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  1. Hi All, I have questions regarding the businesses that sign off 88 days of rural work, I am currently going through the process of looking for rural work and am trying to sort my options as to what places qualify with the ability of signing off rural work. I understand that the business have to be located in a "rural" postcode and have to be in the below areas, and have an ABN -Plant and animal cultivation -Fishing and pearling -Tree farming and felling -Mining -Construction Are there any other requirements needed from the businesses to be able to sign off the 88 days of rural work? Can I work for two separate employers to cover the 88 days if work for any reason dries up at one of the employers? Does the business have to be registered as a rural company in any capacity or can I just undertake work that fits within the requirements using any company? If my payslips from the employers are listed as 7 days i.e 1st to the 7th but I have only worked 3 days due to the employer not having work on the other days, does that mean I can submit that as 7 days worked or do the actual days I have worked need to be disclosed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated with this
  2. steevo_94

    New 189 questions

    Thanks for getting back to me, I don't have a skills assessment completed yet but posting here was exactly what I was looking for for advice/guidance, is this a good place to ask for advice on what is needed/how to get it? looking at it for proof it needs letterheads or payslips but as some of the companies I have worked for no longer exist and I have moved around a lot and done a lot of spring cleaning I no longer have my copy of payslips or a way to contact them for letterheaded signed proof I worked for them I looked at the MLTSSL a little while ago and I fall under Computer Network and Systems Engineer I can see that the assessing body is the ACS (fees are within my budget) for this, the 60 points was a rough outline going on the info I could get from the border website, I have IT related qualifications that may push me over the 60 mark not counting the IELTS as a full 20 I should still be able to come up with 65 points. In terms of timeframe that I have it seems like the rural work for three months would be a good idea to give me the biggest window to hear back in. Cheers, Steve
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    New 189 questions

    Hi All, I have a couple of questions about the process of obtaining a 189 visa. So far I understand that what I need is 60 points, and to pay the visa fee. At the moment my age gets me 30 points, my potential IELTS score will get me 20 and my work history in the UK will get me 10. My main question is how do i prove my work history? I read on the main gov site that I need to get a signed letter-headed letter from the employer confirming I worked there, if this is true I could be in trouble as a couple of the companies I worked for no longer exist, is there a way to prove this via tax history or something similar? And my second question beyond the points and the fees is there anything else I need to provide? I understand that police checks can't be prepared in advance as they have to be within 3 months from getting the call back about the application. My third question, I have just over 6 months left on my current 417 visa and want to know if I get all my documentation sent in and get to the "wait for a call back" stage does that allow me to stay longer than the 6 months as I will have a new visa application pending or do I still need to seek a 3 month rural placement to get me a second year as a backup? Any help from my fellow poms would be greatly appreciated Steve