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  1. When the citizenship test occurs on a workday/weekday, are companies/employers obliged to provide paid leave for the day? Or does one have to use their annual holiday leave to be able to sit the test? Couldn't find the answer googling.
  2. crazy8

    Citizenship Form TRN help

    I'm a bit confused by the citizenship process, for applying for citizenship from a Permanent Residency visa. It lists I need to submit document 1195, which requests "Transaction Reference Number (the number that you were given when you lodged your online application)". Confused as I do not yest have a TRN number until I apply, but I need the TRN to apply? Is it the same TRN as I used for my PR visa?
  3. crazy8

    Changing from 457 sponsored to a student visa

    Just seeing your second response now, hmm. So lots of phone calls to get it cancelled it sounds like.
  4. crazy8

    Changing from 457 sponsored to a student visa

    That's very helpful! Sounds like a bummer. Did it take long to get them to cancel your visa? Could you get it cancelled by simply calling up? In that case, I might look to leave the country, push for the 457 to be cancelled, apply and wait for student visa approval, then re-enter Aus with teh student visa. Did having spent time as unlawful in Australia impact any future visa appliactions, e.g. PR application?
  5. Hi, My 457 visa is soon to be cancelled (or at least it should be as nearing 90 days without a new sponsor). Has anyone experience staying on using a new visa? I currently have a lodged PR but that visa won't come through for another 2 months most likely. I have thought about applying for a student visa as it would also help improve my CV and would allow me to stay legally in Australia. Has anyone done this? Can I apply for and be granted a student visa while still on the 457? Will the student visa come into effect if and when the 457 is cancelled? I don't want to be illegally in Australia at any time.
  6. Cheers. I actually couldn't find it explicitly stated on the visa approval, DIBP site nor the vevo online form. But, when looking at the myVevo mobile app, it does state that the holder has unlimited study rights.
  7. Bump, would like to know the same as original poster
  8. Hi, Two questions. 1) Regarding a 457 sponsored visa and the 90 day period to find new work. Is it enough for a new employer to have lodged a 457 transfer request within the 90 day period or must the transfer request also have been approved within the 90 days? 2) Do DIBP issue a Notice of Intent to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) before cancelling a visa? Or only sometimes (in what circumstances)? Note, I currently have an application lodged for a Permanent Residency visa if that makes any difference. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. Hi folks, I am unclear as to when the you get approval of a Bridging Visa A once a 189 or 190 visa application has been lodged. Is there a waiting period over which they assess the initial stage of the visa application? Or am I automatically approved to receive a BVA once I lodge a visa application? Also to submit/lodge the visa application do you need to have all the documents ready to go? My understanding is that I can submit the medicals, police checks and forms later in the process, is that correct? Does anyone know of any step-by-step guide to lodging the visa application?, I couldn't find any on youtube. (Note, EOI already submitted, currently waiting on an invitation) Thanks
  10. I am the primary holder of a 457 visa and have been let go by my sponsor. During the last 90 days of the visa in Australia (before the 457 is cancelled) is my partner entitled to keep working? Someone senior in her company has accused her of working illegally. My understanding is that she is allowed to keep working, is that correct? As now need to officially prove this would the department of immigration be the people to contact, or the fairwork ombudsman or... how do prove this? Is there something stated in the Migration Act as I could not find anything on the department of immigration site which explicitly states a partner's working rights during these last 90 days.
  11. Thanks for the prompt feedback folks. There is also no cost to the Bridging Visa E which is great. If we do end up on a Bridging Visa E, regarding citizenship... is it only the period of time on the BVE that does not count towards citizenship, or does it completely reset and any time spent on a 457 in Australia previously would be ignored?
  12. Hi folks, It looks like I could be let go from my current role (a 457 work sponsored visa) so I am looking at applying for PR via the skilled independent 189 visa. Does anyone have experience of this specific situation? If I have submitted the PR application but lose the 457, while I am waiting for the PR to come through can I change over to some sort of bridging visa? Would I or my de facto partner (non-Australian) be able to work once the 90 days have passed from the time when the 457 has been cancelled? If there is a thread on this somewhere already please let me know, couldn't find one for my specific situation, thanks. Cheers for any advice
  13. crazy8

    How to Access your X-Rays

    Is it possible to access the records that you submit for visa applications? I submitted X-Rays for a 457 visa over a year ago. I now need the x-rays for a job position... is it possible to access the records that were sent through from the centre to immigration? The centre where I got the X-Rays done abroad sent them through the electronic upload facilitated by the dept of immigration. The centre are requesting I pay if I want copies of results etc.
  14. Hi folks, I quit my 457 sponsored job. There was too much overtime at odd hours on weekends and public holidays, with the only compensation being time in lieu(at a rate of 1:1, no extra time provided for working Sundays/nights/public holidays). I also found out that my salary was not very competitive at all. They ignored these and other complaints and gave me all the unwanted tasks, no doubt thinking that they had me tied up in the contract and visa. I have since found a much better job with a new sponsor. Although I had signed a contract with the initial 457 sponsor declaring I would pay back any costs incurred by the company in recruiting me(pro-rata for 3 years) I also understand that I do not have to honour unlawful obligations. They want me pay back a bunch of expenses they incurred. They paid for one month's accommodation in a apartment and a flight over for myself(and not for my defacto partner!). I understand that an employer can not seek to get back any recruitment costs including costs paid in connection with finding and attracting an employee(from the Immi website). I would not have taken the position if I had had to pay for the these costs while also looking for somewhere to live. Any opinions on what my obligations are here? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar situation and how it ended. I will also contact fair work this week and ask for their advice. Has anyone used them before? Also, can anyone recommend a lawyer/law firm who has experience with immigration contract law? Btw, have done a search but couldn't find relevant posts(and besides, the regulations seem to change every year). Many thanks for any advice