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  1. salsera

    Power of Attorney for relative in UK

    thanks tea4too, yes we are already using iceland and they are great, especially as it seems pretty easy to get a delivery slot at quite short notice, but it isn't as much variety as you think -once you put your address in to book a delivery slot it reduces the selection according to your local store. we are working on getting him a bigger freezer which will help enormously. Unfortunately dad doesn't cook anything from scratch, the carer just has time to pop a ready meal in the microwave or make him a sandwich and he's happy with that. Goodness knows how he got to 88 - he's never eaten much fruit, veg or salad!! Thanks again, its helped just having people listen and give a few ideas.
  2. salsera

    Power of Attorney for relative in UK

    thanks for your support. I have actually been to the UK already and went into the banks who sorted the POA but it took 3months to get online access to manage his finances with one of them - they were hopless! Interestingly Scottish Power were fine! I will ask about the money option at the bank, I wonder if the post office would do something like that as it would be difficult for him to get to the bank. Shopping is still difficult as they nearly all ask for billing address when paying for a card - if you notice one that doesn't please let me know. The only ones I've found so far is Iceland (where options are a little limited as he doesn't have a big freezer) and Ocado as they accept paypal. Unfortunately Ocado is quite expensive and my father is in debt too. thanks for your help
  3. Hi, my elderly father is in England & I have just taken over managing his finances as his Lasting power of attorney. I'm struggling with a few things and wonder if anyone else is in a similar situation that could offer some advice please? I'm having difficulty with: accessing some online accounts from Australia as his power of attorney - they won't let me put in an overseas address - e.g. British Gas Paying for things such as his shopping online with his card due to overseas address arranging for him to have access to a small & limited amount of regular spending money - he loses his cards or doesn't use them safely. Grateful for any suggestions. thanks
  4. salsera

    UK Rental Property

    Hi, we have a property which we are renting out in the UK whilst here on a 457. We declared the income from our UK property rental on our Australian tax return last year but now have been told we also need to complete a UK tax return. How do we ensure that the income from our property is not taxed on our uk tax return when it has been taxed in Australia - we obviously don't want to pay tax twice?
  5. oh thanks for posting this and all the replies, please can someone help as I'm now very confused? We are on 457 with rental property in UK. Our UK rental agent managing the property for us got us to sign a form so that we don't have to pay uk tax on our rental income, we declared our UK rental income on our Australia tax return last year. Reading all the comments it looks like we might have missed out through the personal tax allowance. Can you please advise what we should do this year, or if there is a good tax advisor who knows about both UK and Australia tax that can help us?
  6. salsera

    North Brisbane meet-ups

    Hi, where are you moving from?
  7. salsera

    uk Car - advice please

    Hi, hoping someone can help. we didn't have time to sell our car in England before we left so we left it with family. Any idea whether we can sell it while we are abroad as we won't be there to sign the documents? thanks for any advice
  8. salsera

    Backpacker Visa Changes and Tax Update

    does this new regulation only apply to the working holiday visa? (i.e. does it apply to any other temporary work visas?)
  9. salsera

    P60 info please

    Many thanks for your help, its used as a security check on NRL1 submission. Its either P60 or a UK passport and as my husband is Italian (but had been living in the UK for 18 years) doesn't have either so he can't get through the security checks on the online form submission.
  10. salsera

    P60 info please

    Hi, hoping someone can help. We moved to Australia from UK in march. We both got P45s but as we didn't get another job in UK we didn't have a P60. Should we receive a P60 as well? We need it to register an online form for the tax for our property being rented out in uk.(NRL1i) thanks
  11. salsera

    North Brisbane meet-ups

    thanks PatW that would be lovely.
  12. salsera

    which way to PR?

    Thanks for replying Michael, but as I said, I do not score enough points (usually 60) on the skills test to apply for skill-select visas on the 189 and 190 which is why I am asking for help and advice on other options.
  13. salsera

    which way to PR?

    Hi, thanks for answering. I am 47. I can show full time experience up until 2006 when I went part time less than 20 hours per wee. I worked in Australia full time for 2 years in 1994 to 1996 and now since March 2016. All other experience was in UK.
  14. salsera

    which way to PR?

    Hi, I hope you can advise please. I am on a 457 visa as a physiotherapist. I do not score enough points for PR as despite working in my profession for 20 years my experience doesn't count because I went part time (less than 20 hours per week) when my son was born 11 years ago. I now work full time but as I gain the years experience required for points I lost points on age. I know that a 457 can lead to application for PR sponsorship but not sure how to qualify for this. What options do I have to PR please? Is there any way I can go for direct entry without having to stay with my current employer for 2 years and asking them to sponsor me for PR? thanks in anticipation of any advice