other companies are looking for your skills and you move. 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and all that.. ;-) one more thing: look into the tax allowances you get when you stay away from home for work. they can be significant when calculating whether this (fifo) life is for you. all the best to you all. ps: if you have any questions, feel free. though i don't know anything at all about visas or immigration matters. cheers
  5. chiara

    FIFO- what's it like?

    Hi I see several threads about what FIFO is like for the wives at home, but nothing about what it is like for the men. My husband is heading off in a week or so, we're staying in Ireland until after Christmas, but he has no idea what he's heading into. Basic questions: what is the accommodation like (we still don't know which project he's on so I can only expect general answers), does he get his own room? What are the facilities like? Can they have a beer? It's coming up to his birthday and I wanted to get him something like a PSP because I'm not sure he'll have anything to do in the evenings -- am I worrying unnecessarily? It's bad enough leaving us all behind, without going into something bleak so it would be good to hear some good stories (but the bad also). Thanks
  6. Just found this, did a search and I cant see anyone has mentioned it on PiO so here it is.... http://www.fifobids.com.au/ May help people looking for FIFO and mining roles in WA http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/new-solution-to-wa-skills-shortage/story-e6frg2r3-1226341562637 (News Article)
  7. Hi, I'm new to poms in Oz but have found loads of information from people posting on here. I'm hoping that someone knows what the restrictions or limitations there are on moving companies whilst on a 457 sponsored visa? My partner and I have been living and working in Brisbane for over 6 months and loving the city and lifestyle here. However, we have just started a fly in fly out job in central Queensland and hate it. The camp we are staying at is similar to a prison and we are now being told to work 15 days straight for 12 hours a day. we are finding ourselves exhausted and unhappy. With this we are looking to find another company in Brisbane that I could work for but I'm unsure of how easy it'll be with a sponsored visa from our current company. Has anyone else moved company within the first 6 months of getting their 457 visa? If so is it easy or hard to do? We are kind of balancing on whether to give another company a go out here or pack everything up and move back to the UK. Thanks
  8. Guest

    FIFO Posts

    I'm new here, we are just starting our adventure to Oz. My partner has an interview for a Fly in Fly out post and works in the construction industry. We are struggling to find much information out on FIFO apart from adverts for posts or random newspaper articles. If anyone has experience of them would they mind answering some of the questions below, I am aware that each job will be different but just trying to get some ideas. When it says 10 days fly in and 10 days fly out, we are assuming that is 10 days consecutively and not 2 weeks of 5 working days and 2 weekend days off. Has anyone done it with a young family at home, I would be at home with the kids with OH working away for 10 days at a time. We have had him working away here quite often but it just feels a bit scarier doing that over there - is there a comunity of partners who are left at home? Is there anything particular we should be checking/asking about it? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all, My Hubby has a potential job offer in Karratha and we were just wondering if anyone could give us any info on the place and what it has to offer. The job has the potential for FIFO but thats another dilema altogether!!! Whats worse living in a remote town and seeing my hubby couple of hours a day or living near a friend in Sydney and having him for a week a month??? Anyone with experience of FIFO I would be grateful of your thoughts. Cheers Christine
  10. plumbing with passion

    FIFO plumbing work

    Hello all, After trawling through hundreds of web pages and spending many hours searching for information on FIFO plumbing work on the mines in WA, I was hoping that someone in this community could share their knowledge on FIFO work for tradies. It seems to be 'who you know' rather than 'what you know' gets you in. Are there any special courses plumbers need to attend in order to get work? I look forward to any feedback anyone may have Thanks in advance guys Paul
  11. wetnwindy

    Any families doing FIFO?

    Hi all new to forum and currently considering FIFO opportunity in Perth. DH would be fine but I worry that I wouldnt. Have 3 kids, 2 at school and a 1 year old so have major reservations about moving to other side of world and being on own immediately. Has anyone experienced this type of move or would you consider it. We have lived abroad before (ME) so are used to being away from family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:biggrin:
  12. spud-u-like

    Pilbara Mines

    Hi All, Ive been offered a position with a large mining company in the Pilbara region of WA, I'll initially be on a years unaccompanied probation but guaranteed Oz residency (initially going on a 457 visa) on completion. The company have offered me 8 weeks on, 2 wks off, flying back to my family back in the UK all paid for, or they will fly my wife over. My questions are - 1. What would be a great place to live in this area (coastal preferably) 2. Can anyone recommend a good property agent 3. Has anyone got any advise on fly in/fly out contracts Many thanks in advance Spudulike:biggrin:
  13. Guest

    Medical for FIFO

    Hi all can anyone help with info on medical's for FIFO , as to what's involved and how long does it take, also what happens if you fail!! My mate just went through one this week and it took 3hrs and he had to do loads of exercises, is this the norm, Thanks
  14. Veggiebigfoot


    hi everyone Im a 31 year old bloke from manchester moving to Perth in Jan. Im currently working as a plumbing and heating engineer but have only been doing this for 2 years (so this is not a possibility in Oz because I have been told you must have at least 4 years experience to get a licence). Prior to that I was involved in the golf course construction industry operating plant machinery (though I never needed tickets with the company I was employed by). I did this work in New Zealand and in the UK. Would anyone know whether I could get similar work in the mines, does anyone have any contacts they wouldn't mind sharing?? Or, alternatively does anyone know any golf course construction companies in Perth or WA in general, my searches so far have drawn a blank Any info or help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  15. Hi all, I'm currently considering a FIFO in WA. Having never worked FIFO before I'd really appreciate it if some of you could share your experiences. The rota is 3 on 1 off. I'm a married guy, late 20s no kids. How do the wives cope? Do any of them live near to the mines? Thanks in advance. :biggrin:
  16. My ofther half has recently decided to work away (2 and 1). What an adjustment that has been for all of us. We've been in Perth for nearly 3 years now and have a good circle of friends (all families) but now that I'm predominently alone with my son (11) things are a bit different, as you can imagine!! So I was wondering if there are any others out there in a similar situation that would like to meet up? We live SOR. Cheers, Andrea.
  17. :arghh:Hi all, I have only just joined the group and am still here in the UK well for the next few weeks at least. Today I have been offered the job of dreams in Perth, all relocation paid. What can I say 'ROCK ON TOMMY'. I will be working on FIFO job a a construction manager cant wait. I will be moving with my partner and 2 children 7&3 they cant wait. We are looking at Burns Beach or Quinns. I was just wondering if any one has points to make about these plece's. :biggrin: - How to make a new life with freinds that is the next question?:confused: If anyone has been through a similar process I would welcome your comments.
  18. Would really appreciate hearing from any carpenters who have or are working in the mines FIFO Perth WA..... want to know all the good and the bad points... Also whats employment like out there for the construction industry? whats the rate of pay like for site foremans and can anyone recommend any reputable companies?
  19. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/125181-wdu-sort-reccie-perth.html
  20. Hi, I am looking for accommodation for single male, 45 yrs old, FIFO 9/5 from 31 August 2011 ongoing until mid October. Need a room with en-suite. Willing to pay approx $125 p/w As close to the Perth domestic airport as possible. Urgent request! Thanks
  21. Hi all, I am a Chartered Occupational Health and Safety Professional looking to emigrate to WA. I have had quite a bit of interest in my skills and experience from Australian employers based in WA but 90% of the jobs are on a FIFO roster which is not exactly what i was looking for in mine and my wife's new life Down Under. Is this typical for those working in the construction / resources sector in WA? Does anyone have any experience in this type of work who could shed a bit of light on what the lifestyle is really like from both a social and family situation other than the obvious? Thanks
  22. derham

    FIFO Job Opportunities

    Hi I am a construction manager based in the UK and we are thinking about applying for our visa, I thought it might be a good try out to work on one of the camps and get some experience. Does any one know if you can get a temp visa to work on the camps and if so does anyone have any details of companies looking to employ?:arghh:
  23. tonyman


    Can anyone give me as much info as poss on FIFO ,any little detail if poss from what to take with you ,what not to ect ...........what its like to work in Port Headland ,karratha ect thanks
  24. Bushwhacker

    Wives to Husbands working FIFO

    I have accepted a job in WA working FIFO. My wife and I both know that working FIFO will be difficult but we are certainly not the first couple to choose to do it. Our biggest concerns are its moving to a new country, she'll be alone a lot and wont initially have many friends. I think that if she were to get casual work, we could attend expat meets so she can get to make friends in similar situations. It would be great to hear from the wives that have already done it and learn how they coped/are coping. Maybe there's other issues we hadn't considered? We are a 20 something couple with no kids. I understand that there guys who are husbands to wives working FIFO but I would like to hear it from a woman's perspective. It would be great to hear from you
  25. Hi all I am a 36 yr old male. My background is in mechanical/electrical engineering through 15 yrs as a maintenance engineer with Ford Motor Company. I am now working for Bombardier Transportation in the rolling stock industry. I have a vast engineering background and a degree in Electronics. My family and I moved to Perth Mid 2009 but returned to the UK 12 months later because of a relative being ill. We have no ties in the UK now and wish to return to Perth this year but I am trying to secure a job first, preferably a FIFO role. I also already have a PR visa. Why is it soooo difficult to get an opportunity in the mines when apparently they are crying out for skilled people? Any contacts/ideas would be greatly recieved. Thanks guys and gals Jon