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  1. thl4kel

    WA police recruitment process anyone?

    Think you do the Police Officer training in joondalup, I used to know a woman copper who was one of the trainers. She was going to get me in, but i changed my mind. At the time the resources/construction boom was in full swing and you could not really compare the cash.. Times have changed now so a steady income is the way to go. Goodluck
  2. thl4kel

    Moving back to the uk...advice

    Try to move to the South East the job market is good shite everywhere else
  3. thl4kel

    Makes Australia look 3rd world

    You forget to mention rats running around the streets
  4. thl4kel

    Makes Australia look 3rd world

    Wages need to be a certain level or people wont be able to pay mortgages...
  5. thl4kel

    Missing BEEB and Match of the Day

    Get Mobdro app on an android phone, get a cable to mirror your screen to tv. You wont just get BBC or ITV you will get them plus all Sky Channels and a lot more all free.
  6. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    15 months since I left Perth, so not that long.. 5 years I worked in W.A - I worked in the CBD in Chevrons building, top of the terrace and a few other sky scrapers for international EPCM companies. I worked in Osbourne Park, Wangara, Landsdale for Perth local family businesses... I worked on Barrow Island and Port Hedland so I think I got a good feel for the state. Take away the terrace what has Perth got left, not much at all, its not really a city.. It doesn't not even have a decent shopping centre, you have to go to Joondalup for(worked on the construction of the new wings on that). Is it cosmopolitan? A little bit on the terrace, of the terrace theres still a lot of racism in the state, equal opps in the workplace really don't exist..
  7. thl4kel

    Biggest Mistake of my Life!

    Beachbum - just mention to your husband how you are feeling and how being away from your parents is just too hard. Just tell him you need to go back, your not the first one to do it and at the end of the day you have lost some cash doing it but if your not happy then, why waste any further time being unhappy. Ask yourself if i stay a year am I go to feel any different?
  8. thl4kel

    recession 2017

    As far as WA is concerned what indicators are there? Rentals are dropping in price all the time. People losing their jobs on FIFO who have property portfolios struggling to find tenants to rent them, falling house prices.... I remember how when I came across in 2009 the Aussies were all up themselves about how the GFC didn't effect them/ how great they are compared with everyone else.. Now its Australia's turn.
  9. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    Perth is not really a city anyway... Perth is St Georges Terrace and that sums it up.. Its a street in the wild west state of OZ. Boom to bust state.
  10. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    i think the problem for most people is they don't really see the real Perth because they live in the suburbs. If you live in the City or Subiaco or Nedlands or areas closer the city its a different Perth.. I was in the suburbs myself and rarely went out in the city.
  11. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    Perth airport is bloody terrible for an international airport.. The only decent bar they had was before passport control and you could sit in the sun but they closed it..
  12. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    Yeah a simple life on the whole in Perth.... You need moddro andoid app
  13. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    At the end of the day you have Bali, but to me the place is always a worry with regards to terrorism.. Its going to happen there again. The hotels are bloody lovely and the swimming pools are better than most places i've been around the world. Lot of filthy streets outside your hotel though and rats wander about the streets and rabid looking dogs roam the streets not to mention all the dam street traders trying to sell you drugs.. Plus you have to be wary of the Police as they are corrupt.... You have to becareful not to get run over by a moped as well.. But the hotel workers are nice.. Last time I was there in Kuta there was a lot of commotion outside my hotel, two lady boys had stolen a mobile phone of an Indian guy, the locals took the law into their own hands and beat them up and there was hundreds of them going at the lady boys.. Police eventually turned up.
  14. thl4kel

    Why does everyone hate

    What do you do for a living Verystormy?
  15. thl4kel


    Keep your eye on Gumtree in Perth for good deals on furniture a lot of people moving back and you can get high quality items cheap.. When I moved over to Perth I simply could not rent a house there was at least ten families at home opens... How times change..