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  1. Ahmad Shady

    Permanent visa, partner with criminal record

    That "suggestion" is a recipe for disaster I'd have to say
  2. Ahmad Shady

    which way to PR?

    Hi How old are you? How many years of full time experience do you have? and how many of which are in/outside Australia?
  3. 1- Needs to be approved to be able to work for the new sponsor, you MIGHT be able to convince the department not to cancel based on the submitted nomination 2- Depending on the cancellation power/reason they use
  4. Ahmad Shady

    does tourist visa count towards citizenship

    yes it does, as long as there are no gaps/unlawful periods that resets the four years
  5. Ahmad Shady

    Dependent 187 visa

    nothing happens ... 187 is not "dependent" once granted and landed in the country, except in very limited visa cancellation circumstances (getting citizenship is not one of them)
  6. Ahmad Shady

    187 visa

    Here is the list https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2016L00778 Apologies for the earlier comment, I didn't notice they had that mistake on the website.
  7. Ahmad Shady

    187 visa

    Hi Yasemin https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Allocation-dates-for-General-Skilled-Migration-applications/regional-growth
  8. Ahmad Shady

    Employer wants to keep me on

    Sure, can you give me some background on your qualifications and work experience?
  9. Ahmad Shady

    Employer wants to keep me on

    Hi Rob There are various options here at hand. You might be qualified to apply in your own right for a skilled visa. Also your employer could apply to become a sponsor and sponsor you for a 457 visa, or they can nominate you for a 186 for instance. To explore the options, feel free to contact me if you wish. I am Sydney based but I have been helping clients around the globe.
  10. Ahmad Shady

    187 visa

    Well the delay in 187 does not necessarily mean a refusal ..... You need to weigh your options 1- If you don't apply for a student visa 2- If you apply for a student visa #1 pros Full time work rights #1 cons if 187 is refused, you can only go through the 187 review process OR leave Australia, can't apply for further visas aside from a limited set of visa subclasses
  11. Ahmad Shady

    187 visa

    You can apply for a new student visa any time between now and 28 days from the day your current one ceases (if this is the first time you apply for a student visa onshore while on a bridging visa or without a visa at all)
  12. Ahmad Shady

    187 visa

    If 187 is refused you can't apply for a further student visa onshore
  13. Ahmad Shady

    Application for migration to Australia by a partner

    That is not true. 820 comes with NIL conditions. 309 SOMETIMES comes with Condition 8502 (The holder of the visa must not enter Australia before the entry to Australia of a person specified in the visa.), besides the usual "must make first entry before" condition, but partner visas never come with a condition to keep immigration updated with your address.
  14. Ahmad Shady

    Application for migration to Australia by a partner

    You can always update your address via form 929 or online. No worries they do not expect you not to move around
  15. Ahmad Shady

    187 - when can I say I will get a visa.

    Hi Muntasir, I believe you'd be better off starting a new thread for your inquiry Technically speaking, you definitely get the visa when it's granted.