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  1. Craig Colas

    Travel Exemption Experience

    Yer I have heard different time scales etc. My wife knows more about it than I do tbf. Our 12 month deadline is the 7th of December. Like you say if it wasn’t for this would of hoped to have been there very soon. We lived in Brisbane for nearly 4 years. I’m a geologist and came out a while ago during the boom on a sponsored visa, when it slowed down had no choice but to return home really, wife needed to finish her degree but we have always wanted to go back. We was in Brisbane last March, day before they introduced 2 week quarantine. But our friends wedding was cancelled and I have two little kids and we only ended up staying for 6 days as we didn’t want to get stuck with the little ones there. Was a holiday to forgot but hasn’t put us off one bit!
  2. Craig Colas

    Travel Exemption Experience

    Hi @NicMan last thing that CGFNS needed from the university was the syllabus which they have finally sent today so they have everything now. CGFNS then forward it on to APHRA so just wait to hear from them now. Qld 491 was hoping to be there around this time now but it’s been very difficult. Hopefully get there by September or October I hope. We are renting our house out here so we are not in a position where we are not in our own house atm which is nice.
  3. Craig Colas

    Travel Exemption Experience

    Hi NicMan, We are in the same situation as you. Wife is a nurse, got granted our 491 visa in December 2020. She is also waiting on APHRA registration, her uni have been dragging their feet. We have applied for two exemptions under the critical skills list. We attached everything we could think of and what was asked. But both times they got rejected and their reply was basically that there was no evidence of employment. So I think its safe to say you will need a job offer once her APHRA comes through. Good Luck!
  4. Craig Colas

    491 work and living situation

    Well the 491 is less restrictive than the 489 in this sense so hard to see how the next visa will be even more restrictive when it hasn't been the case with this new one. Seems like the government and the states intentions is to encourage people to live and settle in more regional areas which will be of great benefit to the country. I'm sure the government is well aware how some people may take the opportunity to move and if they was that bothered they would have included it as a restriction within the visa itself. I'm not in a position to say whether i agree or not I can only tell the OP the truth into the question they asked.
  5. Craig Colas

    491 work and living situation

    I believe the intention of the 491 will be to push more people out regionally. There is no condition which states you have to be in the sponsoring state for the period required. 3 years regional work at $53,000 a year and live in a regional area set out by the postcodes they provide for 3 years. Here are the conditions: Visa conditions 8578 - Must notify of certain changes 8579 - Must live/work/study in a designated regional area 8580 - Must provide evidence of addresses 8581 - Must attend interview Obviously it is a moral situation you find yourself in. Would make sense to apply for the state in which you wish to reside to save argument which is what we have done but in no way are you obliged to stay there.
  6. Craig Colas

    491 work and living situation

    Your visa is given to you by the Australian government. It has nothing on it where it says which state has nominated you.
  7. Craig Colas

    491 work and living situation

    You can live and work in any regional area of Australia. You can work in any sector as long as you earn over the $53,000 a year you need to make you eligible for PR. Good luck!
  8. Yer i cannot imagine how you feel. We only just got our visa in December so have got plenty of time to get an exemption hopefully. It is a real shame they aren't offering any guidance on what will happen if you run out of time etc.
  9. Did you have any luck in the end? We are applying for exemption very soon and haven't read any positive cases really.
  10. Craig Colas

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    We are exactly the same. Our medicals run out in November 2021 visa grant was the 7th of december so we have until then as well. Good luck with it, let us know how you get on and I will do the same
  11. Craig Colas

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Hi Lauren, We will be using a rental agent here. You just need to get a NRL1 form so the rental agent doesn't take tax from source and you would then do your yearly tax return in the UK on your rental and your Oz tax will be separate. We are heading to Perth. Don't know who your consultation was with but the whole of WA is classed as regional . Wife is a nurse so we was lucky with getting the grant so quick after lodging it is just the problem of getting there now. I am a geologist and we used to be on the list but over time have been removed. Craig
  12. Craig Colas

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Hi Lauren, We are doing the exact same thing. We got our 491 visa granted in December 2020 and are renting our house out until we change over to the permanent visa in a few years time. As mentioned above you don't need to declare your rental income in Australia as it is a temporary visa. You would just need to do one in the UK. In regards to CGT it will be negligible if any depending on if it was your main house you lived in and there is lots of tax offsets against it if that is the case so I wouldn't worry about that either. I would just recommend a reputable state agent to manage it while away and you should be all set. Craig
  13. Yes will do 100%, heard of a few that have had the exemption given but not very many. Helps to have a job offer as well apparently, just waiting for Aphra registration now. Maybe having the vaccine might help as well but who knows all you can do is try and hope you get one.
  14. We got our Visa granted just before Xmas and are planning on moving to Perth. Wife is a Nurse and we are just waiting for a few things before we apply for an exemption as we have a 491 visa. Seems you will need an exemption if temp visa, a negative covid test, will have to quarantine and the luck in the first place of getting a flight and staying on it. All these if's make planning extremely hard especially trying to sort house out etc. GL let us know how you get on.
  15. Craig Colas

    190 Visa Repercussions

    Thank you, was just curious. We want to eventually apply for citizenship and have two small children so don't want to be taking any risks at all.