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  1. I found this out the hard way. Every day is lonely, heart wrenching pain.
  2. Rach

    Moving back to the uk...advice

    Thanks guys. It's a visa minefield!
  3. Hi all, I am a Pom, married to an Aussie. we moved here six years ago, first to Sydney then the last two years on the Gold Coast. I've now got dual citizenship. weve had two kids during that time and whilst I've muddled along, I've been homesick the entire time. Coupled with thus my aging parents and breeding siblings, I'm desperate to return home. finally my husband has agreed to move back. has anyone here done the move? How did you go getting your spouse the British visa? are there any big ticket items to consider that might not be obvious? for those who have made the move, is it what you expected? Every trip home, I've been in heaven. thanks in advance.
  4. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Thank you everyone for taking time to reply. It's great to have a forum to talk. I think councelling is the way to go. It will kill or cure the marriage.
  5. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Johndoe. Thank you. I feel like you've heard what I'm saying. It's nice to have some support
  6. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Yes I've researched that about the visa. We'd have to sell everything we own or I'd have to go back first and get a job. it such a sad state of affairs as we are married with kids. what brought me here on the first place was my aussie husband. I gave it a go for him and he promised if I didn't like it we'd go back, but once here, he reneged on that so I'm rather cross about that but I can't just up and leave and I want the marriage to work.
  7. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Exactly bungo. I definitely don't deny others their happiness or opinions but it's not clicked for me.
  8. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Trust me I've tried looking for positives but as time ticks by, i find it harder. i spend my time counting the days until one day I might get home.
  9. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Thanks everyone. I did work in Sydney but there isn't anywhere on the Gold Coast for my work. I have made some nice pommy mum friends but they all love it here so I can't whinge to them! My husband is a good guy but he doesn't get it. I've spent five years telling him how unhappy I am but he won't move unless I force his hand and I refuse to do that. Yes marriage is give and take but I don't feel it's equal at the mo. It's his way or the highway. The bigger citys are too expensive for us so we're stuck in qld. He can't take a year off work and he doesn't want me to go to UK for extended stays as he says he'll miss the kids too much...
  10. Rach

    Unhappy and trapped

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice/comfort I would appreciate people not telling me just to leave if I'm unhappy here...if only it were that simple! i am English, married to an Aussie we moved here in 2010 and I've hated every day. We have two kids and I've repeatedly told my husband I want to go home but there is always an excuse....his job/career and England is expensive etc. i miss my parents, siblings and friends, have lost myself and am getting really depressed. what do I do? I cannot see any positives here. Sydney was ok but too expensive so we moved to the Gold Coast....it is hideous. My in laws are closer in brisbane now too and drive me mad! I just hate the heat,summers, bogans, lack of history and culture and I'm getting more and more resentful towards hubby. I want to get my kids back to England's green and pleasant land!