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  1. We got our Visa granted just before Xmas and are planning on moving to Perth. Wife is a Nurse and we are just waiting for a few things before we apply for an exemption as we have a 491 visa. Seems you will need an exemption if temp visa, a negative covid test, will have to quarantine and the luck in the first place of getting a flight and staying on it. All these if's make planning extremely hard especially trying to sort house out etc. GL let us know how you get on.
  2. Craig Colas

    190 Visa Repercussions

    Thank you, was just curious. We want to eventually apply for citizenship and have two small children so don't want to be taking any risks at all.
  3. Craig Colas

    190 Visa Repercussions

    Hello, Does anyone know if there are any repercussions or things that would cause us any problems in the future if we went over on a 190 visa but didn't actually live in the state that nominated us? Thanks in advance!
  4. Craig Colas

    Nurse looking for advice about where to start...

    My wife and I are just starting the same process. Although we are potentially using an agent. She is a registered nurse and the first point of call is the English Language test to secure you points. That is our first point of call and she has the exam this month fingers crossed.
  5. Craig Colas

    PTE Academic English Test

    My wife is due to sit the test this month and requires 79+, I believe she will have no problem but as you say above it is just perhaps the nerves on the day. We are also going to buy the mock test, could perhaps ease the pressure if she passes the mock test first. Good luck with your test as well!
  6. Craig Colas

    Financial Planning for Brisbane Move

    Hi Big Fish, Thanks for the reply. You may be right about renting for a particular period of time while everything settles down. Are you heading out to Brisbane as well? Good luck with your move!
  7. Hello, Was just wondering if some of you can put our minds at rest. We are a family of 4 with two small children. One will be 3 the other 1 when we make the move. We are planning to sell our house and are currently going through the Visa process. My wife is a Nurse, are we are planning on heading to Brisbane. We would have a minimum of £85,000 to bring with us including all our savings. Would have paid for visa's etc.. before hand. She may be able to find work relatively quickly but may be a bit more difficult for myself at least for a few months. Do you think that is a suitable budget to be able to make the move, get a car and get up and running. We would also look to try and buy a house as soon as feasible. If it was just the two of us we usually wouldn't be asking but seeing as we now have two children there is a lot more risk and want to be quite safe and secure for a short while at least. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Craig
  8. Craig Colas

    So confused, advice needed please!!!

    My wife is also at the beginning stage of this process. You can apply to aphra first with all your qualifications and transcript etc. Once you are registered you can apply to Anmac without doing the ILETS to have your skills assessment completed, although I believe you still need to do this for your visa so it would be wise to do your ILETS test as soon as possible. Once you have your skills assessment you can submit your EOI and go from there. If anyone thinks I have got anything wrong feel free to correct hope that helps!
  9. Craig Colas

    Making a return to Australia!

    That makes more sense. We are going to sell our house here anyhow I reckon as I believe the extra money will help us with the initial move. I guess having a change of visa from last time I would have to apply for a new TFN etc. Not to sure how much information they keep as it's 4 years since last being there?
  10. Craig Colas

    Making a return to Australia!

    I felt the sting of the mining downturn back in 2012 which forced us to return to the UK so I know those problems to well! Just a quick question to flag of convenience how would my bank account in England automatically send money to my Oz one? If I did rent my property out I would have every intention of keeping everything above board but I cannot see how they would ever know I even had a property in the UK? Same would apply if I sold my house while in Oz in regards to paying capital gains tax?
  11. Craig Colas

    Making a return to Australia!

    I would move to Brisbane in a heartbeat I fell in love with the city when I was there and the surrounding areas. My wife has got a few friends in Perth which she believes would make the initial move a lot easier. Lovely WA has the right idea and I should be able to email various dealers closer to the time we make the move. One more thing we are undecided on is our house in the U.K. I wanted to make a go of renting it out but is it really worth the hassle? In the long run it would be a great thing to do but has anyone had experience in renting out from the other side of the world. I just have fears that if something went wrong we would be pretty helpless in oz.
  12. Craig Colas

    Making a return to Australia!

    Hi all, Me and my wife lived in Brisbane for nearly 3 years after we graduated university, and later returned back to the UK in 2012 following the mining downturn. We have been back in the UK for 4 years now and the itch to go back is starting to bug us on a daily basis. However this time around we have a lot more to think about. We had a little girl this year and now have a house, all to familiar adult commitments! Last time I got a job offer out of the blue and was gone within nearly a week. So a lot more effort and research is needed this time around. We are applying for our 189 skill select visa at the beginning of next year (2017). Although my skills have now been taken off the list (geologist) my wife is a degree qualified nurse. We are both 27 and have looked at the points and shouldn't have to many problems I hope. Which brings me on to my first question, roughly how long have people's 189 visa's taken to come through? This time around we are planning our move to Perth, I know the differences between Perth and Brisbane will be vast but we have friends in Perth and the job prospects for my wife seem to be excellent. I guess what I am asking is how vastly different is it? Worse case scenario is we can always move over to Brisbane if we didn't settle but we are planning on making this our home for the foreseeable. Work in geology though is a different story and it has caused me to change careers, I have worked for Audi for the last 4 years as a sales exec. I have no knowledge however of the motor trade in Australia and have tried researching but can never get any clear answers. Does anybody here have any experience or know any one working in the motor trade in Australia (Perth especially) that can give their opinions on hours and ball park salary figures? We plan on selling our house once we have our permanent residency secured and will most likely sell everything we have to avoid shipping costs etc. Hopefully will have made the move before the end of next year as we both cannot wait to escape the UK. Any information on the above would be greatly appreciated.