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    Looking help with ANMAC

    Thank you, when did you apply? I am mental health trained too but the girl said without experience I need to apply just as a registered nurse? Rather than mental health. I have emailed too so hopefully will get a reply I can attach also!
  2. Tasha Johnston

    Looking help with ANMAC

    Thank you for replying. I have contacted ANMAC twice today and they said they were unable to comment if it would hinder me passing the assessment ? hence why I want to know if anyone else has been through it.
  3. Tasha Johnston

    Looking help with ANMAC

    Hi , i am looking help with applying for my ANMAC assessment. I have only qualified as a nurse so i do not have experience to get 3 months references. I am registered with AHPRA though so i can apply for a modified assessment and it states you do not necessarily need 3 months experience to apply. I want to know if not having experience will mean i will not be successful. does anyone have any experience of applying newly qualified? Thanks!