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  1. PerthLondonGirl89

    Aussie Tax Returns - Overseas Resident

    Thanks @Marisawright, @rammygirl & @Ken for the explanations, it is really helpful. That makes a lot more sense now about the banks deducting the Non-Resident Withholding Tax. As I have been receiving interest on my accounts I assume this means that it has not happened and therefore I will actually have to do the tax returns. I am certain when I left I did notify my banks to say I was going overseas, though at that stage I thought it may only be for a year. However it seems as though the systems may still think I am resident, in Aus which complicates things! Thanks Ken - I will double check my last tax return for the year I left Aus. My dad actually used to help me complete my tax returns and he did mention the other day that he thought he put on the last tax return about moving overseas and therefore the next one would not be required, but I will check!
  2. PerthLondonGirl89

    Aussie Tax Returns - Overseas Resident

    Hello, So I keep putting this off as it confuses me but I really do need to get this sorted. I have been living in the UK since 2014 and naively did not think I needed to complete an Aussie tax return of some sort. Upon checking my ATO account I realised that I have a few years worth of overdue tax returns to complete. Now I am pretty sure that I do not need to lodge an actual tax return but instead I need to submit them as a non-lodgement advice. This is what it says on the "Work Out If You Need To Lodge A Tax Return" page on the ATO website and I believe I fall under this category:- You do not need to lodge an Australian tax return if: you are a foreign resident and your only Australian-sourced income was interest, dividends or royalties and you paid the correct amount of non-resident withholding tax I spoke with someone from the ATO to update my details and arrange this however they were not much help and confused me even more and I now doubt my understanding! So I just wanted to ask on here for some advice. I still have a Super account as well as a couple of bank accounts which I have been receiving interest on. All of which are well under the $18,200 tax threshold for Aus. Besides this I receive no other income from Australia. I also don't have any student loans/any loans. What I earn in the UK I pay tax on in the UK. I am not sure what the non-resident withholding tax relates to that is mentioned above? @Alan Collett and @Ken - you both have been very helpful recently, are you able to advise on this? Am I correct with my thinking that I just need to complete a non-lodgement advice for all the years I have not been resident in Australia based on the above? Alan I think when we spoke you said that this should be the case but I don't think we had discussed Super/bank accounts interest so I am not sure if that changes things. Sorry to ask what may be an obvious question - it doesn't take a lot to confuse me when it comes to things like this and I just want to get this right
  3. PerthLondonGirl89

    Question on submitting partner visa and documents

    Hi Emma. As Paul says you will need to provide the statutory declarations. From personal experience I would definitely make sure you have the fully completed 888 forms ready to upload before applying for the visa. Some of my family/friends took almost 2 months to complete them
  4. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Awesome news Jon, so happy for you that you finally made it enjoy Perth!!
  5. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Sorry I completely missed this earlier. Yeah it feels like a kick in the teeth as it seems like there is just a small batch of 223 flights that have been cancelled - the majority seem to be okay, we just happened to pick the wrong flights. The part I keep replaying in my head is that I was umming and ahhing over booking the week earlier which those flights seem to be okay. I keep thinking why did I not book those instead!! BUT! It is out of my control. We are lucky as we have a roof over our heads for as long as we need, I do freelance work so we will be getting some type of income, and we are all healthy and okay as are my family in Aus so we have no pressing reason to get back other than un-pausing our life for our next big steps (starting a family etc!). I just need to be grateful for the position I am in, as disappointing as it is to have our flights cancelled yet again. Getting back to Australia will happen eventually. Obviously anything can happen but all of this does make me more hopeful that your flights will be okay as I think you would have heard with this recent batch of cancellations if not. IThis forum and the stranded Aussie's FB pages have shown me that there are (unfortunately) so many of us in this position - and as much as I want to be the one with the success story of getting home I am so happy for those who do actually make it because I know the intense feelings that go on inside and the affect that this situation has on you!
  6. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    @bicek yeah I have had a look today but no DFAT flights have become available. I will keep checking though and will also keep an eye on emails for the October flights. @psuwara it is definitely not a nice situation and it sucks that so many have been through it. Our first flights were cancelled at the start of February and then this is our second lot cancelled in September. I am very pleased that you guys did eventually make it to Aus! I am sure we will get there eventually too.
  7. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    I am... but of course it is not letting me log in to the website to update my details to say I have had yet another cancellation.
  8. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Yup unfortunately I am one of those unlucky ones with the SQ223 cancellation on 30th September. Absolutely gutted. So angry and so upset.
  9. PerthLondonGirl89

    Singapore Airlines - PCR Test Now 48 Hours

    Although their website does not make it seem that way you should be able to get a full refund with Express Test due to the reason you are cancelling - I actually just cancelled my booking with them yesterday. When you go to cancel online choose the "Change to Government Restrictions / Entry Requirements" reason. In the text box I added the Singapore MOH link from my first post above and explained that due to these government changes I needed to cancel and book a test where results where guaranteed in less than 24 hours. I requested a full refund explaining that as I was emigrating I would have no use for the voucher. Although they said it may take a while to hear back I got a response within the hour confirming that I should receive my full refund within 3-5 days. Hope it works for you !
  10. PerthLondonGirl89

    Singapore Airlines - PCR Test Now 48 Hours

    Yep it is 48 hours before your first flight even if you are only transitting via Singapore. We had PCR tests booked with Express Test who only offer results within a 48 hour guarantee. Thought I may have trouble trying to get a refund but I applied and they processed it right away. Now to fork out for more expensive but quicker PCR test results!
  11. PerthLondonGirl89

    Tax Advice - Split Year Treatment UK/AUS

    @Alan Collett is able to assist with both UK & Aus tax information so I would recommend speaking with him
  12. PerthLondonGirl89

    Singapore Airlines - PCR Test Now 48 Hours

    Hi All For anyone flying with Singapore Airlines and transitting via Singapore from 9th September 2021 it looks like you now need to have your PCR test done within 48 hours rather than the 72 hours. https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/updates-on-border-measures-for-travellers @Jon the Hat @Captain Ron - I think you both have Singapore flights booked so in case you haven't seen this update here you go - plus anyone else who this may help!
  13. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Fingers crossed for you!!!! Let us know if you make it ! Is your SIN-PER flight a SQ 223 flight? Ours is luckily, still confirmed for 29th September, I am checking the app daily!! Our Qatar flights on 16th September finally got cancelled this week as expected - so glad I booked Singapore too. Did you manage to get a DFAT flight or just hoping your Singapore one goes ahead?
  14. PerthLondonGirl89

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Hi @bicek https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/Pages/travel-facilitation-letter-request-form.aspx You can extend the initial entry date for your husbands partner visa by the above link. I think they will extend it for a year from when you apply for the extension, that's what happened with us at least.
  15. PerthLondonGirl89

    Transiting via Singapore

    I am really hoping this is not the case. The reason I ended up booking flights with Singapore is due to them supposedly booking to the current caps (obviously if caps are cut at some point this would be affected). When I was contemplating booking these flights there was availability every day in September and October. A couple of days later there were no flights at all throughout both months so I panicked and booked for November. And now they have appeared again... So I think maybe it was moreso they were doing some kind of refresh of availability? In all honesty though I have no idea what it was all about and I am just guessing. I am just keeping everything crossed that I get on a plane and get back to Aus!